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How to strengthen the blood vessels

The problem of weak vessels now familiar to many people.Often people are not aware of it, he does harm to their health, wrong eating, binge eating, alcohol and tobacco, subjected to stress and nervous overload.All this has a negative effect on the state of our vessels and the cardiovascular system.

The main symptoms of this problem are frequent headaches, and without a specific reason, aches in the joints, often changing the pressure, then high, then low.Also of note is a negative reaction to changes in the weather, that is, increased meteosensitivity sharply arising palpitations and transient appearance of syncope.If you observe these symptoms in yourself, then you should immediately consult your doctor for advice.The main reason for the weak and fragile blood vessels are cholesterol deposits on their walls.Under the pressure of cholesterol plaques vessels lose their elasticity and become brittle.

very important to strengthen the vascular walls is a correct and balanced diet.It is very bad for us all

fatty foods.Of course, the fats are needed for the normal functioning of the body, but it is better to use fats of vegetable origin and in very limited quantities.In addition, we should not give up meat because it is a source of animal protein, so we need for normal life.To strengthen the walls of blood vessels is desirable to be eaten steamed, boiled or stewed dishes.Meat can be replaced by poultry or fish.But even in this case it is necessary to clean the skin with a layer of fat.It is also harmful to the blood vessels can be called fatty cheeses, sausages and cheeses, butter.The oil is generally recommended to replace natural olive.Older people very often do not pay attention to the amount eaten bake them.However, in this age, the use of flour baking is minimize, because it contains a lot of margarine, and fatty oils.In addition, there also contain large amounts of sugar.

People with weak blood vessels is desirable to include in your diet honey, nuts and candied fruit.There are as many fruits and vegetables, cereals and a variety of cereals - buckwheat, oats, maize and rice.Better to replace cereals and pasta.To strengthen the walls of blood vessels is useful to consume legumes, namely beans, peas, lentils and soybeans.Soybeans in general is an indispensable product because it is composed of all the body needs minerals and compounds that contribute to the removal of cholesterol from the body.

Do not forget about vitamins to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.Useful vitamin P, which is effectively absorbed by the body with vitamin C. They reduce the fragility and return the elasticity of the wall, which is why every day in our diet should be foods rich in this vitamin compound.It is difficult to overestimate the value of products such as onion, garlic and eggplant.They relieve vessels from excess fat and free walls from fragility.Also effective are substances that are part of the cucumber.Regarding the fruit, then you can select a grapefruit, and berries of red and black currants, and black chokeberry.If you are not able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, in this case it is recommended to drink green tea, decoctions of chokeberry and hips.

best means to strengthen the blood vessels are considered regular exercise.Studies show that only a week of training in the gym almost 20% improves the health of women suffering from vascular dystonia.The fact that all the mechanisms of regulation, including the emotional sphere and the "head" command and control centers, complex interactions.For best results, two important conditions must be observed.Classes should be regular (not less than 4 days per week), and the load should be moderate, since the overvoltage may cause a "collapse" of the vascular system (the best solution - daily classes of 15 minutes).To strengthen the blood vessels need to pick up a special training program.At the initial stage it is desirable to avoid such exercises, which are associated with an abrupt change in body position.If you are prone to fainting or dizziness, you are not recommended to engage in sports that require concentration every second and continuous concentration (skiing, diving, horse riding, parachuting).

Professional instructors recommend swimming and water aerobics (hardens blood vessels), jogging (a great way to "shake" the capillaries), yoga (restores damaged neuro-psychic communication) and dancing (as a mild strain to the body and rest for the soul).

main feature of dystonia is intolerant long stay in one position.When standing or sitting work regularly make "hidden" gymnastics: tense and relax the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, legs and shoulder area, and periodically arrange "walk" around the room or corridor.

perfect remedy for hardening of vessels is a douche, which will provide a vascular tone for the whole day, as well as a great mood and a charge of optimism.You can take a shower and for 3-4 hours before bedtime, it will help to relieve stress and get rid of the daytime fatigue.But if you do not quench the solution, you can try to strengthen the blood vessels in the legs with the help of contrast baths.In one basin need to pour cold water, and in the second - hot, flush ankles.Legs should be alternately omit a few minutes in each basin, finished in the cold water.It is recommended to attend bath regularly (up to 4 times a month).This massage, gymnastics and cleansing the entire vascular system, especially after the pair pour ice water.

weak vessels can be not only in different parts of the body, but also on the mucous membranes of the eyes.Tingling, pain, bruising on the eyeball - all this suggests that the burst small vial - capillary.The main reasons for the fact that they are weakening, are unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol, lack of vitamins, allergy and infectious diseases.To strengthen the blood vessels eye, should observe a few simple rules and use the remedies.

Remember that artificial light should not be directed into the eyes.When working with your computer must be periodically distracted, do unloading eyes.You can look out the window at the green and the sky, but it is better if it is an open space with the ability to see into the distance.Every hour 5 minutes of this charge is enough.The distance between the eyes and the computer should be at least 50 cm. The best means to enhance ocular blood vessels is considered to be the wild rose in the form of decoctions and teas, as well as honey instead of sugar.It is desirable every day to drink green tea with honey, very helpful and lotions from green tea.

Often women cause trouble weak vessels face.They manifest themselves in the form of spots and red stars, it is called the phenomenon - rosacea.In this case, can help mask and compresses to the face.Enough effective parsley.The broth should be made of two handfuls of plants and cups of boiling water, then it needs to infuse for about 20 minutes, drain and mix with the milk in a ratio of 1: 1.The broth is necessary to moisten a soft cloth, then squeeze it and hold on the face for half an hour.An excellent remedy for many diseases is aloe, it helps from weak blood vessels.It is necessary to break off a leaf of a plant and put it in the fridge.So he must remain for about a week, after which it is possible to squeeze out the juice and apply on areas where red spots appeared.Aloe juice can burn a little, but there is nothing to worry about.

And, of course, do not forget to pay more attention to regular and proper rest.Sleep should be not less than 8 hours as much as possible to walk in the open air, travel, engage in hobbies.Good mood, optimistic life attitude, the desire for a healthy and fulfilling life - it is a prerequisite of normalization of vascular conditions.