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Alcoholism - this addiction, poisoning the life of man, his family, relatives.Chronic alcoholism is a tragedy.Unfortunately, the first stage of alcoholism before it becomes chronic it can take not much time.It's a fine line, which complicates the process of treatment and recovery dependent person.Still, salvation is possible even at the stage of chronic alcoholism.So, we shall understand, what stage are characterized by chronic alcoholism and what treatment is applied at the same time.

Alcoholism - a stage of transition from reckless drinking to dependence, to radically change a person's life.It becomes hopeless, and the main purpose of such a life - ostogramitsya.This existence (because life is difficult to call it) in the constant promises to stop drinking alcohol and searching.This "rebirth" after sober and bouts of incredible kindness.This mismatch of biological age of all systems and organs that are running in the diagnosis, the sick and the poor functioning.

Alcoholism always begins with the hous

ehold drinking.Then, the amount of alcohol consumed and the frequency of drinking increases.

Alcoholism - a terrible disease, which is characterized by craving for alcohol, psychic and physical dependence on alcohol.The World Health Organization states that the rate of alcoholism in the developed countries is kept at 44 people per thousand.Most chronic alcoholics - men.The ratio of male and female in recent years alcohol is 6: 1.It is regrettable that more and more young people appear among chronic alcoholics.This suggests that they begin to drink alcohol at a very young age.If before they were teenagers, but now familiar taste of alcohol and 8-9-year-old children.

This disease has three stages of development.The first phase - a continuation of the usual drunkenness.The main symptoms of the first stage, characterized by a gradual increase in tolerance to alcohol.This means that a person does not need a reason to drink.He does not wait for the holiday, anniversary, birthday.The justification for drinking man calls fatigue and stress, cold and conflicts with colleagues, family problems.

symptoms of the first stage of alcoholism - is a violation of the diet, work and rest.The person has insomnia, impaired activity of many organs.He began to complain of pain in the stomach, pressure drops (there is a tendency of high blood pressure).Such a person is reduced and sexual activity, and sexual performance.Typically, when a medical examination at the first stage of alcoholism is diagnosed chronic gastritis and hypertension, vascular dystonia.Dependent becomes irritable, intolerant of objections.He always justifies his drinking.Can sober in the morning before going to work.But he does not feel the bar in alcohol needs.

second stage of alcoholism is characterized by the appearance of hangover.In the morning the patient is aware that alcohol can only help him.The patient may go into the bout in which the sober morning turns into drunkenness.So it may last 5 to 20 days, 5 months.

symptoms of the second stage of alcoholism - illness transition in the chronic form.For example, gastritis ulcer becomes 12 or duodenal ulcer;dystonia - in hypertension;arrhythmia - in alcoholic cardiomyopathy.Besides physiological nature symptoms appear in the second stage and social symptoms of degradation.This means absolute indifference to human in appearance, dismissal, lack of control over time and behavior in the family.

third stage of alcoholism - is solid and cons of losing dependent person.It comes complete breakdown and a sharp memory impairment.A person can not concentrate and focus, memory failures appear complete.Jokes person does not understand and does not perceive the figure of speech.Every intelligent load causes his anger and apathy.Often, the third stage of alcoholism - that's dementia.Dependent people become resentful and whining, but the disputes, conflicts.In chronic alcoholics in the third stage loses interest in life.They always unkempt, pathetic and "extinct."This stage is also characterized by a change in habits: the patient begins to use his substitutes and even cologne.Due to lack of funds for alcohol it is all the same, what to drink.He is thirsty, but simply can not.Therefore, after the 40-50 grams of alcohol he had drunk immediately.Maybe then immediately begin nausea and vomiting.Deteriorating overall health and heavier somatic diseases.Gastric ulcer, gastritis, which began moving into cancer, high blood pressure - in strokes and heart attacks.Chronic alcoholics in the third stage - is always unemployed people are left without family and relatives.If people lived up to the third stage of alcoholism, it is a wreck, totally degraded specimen.This is not a man.In the 30 years he can look at 50. But most chronic alcoholics are dying up to 3 stages or at its beginning.

In the first stage of alcoholism man can still handle himself addictions and stop drinking.For this he needs strong motivation, support of loved ones and the environment change.Treatment began internal organs special difficulties diseases is not.It can be carried out on an outpatient basis.

Treatment of the second stage of alcoholism - a task more difficult.This therapy should occur in a medical facility.Prior to treatment, be sure to do a thorough diagnosis of the chronic alcoholic and drug treatment specialist physician.Recommended inspection - a general urine and blood samples, blood chemistry, ECG, coagulation.

At this stage of modern narcology typically uses medical and psychological treatment.Starting therapy with a gradual decrease in the number of alcohol.Then carried out detoxification of the body of the alcoholic, the treatment of the internal organs with the purpose of the treatment regimen.

Positive results in the second stage of alcoholism gives reflexology.You can do coding and after pre-dependent human body.But in most cases, treatment of the second stage of alcoholism - is the simultaneous use of several techniques.

detoxification doctors do with the use of saline and Ringer's solution, and glucose is used Papashin solution Reopoliglyukin and Haemodesum.The total amount of liquid introduced depends on the degree of human toxicity.It can be up to 6 liters per day.Apply after cleaning the body of vitamins and amino acids, as well as gepatoprotektory Essentiale and Kars.

Usually in chronic alcoholism therapy second stage used tranquilizers and sedatives as diazepam and Nitrazspama, tazepama and hlozepida.The treatment uses agents that suppress the craving for alcohol and antipsychotics: teralen and Eglonil, Flyuanksol drop.

In the second stage of alcoholism is effective visiting Alcoholics Anonymous.

Treatment at this stage is more difficult due to the neglect of the body.He can not take certain medications.Treatment must necessarily be carried out in a hospital under the supervision of the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist.It begins with a survey.This general and biochemical blood tests, electrocardiogram.

For the treatment used as tranquilizers Diazepam and Grandaxinum, nitrazepama and Rohypnol.Inhibit abnormal craving for alcohol anticonvulsants and antipsychotics.Used in the treatment of vitamins, amino acids and nootropics.Be sure to use both gepaprotektory.This can be Legalon, essentiale or Kars.

In the third stage of alcoholism applied physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.Possible coding application.

Thus, treatment of alcoholism will be more successful than in the past for help to pay close relatives and dependent person.It depends on them whether chronic alcoholism will go into the third stage, difficult to treat, cure, or will in the first stage.And then the effect of the treatment is much easier to achieve.