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The dangers of alcohol

long been known that any alcohol causing irreparable harm to the human body.After contact with liquor in the body, it instantly turns into poison and slowly poisoning him.It should be noted that the damage strength mainly depends on the amount of alcohol consumed and the type of alcoholic beverage.It is rather difficult to compare how one drink another harmful to the human body.

To answer the question, what kind of alcohol is less harmful, should be aware of the three sources of alcohol harm.The main element of any alcoholic beverage is ethanol, which ensures complete intoxication.That is, it leads to various diseases of the liver, intestines and stomach.Moreover, this element provokes disorder of the nervous system.When alcoholism or excess dosage Ethanol adversely affects the human brain and is extremely dangerous breach of coordination.Of course, a strong alcohol has a strong impact, but half a bottle of wine will cause the same damage as a shot of vodka.In this case, it all depends on the dosage.

When choosing an alcoholic beverage is also very important to pay attention to its composition.In this case it is necessary to consider all components of the drink which contains, but not the alcohol.The difference will be noticeable to the naked eye: the smaller the beverage with natural ingredients, the more damage it will bring.This can be explained by the example of red wine.This drink is made from natural grape juice is considered to be even a very useful product, because it consists of natural antioxidants.But the vodka, which is fully prepared from the processed alcohol, is a complete and absolute harm to the body.On this basis, it can be assumed that not all spirits are equally harmful.Some experts even claim that alcoholic beverages, infused with herbs, fruits and berries are not only less harmful, but in some ways beneficial.

Now we can talk about other supplements, which are often seen as part of one or another alcoholic beverage.As a rule, any alcohol should only consist of the natural base from which to prepare (herbs, berries, fruits, spices, juices), which gives it a unique flavor and aroma.However, nowadays almost every drink extra sugar added, no flavors and natural colors, different essences and alcohol (to make the drink stronger).Remember that even though the synthetic supplements and improves the taste, but at the same time impair health.Do not buy cheap alcohol, because its structure is extremely not safe and can cause irreparable harm, even death.

also need to know that alcohol can have different effects on the body speed.For example, if a person wants to get drunk quickly, then, perhaps, he will drink the vodka or cognac (something stronger), and the effect is not long to wait.At the same time, it can be a whole evening "poserbyvat" wine without getting drunk (only the head will become heavier).If we talk about the beer, then, despite the body's response (fast or slow it is drunk), his injury is applied equally and gradually postponed.Remember that any alcohol accumulates in the body and eventually have a negative impact on the person.Even in small quantities it is fraught with various disorders of the heart, liver and organs that are involved in digestion.There is also a negative effect include overweight (from additional sugar to alcohol) and abdomen, which appears on the beer.

to drink alcohol with the least negative impact to the body, it is desirable to select those that are not a part of supplements (additional alcohol, flavorings, sugar, dyes), currently based on natural products (herbs, berries or fruit) and cookedknown manufacturer.

Alcohol is very harmful to the human brain.Even in small doses, alcohol can disrupt the sound thinking, reaction time, the ability to perceive and process information, the ability to control themselves, as well as peripheral vision.Alcohol abuse can also disrupt the nervous system.Most exposed nerves that control muscle, orientation in space, a feeling of pressure, temperature and pain.Especially frightening alcoholism, because it is associated with inhibition of certain brain structures, and people can no longer absorb new knowledge and hardly remembers recent events.Quite often, excessive drinking can lead to various hallucinations.

also suffer from alcohol cardiovascular system.Under the influence of alcoholic beverages increases the likelihood of myocardial infarction.To protect against this disease makes it a special kind of cholesterol levels in the blood which can be improved by physical exercise.Alcohol poisoning cardiac muscles reduce the efficiency of the reduction, this may lead to the development of heart failure from a lack of blood flow to heart tissues.The major symptoms include pain in the area and the heart arrhythmia.Moreover, alcohol can affect blood pressure, causing hypertension (high blood pressure).Significantly increases the risk of stroke.As experts say, in regular drinkers chance of a heart attack is three times higher than those who do not consume alcohol.

and digestive system suffers from excessive use of alcohol.Ethyl alcohol violates many of the digestion process, absorption and assimilation of nutrients.In addition, alcohol increases the production of gastric acid, which can damage the gastric mucosa.Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to diseases such as gastritis, which occurs with the formation of ulcers, feeling pain and bleeding.Also, people who abuse alcohol, there are often varicose veins of the esophagus.With a strong cough and vomiting, these problematic veins can break and cause bleeding, sometimes fatal.

Alcohol significantly increases the risk of cancer.The disease progresses very quickly, so it is rarely possible to cure it in time.The symptoms of this disease are difficulty swallowing and a feeling in the sternum barriers.Liquor can not only lead to esophageal cancer, and breast cancer, pancreas, thyroid, stomach, liver, colon, larynx, pharynx and oral cavity.

The liver is the main organ of the neutralization of alcohol in the body, so liver disease in alcoholics is normal.Perhaps fatty degeneration of the liver, that is, instead of fat reserves for energy, your body uses the calories of alcohol.Inflammation of the liver causes the death of liver cells and even jaundice.The most critical disease is cirrhosis of the liver, in which kidney cells die and replaced by scar tissue.

If you want to be strong and healthy, you should completely abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages.

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