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Benefits and harms of milk for men

Milk and dairy products are represented in the diet of almost every modern man due to its nutritional and dietary properties.It comprises a plurality of compounds needed by the body, namely: fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, the large number of sugars, natural antibiotics and hormones.This product is also rich in vitamins and trace elements, it is composed of potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and other substances.Undoubtedly, the milk is very useful for our body.But some nutritionists have a different opinion, they claim that milk is only suitable for baby food, and for adults it is harmful and even dangerous.

Healers in ancient times treated milk various diseases: bronchitis, tuberculosis, pleurisy, cholera, gastro-intestinal disorders and neurological diseases.Also, it has been used for heart ailments, obesity, liver cirrhosis, gout, to cleanse the body from harmful substances.Perhaps the most valuable milk is considered a special protein that is absorbed by the body much better than meat.Even i

n this product include fats, lactose (milk sugar), of course, all the known calcium and vitamins, and enzymes.Lactose is digested by 98% and stimulates the nervous system, moreover, it is a preventive and therapeutic agent in cardiovascular diseases.Among other things, the process of intestinal absorption lactose forms lactic acid, which promotes better digestion of calcium and phosphorus and is struggling with putrid microflora.All trace elements are well balanced, so well digested.

This white and puffed product is a weak pathogen of gastric secretion, and therefore very useful for people who need gentle power - sick ulcers and gastritis with high acidity.Milk contains calcium, and, as is known, is the best means for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.The ancients called the milk "white blood", perfectly brings fluid from the body, for it is recommended to drink swelling.Milk is also effective in atherosclerosis, liver disease and gall bladder.

This product contains the macro- and microelements, which are involved in the formation of bone tissue and restoration of blood.American scientists claim that low-fat milk and dairy products help burn fat.There is also an opinion that regular drinking of milk can be 50% lower risk of stroke and hypertension.

However, it should be understood that the heat treatment useful properties of milk is reduced significantly.It begins the decomposition of albumin and vitamins, as well as lost bactericides.There are several ways of treating milk.Pasteurization is a gradual heating to 76 degrees, then the product is quenched.At the same enzymes are destroyed, most of the bacteria are killed, but most of proteins and vitamins still manages to save.Sterilization - a procedure in which the product is heated to 135-140 degrees, and the taste and color changes milk.Such a product is less useful, but kept much longer.There is also a luxury milk, which is processed by UHT pasteurization.The product is a fraction of a second is subjected to thermal shock (to 140 degrees).Thus harmful bacteria are killed, but useful properties are not changed substantially.

Dairy products are one of the best sources of calcium, which is needed for strong bones, teeth and hair.Men are constantly exposed to great physical stress and coping, strong bones need them.

Also worth noting is that this drink has a positive effect on potency.For a stable and strong potency need certain vitamins and minerals: it is folic acid, vitamins B1, B3, B6, C and E, beta carotene and selenium.They all enter the body with a particular product.Also employed male reproductive system affects the calcium balance in the organism, zinc and magnesium.With a shortage of any of these elements of the functioning of the reproductive system is broken, and a man may become impotent.Milk contains sufficient amounts in all the male microelements.But we must understand that it is a natural and fresh milk, and not that which is on the shelves.

For years, no one questioned the usefulness of dairy products, but in recent years more and more scientists argue that milk more harm than good.The argument is the fact that man is the only creature in nature that continues to drink milk, even in adulthood.Much cholesterol in milk, which contributes to the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques occluding vessels.Some doctors say that with age, lost the ability to digest casein protein, while others disagree with this opinion.

Indeed, some people, the body does not tolerate milk.They observed gastrointestinal disorders, bloating, cramps and bloating.The reason for this can be called a lack of lactase - an enzyme that breaks down lactose.Alternatively, you can use such products: kefir, yogurt, yogurt and cottage cheese.They contain all the beneficial bacteria of milk, but it is much more easily absorbed by the body due to the presence of various lactic acid bacteria that are beneficial for digestion.You can also "teach" the body to the milk.It is necessary to drink it all the time, with small amounts and gradually increasing dose.Do not confuse lactose intolerance with an allergy to milk protein, which is extremely rare in adults, but can be very dangerous and cause serious health consequences.

As shown by research, the use of male milk factory production may lead to an increase in the number of cancers of the prostate and testicles.The reason for this is called the hormone estrogen, which is added to the diet of cows to throughout the year to stimulate milk production.Much safer in this regard pet milk, but it fatter, respectively, can lead to weight gain, in addition it is much more cholesterol.By purchasing products from private owners, be sure to ask about the availability of documents that the milk has been tested in the laboratory and is safe for health.To drink milk without harm to the male body, it is best to buy low-fat dairy products from reliable private producer, but the possibility is not at all.

experts simply can not reach consensus regarding the benefits and harms of milk.Each person needs to listen to your body, but include dairy products is still recommended in the diet.For men, the milk is whole nutritious product that has beneficial effects on health in general, but we need a reasonable approach to its use, observing certain rules.