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What vitamins help hair loss

It is known that one of the causes of hair loss is the lack of vitamins in the body.But beyond this knowledge, few advances.Some let the disease take its course, the other clutching his cooking miraculous masks on the first got the recipes, while others are buying up all vitamin complexes in pharmacy.But first of all it is recommended to gain insight into the problems and understand what it is not enough hair vitamins that they are strong, healthy and not get lost.And only after that you can go to the pharmacy or to prepare the mask.It is worth noting that if the hair loss was caused by other factors, the complex of vitamins here does not always help.Vitamins are not effective in the case of an incorrect hair care.

Along with taking vitamins must adhere to the following guidelines in order to have a beautiful and thick hair.Note that frequent or improper staining likely to cause substantial damage to your tresses.The fact that many paints contain ammonia, also are toxic.So never buy hair dye on the mark

et, especially an unknown manufacturer.To enhance color, some manufacturers add heavy metals and other components, which have a negative impact on human health.If you used this paint, no vitamins will not help in this case.In addition, choosing a good and high-quality paint, strictly follow the instructions.Due to the chemical mixture perederzhivaniya hair may be over dried or baked.

It is not recommended during the cold season to go out without a hat.In this case, the reduced blood flow in the head, resulting in the hair does not become saturated with vitamins.In winter and spring, and so we need a good vitamin for the body, and if you have not worn a hat, may have trouble.You also need to know how to use cosmetics.Many people mistakenly believe that the more shampoo and balm to the hair - the better.But due to improper use of cosmetics can appear dandruff, hair will become greasy and dull.It is best to wash your hair 2-3 times a week, air conditioning and balms applied once a week.

Vitamins can be used both externally and internally.In the first embodiment are applied to special masks and creams that nourish and vitaminize scalp and hair.Generally, such procedures are carried out using the essential oils, decoctions and infusions.But more effective deemed vitamins entering the body through the bloodstream.They are absorbed through the gut into the blood, so the transportation takes place correctly and scalp, as well as other parts of the body gets the required vitamin complex.

known that calcium is included in the bones and teeth.Also involved in cellular metabolic processes.The required level of calcium helps to regulate the adequate intake of vitamin D. Because of its deficiency disrupted the activities of the heart, kidneys and liver.In addition, the lack of it causes thinning and hair loss, brittle nails, and dental caries.The main source of this vitamin is honey, the use of which increases and maintains the level of calcium during the day.

To eliminate dry and brittle hair, you need to include in your diet foods high in vitamin A. It restores and strengthens the hair structure, making them more elastic and flexible.In addition, Vitamin A normalizes the rate of metabolic reactions, stimulates growth, promotes better healing of the skin and mucous membranes.It is formed from carotene, pro-vitamin A. Deficiency of this element can cause baldness.Try to eat more carrots, cabbage, butter, kidney, fish oil, cream and milk.

To prevent loss of curls desirable to use B vitamins Their lack says dysmotility of the digestive tract.Due to insufficient amount of vitamin B2 hair is greasy at the roots and on the tips, on the contrary, dry and begin to fall.In addition, it causes stomatitis, dermatitis nasolabial folds and nostrils.To eliminate the deficit, it is necessary to include in the diet of more meat, bread and dairy products.Lack of vitamin B3, is the cause of early bloom and low rate of hair growth.Try to eat more fish and peanuts.B5 deficiency causes the condition of the oxygen starvation hair.Hair follicles become very weak.It damaged almost all systems of the body, and especially the immune system.Therefore, you need to lean the chicken and the egg yolk.The main cause of itching and irritation of the scalp is a lack of vitamin B6.In this case, the use of diet helps liver, pork, various vegetables and nuts.Vitamin B9 promotes growth and prevent loss of hair, in sufficient quantity in the curd, cheese and vegetables.Nuts, fish, rice and potato contains B10, which prevents the appearance of early gray hair.If the scalp is severely itchy and sometimes bald spots appear, it is helpful to eat foods high in B12 - a meat and dairy products.

To prevent baldness and optimal circulation of hair follicles is necessary to use a sufficient amount of vitamin C. It should be noted that his arrival should be regular, because the body is not able to create its reserves.Eat more citrus, blackcurrant and sauerkraut.It is also recommended to include in the diet more nuts, sunflower seeds, rich in vitamin E, which stimulates blood circulation of the hair follicles.

for oily scalp and oily hair should use the infusion of hypericum.This plant has anti-inflammatory properties, kills bacteria and itching of the skin, promotes healing of minor injuries.In addition, the skin gets the necessary vitamins for hair growth, mainly carotene and vitamin C.

Also you can purchase at the pharmacy vitamin complexes that are specifically designed to combat hair loss.But you need to follow a few important rules of their reception.Before using any vitamin complex should always consult with a physician.It will help determine whether the hair loss is actually caused by a simple lack of vitamins, and not a more serious cause.If you decide to take vitamin complex pharmacy before buying, carefully review its composition, does it include the necessary vitamins for hair loss.The course of vitamin B complex should be at least 2 months.Still, it is desirable to acquire for themselves the right line of cosmetics, which includes shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash and medical mask.

Do not forget about pets mask against hair loss.Now on the Internet quite a lot of home masks recipes.It is best to choose those which include burdock, rye bread or yogurt - it most of the vitamins that help to solve the problem of hair loss.