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Symptoms of anemia in men

This disease - not uncommon in our turbulent times of stress and fatigue.According to statistics, women are more vulnerable to ailment.Chronic anemia is characterized by 25-30% of women, but the men of her figure is only 2%.And yet, it should be aware of the symptoms.After all, the psychology of women is that they are all the doubts, suspicions and complaints almost always go to the doctors.But this man in no hurry to do.If we are talking about anemia - problems, seeming at first sight is not very serious, you know its symptoms and further complications, it is easier for men to make the appropriate conclusions.

First of all, we recall that the so-called condition characterized by a decrease in hemoglobin concentration.For men it is a troubling indicator of less than 130 g / l (for women 120 g / l).Anemia - this reduction in the number of erythrocytes (red blood cells).

Medical statistics show that in the man's world of this disease are more likely to suffer those representatives who developed peptic ul

cer disease, hemorrhoids, erosive gastritis, pulmonary haemorrhage, gastro.

When it comes to anemia in the older age categories of men, the first complaints of patients suffering from ischemia is more frequent angina attacks.This happens even after small loads.

Common symptoms manifestations of iron deficiency anemia in men of any age are:

So, as we see signs of iron deficiency anemia in the male body a lot.Their manifestations depend on the duration of iron deficiency.If anemia is started, it becomes chronic or complications.Among them are the most common:

Iron deficiency anemia in men - is always bad and dangerous.Therefore, when viewed at a few of the above symptoms should consult a doctor for help.Perhaps therapy in your case will be just a correction in the diet to help avoid complications and adverse effects of anemia.