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TSikloferon and alcohol

TSikloferon refers to drugs that stimulate the synthesis of interferon - a low molecular weight protein having antiviral activity.As a rule, this drug is prescribed for immunodeficiency states, which include chronic bacterial and fungal infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, urogenital infections, chlamydia and others. The drug helps to easily transfer the attack of viruses and protects the body from developing complications.Assign tsikloferon depending on the severity and course of the disease in the form of tablets or solution for injection.This treatment lasts for up to 10 days.

However, in today's post, we do not want to talk about the medicinal properties of tsikloferona, and the compatibility of it with alcohol.It is very often the case that a particular disease is accompanied by name-day or other celebration.Therefore, it is adequate is a question: whether it is possible to combine tsikloferon adoption of alcohol and how the combination will affect your health?Well, let's deal.

Let's start with the

fact that the instructions to the drug not listed warnings about the interaction of the drug with alcohol.Therefore, many patients with complete confidence in the safety of the drug can afford to drink during the course of treatment.However, if you carefully read the chapter contraindications to the drug, it can be seen that it is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, as well as persons who have disorders of the liver and kidneys.Please note - the drug is contraindicated in diseases of the liver and kidney!Consequently, if it is contraindicated for those bodies, so they do not affect the well.Therefore, to claim your body will react normally on a combination of alcohol and tsikloferona, can not no doctor.All, without exception, doctors advise you not to take risks and to postpone the celebration with alcohol for later, when your body is completely depart from the disease.Continuing the theme of

tsikloferona and alcohol compatibility is important to note also the fact that alcoholic beverages are prohibited in diseases that treats tsikloferon.Regardless of how you are treated drug, drink alcohol when immunnodefitsitnyh rheumatic diseases and pathologies of the connective tissue is strictly prohibited.So before you ask a question about the compatibility of alcohol with a drug, you need to find out whether it is possible at this or that disease to drink alcohol.And even viral and bacterial infections often occur with symptoms of intoxication, and alcohol only intensifies the symptoms and slows down the healing process.

Remember that for a speedy recovery to the body, you must create the conditions in which it will be able to fight.And alcohol only aggravates the situation, so that even a glass of wine can prolong the course of the disease for a few days or even lead to complications.

is important to note also the fact that the interferons, which include tsikloferon, a lot of side effects.Most often, they occur at high doses, so the treatment regimen and duration of the course is to appoint a doctor.It is possible to clarify the compatibility of the drug with alcohol, if you are still in doubt.

tsikloferona Side effects include such allergic and anaphylactic reactions like:

Now imagine that after a stormy party, all these side effects are amplified twice, as the hangover has similar symptoms.Consequently, the use of alcohol during treatment tsikloferona can not only extend the course of the disease, but also leads to serious pain.Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not risk your and so is not in good health and the first to recover, and then celebrate, and not vice versa.

Take care of yourself and do not get sick!