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Benefits and cognac harm for men

Cognac is a native French alcoholic beverage that is produced by distillation of white wines and then aged in oak containers.The drink gets its name from the French town of Cognac.First, the French grape wine were produced, which were transported by sea to the Nordic countries.But when transporting wine is not very well preserved their consumer quality, so it was invented technology that allows to produce a wine distillate, which does not change its properties during transportation.Compared with the usual wine, wine distillate was more fragrant and rich, moreover, it is much cheaper to transport.French is also noticed that the wine distillate improving its flavor when stored in oak barrels, and after keeping them in it usable undiluted.

mainly for the production of an alcoholic beverage using white grape variety Ugni Blanc.This grape, which is slowly maturing and has high acidity, disease resistance and high yield.Also it can be used and other varieties of grapes: Montilla, Colombard, Folle Blanche.They

are very capricious in cultivation, but alcohols are more tasty and fragrant.

beverage quality can be determined by two basic production technologies - juicing and fermentation.When fermentation is strictly forbidden to use sugar.After these steps, cognac alcohol is poured into oak barrels capacity of 270-450 liters.The minimum speed is 2 years, and the maximum - 70 years.In the early years the drink is impregnated with tannins and becomes golden brown.

cognac composition is quite diverse.Basically it consists of alcohols, organic acids and ethyl esters.Because of biologically active substances in its composition, cognac has beneficial effects on the body and has antioxidant properties.Tannin and tannins in the composition of cognac improve the perception of the body of vitamin C. Tannins still have anti-inflammatory action.Cognac lowers blood pressure and dilates blood vessels.It increases the appetite and the production of gastric juice, and sometimes relieves stomach cramps.Of course, the higher the quality of cognac, so it has beneficial effects on the body.Often warmed brandy with honey and lemon is used against colds and sore throats.Apply this noble beverage and cosmetics against acne as an additional component to glycerol and borax.Because the product also make restorative hair mask, cleansing - face.Nutritionists recommend consuming the drink in small doses, as brandy calorie is 237-240 kcal per 100 g of product.

Remember that any alcohol in large doses is harmful to health.Sexual liberation is possible only with the use of small doses of alcohol, but excessive consumption, on the contrary, only worsen erection.By the way, men older than 35 years is not recommended to drink alcohol before having sex - it is more likely to hinder than help.The effects of alcohol "aphrodisiac" may be the most unpredictable.When it comes to beer or vodka, then the alcohol is detrimental potency.And what about this noble drink as cognac?

In small doses of brandy helpful for sexual intercourse and normal heart function.It dilates blood vessels, improves blood flow, the heart works easier.Thanks to a rush of blood vessels to the genitals an erection - it lasts long enough, and the man can manage it.Remember that the main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of this noble drink.

addition, brandy stimulates the nervous system.It helps to eliminate fatigue and internal stress.Just one tablespoon of the drink is able to calm the nervous system and relieve stress.Cognac helps man liberated mentally - it promotes communication and self-confidence will help to increase the potency.Small amounts of the drink is a preventive measure against heart attack and Type II diabetes, colds and stress, worsening cerebral circulation.In addition, the use of brandy in the normal range increases sexual activity, and sexual desires arise.By increasing circulation man can control ejaculation.Acceptable dose of brandy without harm to the potency - 50 ml.

To make a miracle drug to increase potency, it is necessary to take a couple of quail eggs, a tablespoon of brandy, 2 tablespoons of sugar, half a glass of cola and 50 ml normal soda dining.All the ingredients you need to mix, and you can drink the drink with pleasure in anticipation of a romantic evening.

Cognac has far fewer negative side than the positive, but still need to know about them.The main harm from cognac, as well as any other alcoholic beverage, is its excessive use, causing the addiction develops and develops a disease, like alcoholism.In addition, the cognac is enough high-calorie product, so it is not recommended to use for people with excess obesity.Also, it should not drink the beverage people with low blood pressure or if diagnosed hypotension.Abandon cognac desirable if a person has problems with biliary ways or already diagnosed with gallstones.Contraindications to this drink, and people with diabetes or hypertension.

Men who are concerned about their health, it is advisable to relax and feel more positive emotions.Try to get enough sleep and possibly restrict yourself from contact with unpleasant people.Often rejoice and not much scold myself for failure, because they are for everyone.

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