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JUnidoks soljutab and alcohol

question of drugs and alcohol compatibility has a definite answer - "no."However, many of us are aware of the possible consequences, still at risk.Perhaps it blows over, maybe not this time.God grant that it was, but still be aware of the consequences of combining alcohol and drugs.So, how to combine alcohol and JUnidoks soljutab?

This medicine - an antibiotic.All the antibiotics of natural and synthetic origin inhibit the spread of infection, kill bacteria.Their use is possible only by prescription in compliance with the treatment regimen.The patient should know about the compatibility of the drug with other drugs.You should know that any antibiotic treatment involves the exclusion of drinking.Antibiotics are the drugs of high potency treatment that affects the liver.And alcohol is just the most harm to the liver causes.

JUnidoks soljutab - a strong and effective broad-spectrum antibiotic use.The advantage of the preparation is its shape.The medicine is contained in micro-granules.The shell of the mic

rogranules is resistant to the acidity of the stomach environment, so JUnidoks soljutab can fully be absorbed in the intestine.The main active ingredient of the drug doxycyline dissolves, does not lose its properties.That is why it has a healing effect on the body.

advantage of this antibiotic - a low probability of occurrence of intestinal dysbiosis.It is used in the treatment of respiratory infections, gastro-intestinal tract.Treat this antibiotic purulent skin and soft tissue infections, diseases of the genitourinary system.Potent antibiotic properties to quickly cope with the above diseases.

Antibiotic actively destroys bacteria and germs on one condition: during treatment does not drink alcohol.This is extremely important for a speedy recovery, and to feel good.Any instruction to antibiotics, and particularly to JUnidoks Soljutab, says about this warning.The doctor who prescribes treatment with this drug, is also obliged to warn about it.

Alcohol reduces the effectiveness of drugs to virtually zero.Thus the liver receives most load as when taking medication.Moreover, this alcohol load increases.

JUnidoks soljutab concentrated in the liver and at the same time the use of any kind of alcohol is simply "out of steam".This combination is fraught general intoxication of an organism.

When you believe in the absolute health of your liver and its invulnerability, keep in mind, and the emerging threat to the kidneys.Alcohol Toxins can lead to pyelonephritis and toxic hepatitis as a complication.

Very often, people believe that a small dose of alcohol will not bring harm to the body during treatment.However, the response of the individual organism can not even predict the instructions to the drug, which informs about the possibility of increased side effects medication.You need it?Upset stomach, vomiting, and pain - this is only a mild effects of combining alcohol and JUnidoks Solutab.

And if you have to holiday or important event, nothing terrible will happen if you give up alcohol.Replace it with juice, mineral water or just sip champagne.No great loss!

So welcome JUnidoks solitaba indicated for severe infectious diseases that must be cured.And if you are treated, do it responsibly and wisely, without succumbing to the temptations.Take care of health and do everything possible to effectively treat.And the holidays ... They were, are and will be.