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Benefits and rosehip harm for men

As is known, a myocardial infarction is one of the most deadly diseases in the first place in its risk group includes men.Rosehip is able to prevent a heart attack, as well as many other diseases.This is a perennial wild plant belongs to the family of pink.In people, it is also called the wild rose.Homeland of many plants considered hillsides of Iran and the Himalayas, but nowadays it is spread almost all over the globe, in addition to the permafrost zones, tundra and deserts.Rosehip - a shrub of about 1.5-2.5 m from the arc-shaped hanging branches covered with stout spines crescent.Young shoots are zalenovatokrasnye shilopodobnye thorns and bristles.The plant has pink or belorozovye flowers with five petals free, whisk in diameter up to 5 cm. Rosehip blooms in May and June, has yagodopodobnye fruits (up to 20 mm in length), different shapes, red-orange, with lots of hairy achenes.The fruits ripen in September-October.The fruits are best harvested before frost, because even slight subfreezing destroys th

eir medicinal properties.At home, they can be dried in the dryer or oven at a temperature of 90-100 degrees, but it is necessary to ensure that they do not burn.Properly dried raw material is brownish-red or yellow tint.It can be stored for 2 years in closed jars or bags.Sometimes harvested rose hips and flowers, the infusion of these good tones and refreshes the skin.

The structure of this miraculous plant includes a huge amount of ascorbic acid.Compared with lemon and other citrus, it contains 2 times more vitamin C. Rosehip perfectly strengthens the immune system and protects the body from colds.In addition, it is also a powerful antioxidant, which displays the body of toxic substances and heavy metals.Also, quite a lot is a part of vitamins A, P, E and K. The known sources of carotene (carrots, persimmon and apricots) can not be compared with the concentration of the substance in the dog rose.The composition includes essential oils and minerals (sodium, chromium, magnesium, potassium, cobalt, etc.).This low-calorie low-fat product, 100 g of fruit contains 51 calories, so it is completely safe for people who are overweight.But we must understand that not all varieties of wild roses are so rich and diverse in composition.Dog rose hips and May are considered not as useful for the human body.Berries, roots and wild rose inflorescences frequently used in the manufacture of drugs.Medications indoor and outdoor applications especially effective for anemia, dermatitis, arthritis and eczema, burns and frostbite.

As shown by numerous studies, hips are effective in the treatment of many diseases.In particular, according to doctors, a decoction of the plant is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases.It also strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, and still maintain the heart muscle.Especially recommended to drink infusions and decoctions from hips to men over 40, because they are prone to diseases of the heart and blood vessels.The drink also has a positive effect on the body and other diseases, and it stimulates the sex glands, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, dissolve small stones and sand, which are formed in the gallbladder, but also accelerates the healing and relieves sick with colds.It is advisable to drink a decoction of rose hips for people who are intolerant of statins - cholesterol-lowering drugs components.

But to act on the body of wild rose was the most effective, you need to prepare a drink properly.Fruits of wild rose, brewed according to the rules, saturated broth maximum beneficial vitamins and minerals, thanks to which a therapeutic effect is achieved drink.At the moment, there are several ways of rosehip tea leaves.It should be understood that the ripe fruit is very delicate, so excessive heat treatment can only hurt them.To keep all of their useful properties, it is first necessary to wash out and clear them from the rough hairs.Then mash with a fork the pulp and seeds of rose hips.The resulting homogenous mass should be placed in a thermos and pour hot water (not more than 60 degrees) in 1:10.The broth should be to insist about an hour, then strain.

Do not dispose of the fruits used, they can be reused.Berries can be put in a small saucepan, cover with water and bring to a boil.Then strain the broth and mix with the previously prepared infusion, you can also add a little honey.

Rosehip blooms relatively short time, so it is not always possible to use fresh fruit.But there is a great alternative to fresh fruits - Dried rose.It fully preserves all the beneficial properties, but should make it a little differently.Please wash fruits and grind them in a coffee grinder.Then, the resulting flour to fill in a thermos and pour the water temperature less than 60 degrees, the rate of 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of water.The mixture should insist for 1.5 hours.Strain the infusion and add a little honey.Entire pre-dried fruits need to insist longer - about 8-12 hours.

Fruits of rose hips and roots are used to treat various diseases for hundreds of years.However, it should be approached with extreme caution.Many are convinced that if the plant is useful, then drink the broth from it should be as often as possible.But this is not the case, some of the ingredients of some organs are treated, while others maimed.Broth among other things can trigger the movement of stones, but it is not very good (especially if they are large).For example, wild rose contains much more Vitamin C than lemon, and blackcurrant and high concentrations destroys teeth and, of course, increases the acidity of the stomach.Therefore, teas and decoctions of wild rose are contraindicated for people with gastritis and gastric ulcer.The alcohol extracts from the roots of the plants contribute to high blood pressure.Virtually all drugs on the basis of wild roses lead to the formation of blood clots.Therein lies the chief harm wild rose.Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to accept thrombophlebitis in any manifestation.It is not recommended, and very often to take it, the best course of no more than 30 days with an interval of six months.Long-term use of drugs based on rosehip leads to disruption of the liver and can cause non-infectious jaundice.They can also cause bloating and constipation.With special care should be taken to this plant to people with dermatological problems.Before its use must consult your doctor.Do not neglect the sense of proportion, because in most cases it leads to tragic consequences.The daily dose of vitamin C is found in 7-10 berries are not crushed rose hips.

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