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What is more harmful than cigarettes or shisha

Wanting to get rid of nicotine addiction, many men go on substitution therapy, and some are beginning to hookah smoking.But whether the latter a safer option?What is the difference between the water pipe and cigarettes?Let's face it.

around this issue discussions are not subsiding.But smoking hookah - it's the same health problems, although there is a perception that it is much less in the hookah tobacco tar and nicotine.

popularity of this smoking device due to the desire of people to a new and unknown.In the perspective of the fight against smoking with the bulb tube is widely seen as a safe alternative to nicotine.Therefore, smokers, and turned their attention to the eastern variant of smoking, as is the hookah.

Researchers have concluded that one hour of the incense to our body applied the same harm as when smoking a hundred cigarettes.Of course, the difference lies in the fact that hookah tobacco is filtered boiling water.But the duration of smoking much longer than cigarette smoking.The cigarett

e is smoked for 5 minutes, and the hookah-smoking minutes 30. During this time the smoker fills their lungs with the amount of smoke, 100 times greater than the smoke from a cigarette.Smoke during this time brings the body of smoking by 70% more nicotine and 36 times more nicotine tar, toxic brain.

number of adherents of the hookah is growing every year because people find it less harmful.Because of this error many teenagers prefer its traditional cigarettes.And in the Arab world because of his smoking every year people die in the same way as we do from cigarette addiction, slowly poisoning your body.

In the body, a smoker of hookah fixed high concentration of nicotine and chromium, carboxyhemoglobin and arsenic, lead and cotinine.When smoking a hookah may also develop lung cancer, heart disease.Like cigarettes, it negatively affects the reproductive functions of both male and female body.Very often, couples who have a smoke, suffer from infertility.And if they give birth to babies, the low birth weight, or mental retardation.

Unlike cigarettes, hookah smoking requires adherence to certain rules of hygiene.After all, through the mouthpiece transmitted hepatitis and herpes, and other diseases.

main difference from other smoking devices - fluid filter.It is a cup of water or wine.When tobacco smoke passes through the water, it becomes supposedly harmless.But the World Health Organization (WHO) states that it is wrong and harmful in this case not less than the cigarette.What is it so dangerous?

All processes are accompanied by incomplete combustion results in the release of smoke, which is saturated with carbon monoxide and benzpyrene, formaldehyde, and salts of heavy metals.There are all these hazards and the smoke from the hookah.

Advocates of this kind of smoking argue his safety so that the water filter cleans the smoke from the mentioned hazards.Yes, it keeps 50% of the nicotine and tar, but the session of hookah smoking, takes about 30-40 minutes, it eliminates the so-called "dignity".The volume of smoke from the hookah than from cigarettes.Therefore, the smaller the concentration of hazardous substances covered by the large volume of smoke inhaled.In addition, the technique of hookah smoking - a deep inhalation of smoke.To the pressure inside the flask was negative, you need to breathe in with force.With this breathing the smoke deeply inhaled into the lungs, where there is intense absorption of it harmful substances.

Hookah smoking - not an option, this alternative does not eliminate the problem of passive smoking.Surrounding people and in this case subject to the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

not need to have analytical thinking and research to come to a conclusion about the harmfulness of smoking hookah.It is just another form of addiction, which involves other circumstances, place and method of intentionally lowering immunity and to undermine their health.

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