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Benefits and harms of green tea for men

Even in ancient times knew of the health properties of green tea.For hundreds of years it was used as a medicine against various ailments.The benefits of this drink and proven by modern scientists.Useful properties of green tea attributed high content of various chemicals.It consists of approximately 500 elements (phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, fluorine, etc.), 450 kinds of organic compounds (proteins, lipids) and virtually all B vitamins.No wonder why this drink is so useful.

mention only a few basic components that make green tea has become so popular.First of all, alkaloids, and chief among them - caffeine.It is because of its content, we feel a surge of strength and vigor.However caffeine include green tea in the composition is not in pure form and in bound and called theine.It increases efficiency, improves physical and mental activity, but it works a little bit softer than pure caffeine.

drink also contains in its composition of 4-7% of micro and macro elements, which are necessary for normal fu

nctioning of all body systems.For example, zinc deficiency leads to decreased immunity, hair loss and damage to the nail.When used correctly, the green tea is able to solve this problem.Benefit bring drink and catechins - a group of related components of polyphenols.Until now, these substances are actively exploring scientists in medicine they are used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Unfortunately, many men with age catches up with this unpleasant phenomenon of decreased potency.But do not worry, "male power" often disappears for a while, and then restored.To prevent such a situation, it is necessary to take some preventive measures and to use the available means to every person.Effective in this case for potency teas, namely green.

has long been recognized as the most green tea is delicious and aromatic beverage in the world.In addition, it has a positive effect on human organism.

proved that impotence reason is the presence of certain violations of specific muscles, which is in the area of ​​male sexual organ.It is a kind of valve that should specifically block the outflow of blood, which regularly fills the corpora cavernosa.You should know that it is impossible to train this muscle.For normal operation it is necessary zinc, which in sufficient quantity is contained in green tea.To achieve maximum effect, it is advisable to diversify your daily diet tea with pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts.They also contain a necessary element zinc.Incidentally, in the production of testosterone (male sex hormone) is also affected by the presence of zinc.

known that prolonged work at the computer and watching television bring serious harm potency.By drinking green tea with milk can significantly neutralize the harmful radiation of these devices, without which it is impossible to imagine modern life.Among other things, green tea with milk rids the body of accumulated toxins.It's a good influence on the functioning of the drink of the gastrointestinal tract.In addition, it helps to strengthen the weakened immune system.Green tea for quality and potency easily relieves headaches, and even stress.

But to get the best results from this drink, you need to learn how to brew it.Perhaps the most important component is soft water, that is, one which is rich in mineral salts.It is necessary to heat it to a temperature of no more and no less than 85-90 degrees.Now we have to put in a teapot and a couple of spoons of tea to fill with water for no more than three-quarters.The drink should be for 10 minutes and filled with nutrients.Before tea leaves Chinese teapot pour over boiling water, letting it warm up a little.The water was then poured and put tea leaves, so that they become accustomed to the temperature and disposed of before pour the water.

To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to drink green tea after a meal, in small sips.Tea should be hot, it will strengthen the impact on the body, allow to quench their thirst, and at the same time enjoy the pleasant aroma.

addition of green tea isolated several effective teas for potency.The small amount of caffeine contains yerba mate, but also has a substance as mateine ​​that activates blood circulation, improves metabolic processes in the pelvic organs.It is believed that regular consumption of yerba mate significantly increases the level of testosterone that is needed for potency.An excellent tool in the fight against impotence is considered Mursalian tea.The result is visible within 10 days after consuming the drink.Tonic drink is ginger tea.It improves blood circulation and thus positively affect the potency.

For a start it is worth noting that under the tea in China - the birthplace of the drink - it meant the green varieties, and black tea there is virtually no use.It should also be understood that the green tea bags, which can be found in supermarkets, much inferior to the properties of loose green tea.A tea from China will have more useful features than bought in our country, because they know how to keep this product and how to use it.

On the dangers of green tea you should not worry, because the moderate consumption it has no negative side effects.But if you make more than one raw spoon in a glass of boiling water, some men can expect unpleasant surprises.

First of all, suffer gipotoniki (patients with low blood pressure), because the drink contains theophylline and theobromine (alkaloids with vasodilatory effect), which further reduce the pressure.It is not recommended to drink green tea men suffering from ulcer with high acidity.Increased acid secretion in the stomach even after a single cup can exacerbate existing disease conditions.

Green tea is also harmful to cores, nervous, excitable men, the stronger sex with symptoms of insomnia or tachycardia as much drink tones the cardiovascular system and is therefore considered a stimulant.Do not drink tea throughout the day instead of the liquid (as is sometimes done in sports), because the high concentration of polyphenols may have an impact on liver or kidney stone formation to give.Do not add in mint green tea, because it significantly reduces the potency, but at the same time is an excellent means for the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

It is believed that green tea is harmful to men's health directly, but it was not proved for scientific research.It is known that green tea lowers blood pressure and problems with potency in 40% of cases occur just at elevated pressure.

As you can see, at a reasonable use of harmful green tea for men is minimal, and the benefits can be very much.