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Treatment and prevention of baldness

Baldness can deliver a lot of inconvenience to the man and to be the cause of various complexes at the lack of hair.Such men are embarrassed to be in the company and are afraid to meet women.In this case, it is sure to treat hair loss, otherwise it can lead to various psychological disorders.

first find out why men go bald.One reason is heredity, the gene is usually transmitted through the maternal line.Baldness can be caused by the action of male sex hormone - DHT, increased sensitivity of hair follicles to this hormone and the activity of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.The cause of baldness can also be impaired circulation in the scalp as a result of aging.In old age and deteriorating the absorbability of the substances which are so necessary for the health of the body and hair.Another cause of the trouble is the wrong food, due to insufficient intake of nutrients hair growth slows down and stops.

At the moment, we know a l

ot of medical procedures against hair loss.Most of these physical therapy, that is amenable to treatment by a physical impact to the scalp.

Baldness can be treated by iontophoresis procedure, ie when under constant galvanic current drugs are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin.As a result of accelerated subcutaneous blood circulation, accelerates cell division and metabolic processes in them, the nutrients better penetrate into the cells and hair follicles and strengthens hair roots.

pulse currents (electrical or myostimulation) can be used to restore hair.They affect the blood vessels, resulting in activated backup capillaries and metabolism, which reduces the amount of fat cells and hormonal levels.This procedure recently used for prophylaxis and treatment of hair loss.

By means cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen freezing head skin using a special applicator.In this case liquid nitrogen performs massaging motion on the scalp.For visible results take 2-3 course cryotherapy.

following procedure for the treatment of alopecia - a microcurrent therapy is the impact on the human pulse modulated ultra-low electric current, which is transmitted by electrodes on the skin of various kinds.This procedure is very effective because penetrates the skin cells and subcutaneous tissue, improves metabolism, stimulates the metabolism and excretion of its products, and restores the tissue and hair follicles.

Often baldness vacuum massage is performed, that is determined by the Bank in the area of ​​hair loss.This procedure improves blood circulation and air circulation, helps to eliminate toxins and relieves congestion of lymph.

The next method darsonvalization voltage low current large effect on the skin, so that dilates blood vessels and improves metabolism.In addition, it promotes lymphatic drainage and reduction of the sebaceous glands.Sparks contribute to the development of ozone and oxygen saturation of the skin of the head.

In the method of laser therapy of low intensity laser energy is used to thicken and restore already lost hair.With regular 20-30 minute treatment several times a week, this therapy is quite effective, it increases blood circulation and improves metabolism.Almost 90% of people say that the hair becomes more healthy and thick.

When a significant loss of hair presented methods will not be effective.The only solution in this situation is a hair transplant.Thanks to modern technology, you can transplant your hair quickly and painlessly without scarring and complications.For example, when the method of HFE individual hairs are transplanted from the occipital area and implanted into the skin with special microtools resembling needle, everything happens without surgery.This technique is also used to restore eyebrows, beard and mustache.

worth noting that baldness prevention must consist of proper hair care and careful attention to your body.First of all, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and give up bad habits.When alopecia hair used all sorts of health-restoring and strengthening tools that help in the classical massage the scalp.As trichologists say massage is best to combine with drugs and general physiotherapy.Proper massage can improve blood circulation, release of tension, relieve stress and loosen up blood vessels of the head.It may seem surprising, but an excellent prevention of baldness are breathing exercises.The fact that the proper breathing positive effect on the organism, the immune system and raises blood oxygen saturates.This speeds up the circulation of the scalp, which makes proper nutrition of hair follicles and delivers the essential trace elements in the head.

Try to take multivitamin complexes, because the lack of vitamins is a common cause of baldness.The head should be washed only with cold water, because hot traumatize the skin and hair follicles, strengthens the sebaceous glands.Still it is necessary to choose a quality shampoo according to your hair type and scalp.Cheap tools may detrimental impact on the state head of hair.Baldness Prevention also lies in the selection of hats, which are primarily suitable for your head, and only then you like.If possible, wear a hood, so that the skin to "breathe" the head, and in the colder times of the year are recommended light woolen hats.In summer, it is not necessary to wear a hat to protect from sun and rain it is best to use an umbrella or awning.To avoid violations of capillary circulation, try to avoid prolonged exposure to cold, not to hair exposed to cold, wind, and ice water.

Also, try to be positive, because of stress, depression, insomnia, and various neurological disorders and pessimism are the true enemies of your hair.Sleep should be at least 7-8 hours a day in a comfortable little pillow, my head in any case should not be higher than the chest level.Still it is necessary to make some adjustments in your diet to reduce hair loss.Eliminate from your diet cholesterol and saturated fats, try to eat more soy products, and vitamin PP, as well as all the vitamins and nutrients needed hair.

Following these recommendations will help prevent baldness.If the hair loss has become rampant, you should immediately seek help from a doctor.