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Eskapel and alcohol

Quite often, taking certain medications, we think about whether it is possible with treatment to afford a glass of wine or something stronger?After all, most drugs are not in the instructions indications on the compatibility of the drug with alcohol.And if the instructions are not given, it means that nothing bad should happen?However, all is not so simple.The fact that many pharmaceutical companies do not consider it necessary to carry out research on the combination of alcohol with medication because they believe that all of us know what it can threaten health.Unfortunately, many people simply do not understand this.Therefore, we through our publication once again want to prevent undesirable consequences and tell you about the combination of alcohol with a drug eskapel.

begin with that eskapel - hormonal drug, which is used in case of emergency in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies through unprotected sexual intercourse.Eskapel also resorted to if used contraceptive reliability is questionable.Howeve

r, since this preparation contains a loading dose of hormone, it has a number of contraindications.For example, eskapel not be used for liver and biliary tract, as it is decomposed in the liver to metabolites of the drug, and it can lead to overdosing and development of a number of side effects.Eskapel Overdose expressed in strengthening nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and other things.Also, side effects include bleeding and menstrual irregularities.

For compatibility eskapel alcohol is because alcohol has a direct toxic effect on the liver cells, this combination enhances the development of side effects.Even small amounts of alcohol can lead to various disorders in the body.

eskapel When receiving the body receives a loading dose of hormones, but there comes a rejection of the mucous membrane of the uterus with a sharp termination of hormones receipt, accompanied by bleeding.This bleeding can be mistaken for the next menstruation.However, if the blood loss is severe, there is an urgent need specialized care.

is impossible not to mention the fact that alcohol acts on the blood vessels bi-phase: first, expanding them and then narrows.So if you started bleeding after taking the drug, the alcohol it will increase even more.

fairness, we note that eskapel does not give an absolute guarantee of preventing pregnancy.If the tablet has been taken in the first days, the efficacy of the drug is 95%.Receiving drugs in the next few days significantly reduces this percentage.Consequently, pregnancy while taking eskapel may still occur.

And if at this time was accepted alcohol, and even in large enough quantities, the negative impact on the not yet issued from ovarian egg increases several times.The toxic effects of alcohol can damage the egg, which in most cases leads to the birth of a disabled child.

In conclusion, we note that many women can refute the facts described in our publication, claiming that they were taking alcohol while taking eskapel and nothing bad will happen to them.However, we assure you that even if the combination of this drug with alcohol and went without complications, it is impossible to exclude unpredictable consequences.

Moreover, if it happened that you had to resort to emergency contraceptive measure, then please refrain from drinking alcohol at least one day.would be great!

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