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The benefits and harm of beer for men

In ancient times believed that beer improves appetite, accelerates growth and physical development, and improves health.For this reason, they fed even small children.Healers of medieval Europe used this beverage in the treatment of various diseases: bronchial asthma and insomnia, for exhaustion, diseases of the kidneys and bladder, with skin problems.During the cholera epidemic of beer it was used as a preventive measure.And, surprisingly, it antiholernye properties were later subject to science.Interestingly, the first to make beer women, and then the process of brewing joined the men.

As there are several types of beer, depending on the density: simple fortress is about 0.5-1.5% (can be light and dark), draft, strength index which is about 0.5-2.8%, strong- 5-12% of (has an intense bitter taste) and whole - up to 7% vol.At the same time almost 90% of the entire range of the market belongs to the wholeness of beer, here also include low-calorie soft drinks and beer (they are not very strength).

Still, beer is bad to use, primarily because it is an alcoholic beverage, though it is made exclusively from natural ingredients.But for modern products this also can not be sure.The beer, which is produced by modern technology, contains ethyl alcohol, diluted carbohydrates, nitrogen-containing compounds.In addition, this drink composition includes yeast that saturate it with vitamins, amino acids and other trace elements.Beer has its positive and negative characteristics, so it is important to understand how bad beer for men.The impact of the drink on any body depends on in what doses it drink.

Vitamins that are contained in the alcoholic beverage, optimized metabolism, increasing the number of blood cells, and this has a positive effect on the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.Beer contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids.Also, there are many useful microorganisms and trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus.Unfiltered beer is considered to be the most useful as it is not heated in the pasteurization process.It is often used in cosmetics.With this beer accelerates cell regeneration, visibly improves skin appearance and its elastic function.Men, like women, it may make the pub a hair mask, after which the hair becomes more elastic, shiny and resistant to that pesky problem of men, as baldness.Beer sometimes useful to treat problems associated with the throat, such as coughing, laryngitis or pharyngitis.It is necessary to mix the hot beer with honey and cloves, then drink the mixture - is the perfect remedy for colds.

As is known, this product contains antioxidants that make (of course, in a reasonable amount) may provide some prophylaxis of serious diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, and tuberculosis.Some scholars argue that the 12 glasses of beer a day is not only not hurt the man, and even useful.But when used for more than 7 liters of the drink increases the risk to make a stroke.

Beer has increased the burden on the venous bed, on the heart, which has to operate in emergency mode, with overvoltage.As a result, it increases in size, and is developing the so-called "beer heart".Doctors call this phenomenon syndrome "nylon stocking."Heart like "sags" and becomes flabby, it is not so well perform its functions.And since our body is interconnected, developing not only heart disorders, but also begin to suffer other organs.

After a few beers male body secretes a substance that inhibits the production of the primary male sex hormone - testosterone.As a result, begin to actively produced by the female sex hormones.In addition, the body of the hop plant analogs men fall female hormones - phytoestrogens.With years of experience in the use of beer in a man becomes wider pelvis and increased breast cancer.

Many people believe that beer is the drink of increased caloric content.But on this indicator it gives milk, soft drinks or fruit juice.Another thing is that this drink stimulates the appetite and makes us eat more than necessary.Perhaps that is why in ancient times, beer was considered "winter" drink, and thanks to him that beer drinkers are usually overweight.

Another negative feature is that people eventually get used to the calming effect of beer, and soon without a bottle or can not relax or rest.

Some scientists believe that the beer does not harm men's health, because it contains only natural ingredients and different useful properties, only need to know when to stop, that is, do not get completely drunk.Medical scientists have deduced a rule that allows the stronger sex to calculate the amount of alcohol that they can afford.The main indicator is the weight, that is, per kilogram can be no more than 1 g of alcohol.Weight average man is approximately 80 kg, respectively, it is possible to drink up to 2 liters of the drink.But this does not mean that you can drink as much beer every day.Since in this case will decrease production of testosterone, and then completely stopped.It should be borne in mind that the absence of testosterone, and a steady increase in blood estrogen may adversely affect the function of erection in men, leading to impotence.Furthermore, entrainment beer can affect the composition of semen.As a rule, men who suffer from infertility, did not even suspect that the reason for their inability to conceive is in the harmless at first glance, low-alcohol drinks.

This drink is contraindicated in men who have chronic kidney disease, as this significantly overloads them, leading to an increase in the formation of urine.Also, if you regularly drink large doses of beer, you can forget about the normal functioning of the pancreas.Such irregularities may lead to the development of diabetes and pancreatitis.In the body by use of beer comes toxins that cause liver disease - hepatitis and cirrhosis.

desire to pamper yourself with a beer often leads to more serious problems developing so-called "beer alcoholism".Habituation in this case goes unnoticed, but this relationship is as strong as that of any alcoholic.Moreover, it is easily restored even after a long refusal of alcohol.A particular danger lies in adolescents addiction to beer, resulting in several times to get an increased risk of impotence in early age (19-20 years).Therefore, young people are not recommended to drink beer, even in small quantities.