How to deal with low self-esteem in men ?

How to deal with low self-esteem in men?

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  • reasons for this phenomenon
  • main manifestations of low self-esteem
  • way to overcome self-doubt

In recent years, many peopleThey suffer from low self-esteem, especially prevalent this problem among men.

Low self-esteem in men

person with low self-esteem underestimates himself, underestimates the importance of their personal qualities and accomplishments.

This leads to the emergence of new problems in life.

reasons for this phenomenon

Low self-esteem in men can be caused by many different factors.Identify the causes of this phenomenon, and you can try on their own, but it is better to seek help from a qualified psychologist.It will help you understand yourself and get rid of low self-esteem.

The manifestation of low self-esteem in childhood common cause is a lack of confidence in their abilities and underestimation of their capabilities, which go from childhood due to improper training.Self-doubt occurs in children, which impose very high requirements, often criticized and compared

to their more successful peers.Such behavior on the part of the parents gives rise to many problems as adults, because the child is formed by a complex of a loser.

Low self-esteem can occur in men who are dissatisfied with their appearance, have any significant defects or diseases.Lowering self-esteem is very often due to problems of a sexual nature: reduction of sexual function, partner dissatisfaction, and so on.

understated men's self-esteem can also occur in people who have set themselves very high goals, but do not achieve them.Thus, a man feels dissatisfaction in their lives.Especially it concerns the position of career and financial situation, as these issues are very important for the stronger sex.

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main manifestations of low self-esteem

Low self-esteem greatly complicates the lives of many people.Such men often really are less successful than they could be in reality.They feel self-doubt, fear, believe that they can not accomplish anything because of their inferiority.Such people fail, give up quickly.Because of this, it is very difficult to improve their lives.

Diffidence Men with low self-esteem are often treated to all skeptical and sometimes hostile.They are very difficult to build relationships in the team, and with his other half.Subconsciously, they choose their partners the same.Subsequently, it is very bad for children.Chances are that insecure parents of the children will also have a low self-esteem.

diffident men may have a sloppy appearance and be unkempt.At the same time, many are trying to cover up low self-esteem that unnecessarily monitor their appearance.Such people are hard to start a real friends, because they care about the opinions of others.Ongoing conflicts and discontent present in family life.Insecure people tend to blame someone else for their own mistakes and failures.People with low self-esteem often set themselves decoys, they are very susceptible to the influence of others.In addition, these men the risk of bad habits above.

complexes strongly affects all areas of life, even if a man feels insecure only in a particular area.For example, a man is a successful leader, but has some problems in relationships with women, or consider themselves unattractive.In this case, problems may arise in the working team, he can too casually behave with collaborators, or, vice versa, to belittle them.

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way to overcome self-doubt

Increased self-esteem Low self-esteem in men and can be situational, and constant.In any case, it is necessary to struggle. Increase self-esteem will help you feel comfortable in this life, it will provide an opportunity to get rid of many problems.

to improve self-esteem, all of its advantages and disadvantages need to understand clearly.It is convenient to write them on paper.Enumerating advantages will help you to realize the importance and highlight those areas where you can achieve the greatest success.Highlight the shortcomings that cause you the most problems, and think of ways in which you can get rid of them.When you are clearly aware of their shortcomings, you'll be able to deal with them.The list should cover all areas of life.


In addition, it is necessary to restructure their thinking.Men who think daily about their success, do become more successful.From all the shortcomings it is very difficult to get rid of.Therefore compensate those from whom you can not get rid of its own advantages.Try to draw attention to positive features.However, we should not exaggerate the possibilities, not to make new complexes.Do not try to be like others, do not need to imitate anyone, compare yourself with someone.Each person is different.We need to try to develop their strengths and do things you like.