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How not to get tired at the wheel

no secret that almost every modern man has a car.The majority of men sits behind the wheel every day, even if their work is not related to transportation.To get to work in his car rather than public transport, much nicer, you will agree.Moreover, personal transport makes it possible to travel and conquer the relatively long distance.But how would you have liked any of your car and the car itself driving the process, remember that your body is not "iron" and the process of human fatigue, which is a long time behind the wheel, is inevitable.

It is important to note that tiredness at the wheel develops as follows: after 4-5 hours of driving comes easy fatigue, a 6-8 hour fatigue is clearly expressed, and the end of the 9:00 comes fatigue - a condition in which you have to make seriouseffort of will not to fall asleep at the wheel.That is why it is important to know that being behind the wheel of more than 9 hours fraught with the risk of an accident increases dramatically.How not to get tired while driving

and ensure the safety of yourself and your fellow travelers?On this question we will answer in our present publication.

Prolonged sleep before the journey

If you will be a long trip, then you should definitely get a good sleep before the journey.However, no sleeping pills can not be used.It is better to use folk remedies and methods of struggle with insomnia, if present (milk with honey at night, a brief walk in the fresh air, relaxing bath, etc.).

Halts in

road quite often for longer stays behind the wheel of a desire to change the posture, straighten and stretch.If you notice this for a feature in the way - do not hesitate to stop the movement.Stop, drink tea or coffee with milk, walk.Just 10-15 minutes a halt to further significantly improve your condition at the wheel.If you are driving a long way, do halts every a couple of hours at least 5-10 minutes.

If you start to notice the severity of the hands or feet, feeling of sand in the eyes and rolled lazy - do not pull the time to stop and rest.You can even take a nap.Remove fatigue behind the wheel will light workout or even a little jog.

No power industry!

Many drivers have resorted to energy drinks as an ambulance for fatigue at the wheel.However, the effect of such beverages can be unpredictable because their composition contains unknown chemicals.It is much safer to drink refreshing herbal drink - tea or coffee.To gain alertness helps vitamin C, or succinic acid.

Fresh air driving

oxygen service will help dispel fatigue at the wheel.So try to keep the car windows open, or at least from time to time to open them to let in fresh air.

Change picture

no secret that the monotonous view of the track only enhances sleepiness.So try from time to time to glance at the window careening surrounding landscapes or car dashboard.Of course, to be distracted for a few seconds and do not forget about the control of the road.

correct position of the driver's seat

Adjust the driver's seat so that you it was not quite comfortable.Yes, it's not a typo.The fact is that in a comfortable position to fall asleep easily, but if you will from time to time to spin and change the position of the body, then you will not overcome drowsiness.

Without water, no way!

Inside, the machine must be a supply of cold water.And not only in order not to die of thirst.Washing soda, on the advice of truckers, is a sure way to gain vigor and keep the effect for a long time.

faithful friend in fellow travelers

Going on a long journey, a good idea to take a human company that can be trusted with the wheel when the driver himself will feel tired.Even if the companion does not lead, it is still fun together!Time spent at the conversation, will fly much faster, and the need to maintain a conversation does not give the brain relax.

Navigator to help!

automated devices that monitor the driver's behavior behind the wheel allow you to control your condition, indicating that, for example, the car has deviated from the marked paths.

Music is always with

selection of musical rhythmic songs or listen to radio stations will not let you fall into slumber while driving.However, constantly listening to music is not recommended.Take breaks: 45 minutes of music, and then 30 minutes of silence.

Good luck, and "no nails, no wand" on the road!

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