What useful properties is thyme for men ?

What useful properties is thyme for men?

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  • Useful elements contained in Thyme
  • When to apply thyme men?
  • How to use thyme men?
  • Side effects of thyme

The healing properties of herbs are widely used in folk medicine for centuries.Despite the modern development of medicine, the use of herbs for their own purposes a person has not lost relevance.In order to use the beneficial properties of certain herbs, you need to know not only their property but also have an understanding of how to apply them correctly.The most well-known for its beneficial properties of herbs include thyme.

The herb thyme

This plant, which also received naming thyme and Bogorodskaya grass, enjoyed special respect traditional healers before the advent of modern medical theory. Many people use this herb as a seasoning for dishes, not even knowing about the beneficial properties of this extraordinary-looking plant belonging to the family Labiatae.Useful properties of thyme make it possible to eliminate a n

umber of harmless abnormalities observed in men of all ages, with which modern medical facilities can not always handle the full.

Useful elements contained in Thyme

Tea Thyme Useful properties of thyme are due to its unique chemical composition.This high content of useful substances for the human body make it an indispensable tool in the fight many diseases.This plant is extremely high levels of essential oils, the percentage reaching an average of 18%.In conducting in-depth research of this plant it has been found that it contained a significant amount of carotene, vegetable acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, bitterness and cymene gums, resins, thymol and tannins.

In addition, thyme is extremely rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, fluorine, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, copper, manganese, niacin, B vitamins, ascorbic acid, and many other important trace elements for the life of the organism.

Thyme - a true wonder of nature, since even in the dried state, this plant retains more than 70% of their nutrients.Given the long list of nutrients contained in thyme, it is no wonder that people often use it as a seasoning, hardly feeling the effects of seasonal vitamin deficiency and depression plaguing many winter and spring.

The seasoning of thyme It should be noted immediately that thyme - this is a very finicky herb that requires special treatment.Useful substances are stored only to the grass that was collected at certain times of the year and in the desired watch.Only the dialed force thyme can be a healing agent, so self-collected plant can be made useless.Harvesting this useful herb held in ecologically clean areas, in the period of flowering plants.Many herbalists say that best preserves the healing properties of thyme collected at dawn.When collecting plants break down only the upper branches, and very carefully to the root system of the plant remained intact.Dry thyme should be in a well-shaded place, having fresh air.Only properly cooked thyme has the maximum healing properties.

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When to apply thyme men?

Thyme has excellent anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and anti-microbial properties, so the funds on the basis of this plant are indispensable in the treatment of SARS, influenza and other colds.However, this scope is not limited to plants.The thing is that thyme is an indispensable tool to support men's health in general.Thyme has a positive effect on almost all systems of the body man.

  1. Toning effects of cumin on the body Effects on the nervous system.Contained in thyme active substances have a tonic effect on the body and help to eliminate insomnia.In addition, thyme - an indispensable tool for eliminating depression.Admission broths thyme helps to normalize erections, especially when it comes to premature ejaculation.
  2. Effects on the gastrointestinal tract.Long-term use thyme as a seasoning and decoctions helps to eliminate the fermentation processes in the intestine and eliminate bloating.The plant helps to eliminate dysbiosis, and normalize the digestive process.It helps thyme and chronic colic.Thyme juice can be effectively used for the treatment of gingivitis and stomatitis.
  3. affects the lungs.Thyme is a great addition to the conventional therapy for bronchial asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.Thyme - it's just a godsend for men suffering from cough, caused by prolonged smoking.Substances contained in thyme, have powerful healing and expectorant properties, which allows the body to rapidly clear the lungs and get rid of the debilitating cough.
  4. impact of thyme on the urogenital system of men.Thyme has a positive impact on the mucous membranes of the genitals, increasing their immunity and making them more resistant to various kinds of pathogens, which helps solve many problems of men.The powerful anti-inflammatory property of thyme helps to cope with prostatitis and normalize work urogenital system in other inflammatory diseases.Thyme is widely used to restore potency.

The use of thyme is also justified to eliminate atherosclerotic plaques, which often lead to the development of atherosclerosis in men, accompanied by severe blood stagnation or blockage of blood flow in the legs.

benefits of receiving thyme observed even in advanced cases of the disease.

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How to use thyme men?

Exposure to light thyme To using thyme to get the maximum effect, it is very important to prepare teas and infusions to address a particular problem.

In some cases, in order to achieve quality results is recommended to use thyme in collecting herbs.

For example, to solve the problems of digestion is recommended for 7 days to drink tea from thyme.To prepare this tea should be taken about 15 g of dry grass per 1 liter of boiling water.Brewing tea is best in a thermos.To correct nervous disorders and the effects of stress it is recommended to use a diluted tea, which is taken for the preparation of 10 g of dry grass per 1 liter of boiling water.

To resolve problems of the genitourinary system is best used infusions for internal and external use.Tinctures for external use on the basis of thyme - a great anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents that can be used to treat ulcers, and to eliminate the inflammation of mucous membranes of the genitals.


To prepare for external application takes approximately 30 g of thyme 500 ml of hot water.Infusion should be prepared in a thermos, but let stand for at least 6 hours, then used to rub the affected areas.In addition, such therapy can be applied infusion for internal use.This infusion is much weaker, so its preparation is taken 1 tbspthyme 500 ml of hot water.Insist drink should not be less than one day, then use ½ cup 3 times a day.

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Side effects of thyme

Manifestation of hypervitaminosis of thyme Although thyme is an excellent remedy for many diseases and pathologies, it is better not to use it without first consulting your doctor.Thyme has a lot of contraindications, which is not surprising when one considers the number of active substances contained in the plant.

Firstly, thyme should not be used for people prone to allergic reactions, as the essential oils, plant acids and other substances can cause severe allergies.Secondly, the use of thyme contraindicated people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, particularly those suffering from atrial fibrillation.With thyme caution should be used for people who have kidney problems and thyroid, as an excess of active substances that have come with a decoction or infusion of thyme in the body, it can lead to the aggravation of existing problems with these bodies.Despite the beneficial effects of thyme on the gastrointestinal organs, this plant is strictly prohibited to use for people who have gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, as this can cause internal bleeding.


worth noting that thyme - is so strong means that even people who are not suffering from serious diseases of internal organs andhaving significant health problems, can not drink decoctions and infusions of this plant for more than 2 consecutive weeks.Abuse of thyme can cause hypervitaminosis and many other disorders, so before using this herb for medicinal purposes is required to consult with your doctor to avoid side effects.At the slightest suspicion of the fact that the use of thyme can be harmful, it is better to abandon the use of this plant.

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