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What is smoking

If you ask different people about it, their answers will depend on the attitude towards smoking.So, smokers would be called smoking nicotine consumption process, their wives - throwing money at your own iskalechivanie, doctors will tell you that smoking is harmful to health dependence, others will say that it is a dangerous habit.

effect of nicotine on the body of a smoker is quite simple.It enters the bloodstream and activates the adrenal glands.Those hard secrete the hormone adrenaline and noradrenaline, which strengthen the heart and increase blood pressure.This is a condition in which a person in the early rises up.For this reason, people under stress immediately grab the cigarettes in order to find the second dominant - psychological switch to the process of smoking and its initial euphoria.But over time, to the euphoria did not disappear, and lasted longer, the person needs to smoke more often.

Smoking is addictive physical and mental.Both are strong, because the smoker gets used to the nicotine

and action, and for the ritual of smoking.After the abolition of intake of nicotine - a strong physical craving for a cigarette, and the force of habit.Dependent complain that they have nowhere to put their hands.Time, which was carried out on a smoke break, it becomes for them to hard labor.Especially if smoking colleagues still, a person is experiencing discomfort from the smell of smoke.

At the first stage addiction to addiction is sporadic.Smoke for the company, out of curiosity, not to seem "black sheep".The latter is typical of adolescents.At this age and formed the most persistent habit of smoking.Most new smokers do not get pleasure from cigarettes, and by infusion into the crowd.These people's health may occasionally cough protest, disorders of the cardiovascular system, especially with a genetic predisposition to it.

second phase - a more profound form of addiction has shown a systematic smoking.There is formed a clear number of cigarettes consumed per day.Disturbances in the body is not expressed, appear occasionally.

In the third stage of addiction to tobacco manifested chronic intoxication.At this time already formed psychic and physical dependence on cigarettes.Failure to have a long break causes withdrawal symptoms.This so-called hangover smoker.The fourth stage is characterized by severe chronic intoxication, full dependence on nicotine.Typically, at this stage of use, at least one pack of cigarettes per day.

If the first stage of dependence is only occasionally malfunction of the body, then on the fourth he was struck by nicotine completely.First of all, the respiratory system, which suffers from the resin deposited on the lungs.The heart of a smoker becomes weak.Often at this stage dependent suffer coronary heart disease.There are frequent high blood pressure.Additionally, it suffers the gastrointestinal tract of the human constant dependent corrosion of gastric mucosa tobacco smoke.

suffers greatly and the human reproductive system.Often, people aged 23-25 ​​years, smoking a few years, are not able to conceive a child.If this is a man, then they are already weakened sperm.They are inactive and can not fertilize an egg.If this does occur, it is likely to have an impact on later mental development of the child.

tobacco lovers also suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system.And one of them - occlusive disease, that is lame.

In fact, the effect of tobacco - is a blow to all the organs and systems of the human body.

Win pernicious passion tough, but possible with a strong desire and support of loved ones.Not very effectively operate even bans smoking in public places, the constant increase in the price of cigarettes, pack warnings about the dangers of smoking.Yes, so the government is fighting against smoking.But these methods, according to the polls, there is little effect on those who are addicted.

Socio-raising in schools, the stock exchange for a chocolate cigarettes and other events, too ineffective.And so, as evidenced by the practice, people quit smoking when already beginning to fail their health.For men - a situation the feeling of impotence, for women - problems with conception.