Causes of midlife crisis in men

reasons midlife crisis in men

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midlife crisis in men: much of it is written, narrated, removed.Even the eponymous film Garik Sukachev is trying to convey to the masses of their share of the truth about this difficult period of life the male half of the population.On the one hand, every man with his midlife crisis, on the other hand - identical symptoms, behavior, actions, thoughts projected even if the same scenario.What is a crisis, what to do in the pre-crisis situation and how to overcome the painful stage of maturity?

Middle age crisis

Age crises throughout life may excite the human mind.

This is a natural process of the formation and maturation of the individual, depending on the surrounding conditions of society in which it exists.

Under the influence of certain circumstances man can too exciting and painful crisis.

crisis in 30 years

The crisis of 30 years for men men Until mid-life crisis, there is another crisis line: 30-33 years.This period of realization of independence and excellence, when the feeling of complete freedom should not develop into irresponsibility and permissiveness.

At this age, most men can go on about their selfish emotions and cope with the thought "owes nothing."Men who exactly escalate the crisis 30 years, could never create a family or an existing family unit as a burden to take his freedom.

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reasons midlife crisis in men

addition to gender nature clearly assigned responsibilities of both sexes in the building of life trajectory.From time immemorial, man - the head of the family breadwinner, the hunter, the conqueror, the winner, warrior, etc.Already at the genetic level, the boys laid male program and the rule of courage.The woman - a homemaker, family and life.

Improved sentiment If from time to time to go back to the history of the world, the role of the man always comes down to battles and wars, government and governance, construction projects and campaigns, and so on. Of course, it is always in all vitally difficult situations, both physical and psychological, frommen needed endurance, courage and strength.Up to a certain age the turn of a man possesses these qualities.He is healthy, so full of strength and energy for new victories and achievements.But the biological clock is ticking in unison, not evolution, indicating that the body is still to begin the irreversible aging process.They, in turn, is projected into the consciousness of the idea that you will not be so young and active as before.Hence arise the physiological causes of midlife crisis:

  • breakdown;
  • hormonal changes;
  • decrease in male libido and thus decrease the potency;
  • weight gain;
  • loss of erection and others.

peculiar male menopause, acting as a mid-life crisis, this is the same period of aging as women's menopause.It originates from a decrease in testosterone levels in the blood.Testosterone, in turn, inhibits sexual activity.But the man on the man and not to give up their positions conqueror of ladies' hearts.This is about such and says the phrase "gray in his beard, a lusty".But this does not mean that getting to know new women, middle-aged men to increase the number of intimate relationships.They feel unconsciously fear of old age and loss of potency, and meet new people and innocent flirtation help them to assert themselves again, even 40 or 50 years.

weight Gain Of course, when a young man all thought the men were sent to look for themselves and to achieve success in all manifestations of life, it is closer to 40 begin to think about the price of success and its position in the world.And this is the reason of the psychological nature of the crisis.It is in this, says the bulk of physicians and psychologists, lie the true causes of the crisis of middle age male half of humanity.

fact that 40-45 years - a period of many men to achieve the main goals in life:

  1. Career - Warrior-winner.
  2. Family and children - the head of the family breadwinner.
  3. favorite car - the conqueror, founder of courage, strength and speed.
  4. status in society - recognition, exposure.

When all this and much more is already at the feet of the men in his pockets and accounts in bed and a cot, he, like a lion, feels like a king, but the king tempted.Tops subdued, bastions taken his woman went with him fire and copper pipes and calmly resting beside him.A man needs still delights and new victories, new heights and has golden studs on the sleeves of silk shirts.Cufflinks - please, but what to do with the new sensation of winning, rather, where to take them?

And here is the trap of middle-aged crisis slams.On the one hand, man categorically does not want to grow old, fear of the next decades, on the other hand, it is again necessary attention and admiration of the opposite sex to the person, as a faithful companion, his wife has long been fed up with his progress.

insularity In addition, many men worried about the fear of uncertainty.I managed to achieve over the years a great deal, and then what?Old age is impotent or building life anew?So, modern man is not so much afraid of a new phase of his age, how much of himself at this stage.Incarnation itself after puberty with his phallus that without a man - not a male, not a conqueror, giving a severe blow to the psyche of men in the period of mid-life crisis.

thoughts that a man without an erection is no longer needed his woman, very strong floor hinder fully perceive themselves in old age.Soreness these thoughts pushes many young men to seek mistresses on the side, believing that in this way they promote and prolong the potency.After 40 years of thinking men are reduced to one: the imminent loss of potency in a short time, the deterioration of relations with his wife, care of old feelings, the cooling of relations both household and intimate.As a result, the family is no mutual understanding, a sense of loneliness prevails over all, there is all the symptoms of midlife crisis.

Other reasons when shown a midlife crisis in the male half of humanity, rooted in its dissatisfaction with what has become a man to 40 years.Namely: the unloved work, small income, an example in front of the eyes of the more successful friends or neighbors.All this exacerbates the mood of the men.Disruption of this can be enormous, not save any old or new relationship or job.There remains a feeling of great regret for his inconsistency.

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Consultation with a doctor

male crisis is worth noting that a midlife crisis in men has its own characteristics.Can show such character traits that were previously uncommon man.Therefore, it is assumed that the crisis 40-year period longer touches the psychological aspect.So, the crisis symptoms in men after 40 years:

  1. Improved sentiment.
  2. Excessive irritability.
  3. dissatisfaction with their appearance from weight to hairstyle.
  4. As a consequence - increased meticulousness and concern, whether it looks good.
  5. extrinsic previous isolation.
  6. Desperate attempts to exercise, if not previously observed him.
  7. Exaggerated feelings about their future life.

Often a victim of male stimuli during the crisis in favor of his family.The man seems to understand that it is not close, his wife fell out of love, he did not want children growing up.From these thoughts brewing its internal protest of family life and established way of life for so many years that a man unwittingly begins to pull to the side.To where, as it seems, it is necessary, it will realize they admire.Therefore, according to statistics, as many men have plots and relationships on the side of it in the period of mid-life crisis, which in most cases leads to a divorce.

question how much can last crisis, are interested in and the men themselves, and their women.Lasts midlife crisis in men up to 3, sometimes up to 5 years.All purely individual and depends on the level of man's endurance, his mentality, competent support from loved ones.Some people manage to survive the crisis with large losses as a family, as a result and has not returned their lives in a measured track.Some recovered, returned to the family, change the scope of activities, and successfully give birth to children again, seeing them lost the meaning of life.

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How to overcome the crisis

The weakening of erection inevitability of the 40-year milestone should not scare anyone.This is the next stage of formation of the person, which is simply more acutely and subtly occurs docked youthful dreams and plans have already been implemented.And if the man in these comparisons have to find it discouraging failures, they will cause a severe blow to his psyche.

It is very important to understand the man himself or with the help of his wife, children, relatives, that the period of crisis of middle-aged men - it's not the perception of himself as a failure, and the adoption of what has already happened, and achieved, as only positive experiences.And then, following the life and applying this experience to live even better for their children, grandchildren and happy retirement with his family. In this case, age crisis helps to rethink values, to find the causes of dissatisfaction and try to eliminate them, using past experience.

Men is to focus on the really important things for them during this period, do not react badly to what has already passed, and with them can never happen again.You have to be ready for new challenges, because life does not end tomorrow.

What do single men in times of crisis?The main thing - not to withdraw into themselves.Remember that there must be a man in any situation, be more open and sociable.If you want to change a job, a car and finally a family.Forty years - perfect age for men when the childbearing period is not yet over, but you're already firmly standing on their feet financially, you have lived enough to be a loving husband and wise father.


40-year milestone for single men - this is an excellent base for the final setting of priorities for the answer to the question, what to do next.Next - to enjoy life fully understand the meaning of what is happening, becausemidlife crisis already experienced.

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crisis If a man has reached the age of crises abroad, if signs of the crisis there, the man can be helped to cope by making diversity a reality.To live as actively as possible to start, but this activity should be directed in a positive direction.Then the treatment will be effective.It can be sports, trips to the gym, a new hobby, a new job or profession, the birth of a child or buying a dog.


Consulting Psychologists will also be very useful.At the time this advice of professionals, support and acceptance of the situation will help the man and his wife quickly and painlessly overcome a midlife crisis.Treatment amenable to absolutely all age crises.

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