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Essliver forte and alcohol

it possible to combine the treatment with Essliver forte with alcohol - an issue that worries many.After all, the holidays are coming regardless of whether or not you are being treated.And what a meal without alcohol?Here are our people and thinks, so it is possible or not?Our answer is: if you want to bring all medication to "no", it is possible.And if your health you more than a glass of wine with friends, it's best to hold off on a celebratory feast.Why Essliver forte is not recommended to combine with alcohol - we describe in our present publication.

begin with, that we define what is the indication for this drug.So Essliver forte is indicated for diseases such as fatty degeneration and impaired metabolism in the liver;hepatitis;liver damage alcohol, drugs, drugs, chemotherapy;psoriasis and its manifestations.Now let's think logically: in these diseases can drink alcohol?Definitely not!After all, with all of the above diseases, alcohol only aggravates the disease.Well, not as a man with a depleted l

iver add "fuel to the fire", drinking alcohol (of course, if it is not an alcoholic).

What is the point then take the medication if you are unable to give up alcohol?After the drug is designed to restore the liver and alcoholic beverages while taking the body will continue to spend their forces in the elimination of alcohol.And when you consider that the liver is already weakened, since you appointed Essliver then exercise their detoxification function fully onapoprostu can not.

fairness, we note that many of the host Essliver forte sure if during the treatment of drinking alcohol, the drug can help reduce the harm of alcohol.But this is nonsense, because Essliver forte does not prevent a hangover or alcoholic liver disease.The drug works only in injured cells.So take Essliver fort before taking alcoholic beverages does not make sense.

Judge: alcohol, before being removed from the body, goes through the metabolic cycle of oxidation.And when the body is busy this challenging work, a drug he just does not see.Simply put, including Essliver forte in this complex process is unrealistic.But the side effects are increasing.

Better to take the drug after all the celebrations and feasts and to sustain the whole course of treatment without the use of alcohol.At the same time, we note that the course of treatment is not less than two months - that is how much time you need a liver to recover.So tune in to the fact that during this time you replace the drinking of alcoholic beverages in a pleasant and useful things.All the more so on the same holidays can be consumed non-alcoholic cocktails and delicious juices, and feel like a complete human being and not to harm health.

summed up our conversation today, I would like to note that combining Essliver forte, like many other drugs, alcohol - is not only useless, but also dangerous for your health.Besides the fact that the efficacy of treatment in this case is reduced to "no", you simply throw money spent on drugs "to nowhere."Not to mention the fact that your liver will continue to suffer from alcohol and body recovery will take a long time afterwards.

Considering all the above, we strongly recommend that you keep your health and do not trust the opinion that some medications are compatible with alcohol.If you're, then spirits you are prohibited a priori.Keep this in mind and be healthy!

We hope that today's publication will help you make the right choice in favor of health and long life.

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