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Epilepsy and Alcohol

Alcoholism often leads to such terrible diseases as epilepsy.

With prolonged alcoholism, a person develops an epileptic psychosis.What is it characterized?What you need to take others if the person had a fit of alcoholic epilepsy?

Statistics show that one third of all seizures happens to persons suffering from chronic alcoholism.If such an attack in humans first arose, then certainly he repeated more than once.

Alcohol epilepsy is a complication of alcoholism, which is manifested by sudden seizures.Typically, these seizures begin with loss of consciousness, then blanching face and cyanosis.

Often during an epileptic seizure comes from the mouth of the alcoholic foam appears frequently and vomiting.The patient may bite his tongue.His body cramped, trembling limbs.When the convulsions stop, consciousness returns to the man.At this time, a dependent may experience hallucinations and terrifying character.Sometimes after an epileptic seizure the patient may sleep for a few hours.

In medicine to classify

seizures, depending on their nature.Epilepsy after alcohol is divided into several types:

Please be aware that any such attack - this is the death of the brain cells.This can not but affect the behavior of the person.His intelligence is reduced, it loses its memory, fading existing skills.Man after several such attacks become nervous and weak-willed.

When the dependent starts an epileptic seizure, it must be put in order to avoid falling and injury.The head should hold hands.It is necessary to reassure the person and not allow him to walk if he had not lost consciousness.the patient's head should be turned to the left, so as not to crush the language, and the man drowned vomit.

If during the attack human jaws are closed, there is no need to try to separate them.It is necessary to remember the start time of the seizure.When the attack lasts longer than 5 minutes, then be sure to call the "ambulance."During her expectations, the patient need to undo the clothes, especially when pinched neck buttoned or tie.According to human capabilities necessary to remove to fresh air.

If the attack lasted several minutes and ended, after it a person usually falls asleep.Let him sleep, wake it should not be.

This treatment begins with the removal of the cause, that is, with non-alcoholic drinks.Then you can use the combined therapy - medication, social and psychological assistance.Make it a psychiatrist, neurologist and psychiatrist.Typically prescribed anticonvulsants course of vitamin therapy and physical therapy.Used for treatment of alcohol and epilepsy Finlepsin Seduxen.If the treatment of epilepsy therapy is combined with alcohol, it is much more difficult.The main indicator of the effectiveness of the therapy - is the absence of symptoms of epilepsy.

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