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Fluconazole and alcohol

Fluconazole - known medicine, which has antifungal activity, effective against many pathogens of fungal diseases, in particular - thrush.That is why this drug is familiar to many women.However, often it is administered and in the infection which is caused kriptokokami, as well as the prevention of fungal disease with chemotherapy and immunosuppressive diseases.The drug is effective and onychomycosis, and pityriasis versicolor.

But in today's publication of it goes on the pharmacological action of fluconazole and about the compatibility of the drug with alcohol.It is no secret that many of the drugs are not compatible with alcohol.

begin with that of fluconazole, as well as any other effective drug has a lot of side effects, one of which is toxic to liver cells.Note, however, that the drug has a negative effect on the diseased liver.But given the fact that many people may not even be aware of the presence of liver disease, the consequences can be sad.

Fluconazole is not compatible with taking any drugs

or substances with hepatotoxic.And since alcohol has a direct toxic effect on the liver cells, while receiving fluconazole, and alcohol on the liver have to "double whammy."

Moreover, this drug can also have a negative impact on brain cells, so side effects include pain, headache and dizziness, and decreased performance and even seizures.Alcohol has on the brain cells the same effect, with the result that administration of fluconazole with alcohol increases the neurotoxic effect.So, how will affect this combination on the state of health of the patient, it is very difficult to predict.

This antifungal agent in some cases, have adverse effects on the organs of blood circulation that leads to cardiac arrhythmia.In combination with fluconazole alcohol causes an increase in blood pressure, creates an increased load on the heart and leads to various disorders in the body.Therefore, a severe attack of arrhythmia during treatment with fluconazole and reception of alcohol - it is a real phenomenon.

is important to note that alcohol - a substance that is very rapidly absorbed into the blood and has a significant impact on cellular metabolism.It leads to the violation of many metabolic processes, which reduces the effect of fluconazole and antifungal therapeutic effect.

Therefore, if you are prescribed this medication, then combine it with alcohol in any case impossible.Not only do you risk to feel the all the "charms" of adverse reactions, so you do not cure the underlying problem - thrush, for example.The question is: is it worth risking health for the sake of a glass of wine or liqueur wine glasses?Of course not!Moreover, the maximum treatment with fluconazole is 10-14 days.Therefore endure two weeks without alcohol, but do not cure the disease and harm your health - it is everyone who nominated such treatment.

In conclusion, fluconazole - sufficiently effective antifungal agent wide spectrum of action, which may appoint a doctor.And if you doubt that alcohol and fluconazole - incompatible concepts, do not be lazy to read the instructions to the drug or to consult on this issue with your doctor.Sure, they do not approve of this combination.And therefore take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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