Stages of puberty in males

Stages of puberty in men

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  • Stages of puberty
  • Young and Green, walks ordered
  • 40-45 - a young man again
  • 60 - is just the beginning

Age - an interesting thing, one man in 30 years look like a boy, the other - more like wise elders, and both externally and internally.And the culprit is the psychological age of the person.It is each person has his own.Some are trying to grow up soon, raising a family, taking responsibility, and other men, on the contrary, fall into childhood, playing computer games, are interested in cars, the girls in the consumer to live a full life without recognizing otvetstvennosti.S psychological age younger every yearand younger.If you pay a look into the past, at least in the post-war period, our great-grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers, faced with danger, very young boys picked up a gun and went to the front.Young lads took on the role of men in the house and do hard physical work, respect for the older generation reigned over all th

e stronger sex would be responsible, they were ready to start a family.

The transitional age in adolescents During the reign of Peter's military service began with 16 years of age, while young boys were taken into the army, where they are long and hard to serve, of course, some wind was in my head, they can make mistakes, but be responsible for all had their own.So, what are the reasons for the transition from the age of married men?And how to avoid them in the family circle?

Stages of puberty

As such, the time frame, when there is a crisis of puberty, it is impossible to identify.Division is conditional.Scientists in the field of psychology distinguish 3 stages of transition already by today's standards, is not based on people, nature and foundations of previous years.There are some age groups with an accuracy of 2-3 years, because as a character - this is very individual parameter:

  1. 30 years.
  2. 40-45 years.
  3. 55-60 years.
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Young and Green, walks ordered

first stage of transition "young-green" happens in about 30 years.

Middle age crisis causes it so that it is very well developed social networks, where young people look at their former classmates, friends and unfamiliar people.

Earlier, in the 20th century did not have the concept of "civil marriage" or "cohabitation".If the young couple for some reason began to live together without entering into wedlock, her neighbors and acquaintances were discussing, it was a disgrace to the family.Now everything is much easier, relations are not legitimized, hence responsibility is minimal.They do not get along, and fled in different directions.

Then you can try again to live in a civil marriage, but with a different person.Boys and young men this status is quite satisfied.He wants to marry, but realizes that he is unable to feed the family itself.Starting pressure from his girlfriend, who saw in the social network, that all her friends and acquaintances povyskakivali married, they got offspring and live happily ever after.From the constant pressure first begins puberty crisis.Teenage transitional age are not taken into account because it held all the young boys and girls.

crisis lies in the fact that the relationship of a young couple begin to disintegrate.Man aged 28 to 32 years old again, I want to take a walk and enjoy the carefree youth, when there was no liability.Start something new, radically change lives - it's scary, even the stronger sex.Young men are beginning to spend more time with their unmarried friends stare at girls, destroying their relationship.Then comes the second stage of the crisis, when they realize that they are standing on the threshold of a 30-year milestone, and nearly did not achieve anything in life.Some bump in drunkenness, others are afraid to go further and become losers, and others returned to the parental home.

Depression How to avoid awkward age crisis?If the young couple did not live together, but it's going to do it, then it is better to start to live separately from their parents.Any parent takes the side of your child, it does not matter right or wrong.In the dispute between the parents always support their child, to add fuel to the fire.There would scandals and accusations, a social unit falls apart at the stage of formation.

separate accommodation is not the problem is acute, because the housing market is quite extensive removal.If young people live at home, then they have to co-lead a life, to cook, wash, clean, plan parishes and finance costs in some places to limit yourself.Responsibility comes gradually, the crisis does not occur.

Separate living together gives another plus, the couple realizes that the need to create a family, to legalize their relationship, to have children.Understanding comes almost at the same time to the guy and the girl.Crisis transition does not occur.If the part of the fair sex, and there is some pressure on a man, then it is minimal and can not lead to an acute crisis.

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40-45 - a young man again

A middle aged man second stage of the crisis falls on men in the age 40-45 years.It begins with the fact that a man sees himself in the mirror and notice that fat on the sides grew, and there were wrinkles around the eyes.Instinctively, he wants to feel like a male, attractive macho.Therefore, some of the stronger sex in this age group have mistresses.The children have already grown up, and private spouse does not pay as much attention as before.

Mistress man starts not because his own wife out of love, but in order to prove to himself that he is young and attractive.Some, having played in lover, returned to the family.Others - there is an acute crisis.

Mistress is not so difficult to find, that's just the relationship with his wife is heating up, she notices that her husband has changed, grown cold.A mistress is likely - a single woman.She starts to put pressure on the man, so he went to her family.Man himself rarely takes any decision, it in 2 families well, but when there is a conflict, the strongest wins woman.If this is the mistress, the man will go to her, if the wife - will remain in the family.Psychologically, it is a very difficult situation.

If a woman notices that her husband happening strange changes that need to talk to him calmly, without shouting.If at the initial stage of the crisis situation to pick up, then go to avoid the crisis will simply visit the gym and a trip to the journey.Gymnasium will help both spouses to feel attractive and sexy, and travel stir feelings smoldering in my heart.

Sportpartner But if the man has not got a lover, then he begins to drink or commit other rash acts that lead to the destruction of the family.In this state, the stronger sex often do not realize what they are doing.What to do in this situation?Men need to take some new thing.Shift work, especially change of profession at this age - a risky move, many have unpaid loans, and the family should be kept.But a new hobby have, more than ever.Fishing or hunting, photography or old cars - it will distract from thinking about approaching old age.

If a wife to support her husband in the new endeavors, will share his interests, or would not disturb him in this, the puberty crisis can be avoided.

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60 - is just the beginning

3rd stage of puberty begins around 60 years.The body is no longer young, make themselves felt some diseases.People have to take medicine, to limit physical activity, as reflected in the mirror of all older and older every year.There is a depression.Man desperately needs attention, begins to invent imaginary diseases become moody and irritable.

The reception at the psychologist

Attention want at any age, because to feel that the family takes care and respect - this is a very good condition. But the wife at this age are likely to have concerns about their own grandchildren and the mother's husband is secondary or even third plan.Of course, man is annoying, it is even more beginning to attract the attention of his wife, again to no avail.It begins the transition crisis.

many men go into the bout to stop feeling sorry for yourself and forget this period.Women need to understand that grandchildren grandchildren of them have parents to care for, and my husband also needs attention.More walks together and help to avoid cases of depression and will continue to communicate the spouses.

Often the cause of the crisis is that the man missed a lot in life.He traded his youth on the family and work, so it seems.Representatives of the stronger sex are beginning to blame their wives and children, they have missed, but the other had everything.Now is the time to live for each other, when the children have grown up and the financial problem is no longer paramount.

What could miss a man in your life?For women, the most important thing - it is a family and children, for men - too, but at the time of the crisis of adolescence he begins to rethink everything and blame your other half.What can be done?Arrange a romantic night with candles, as a young man.For a husband and wife eternally young at heart, and the body - it's just a shell.Going to the cinema, theater or at a picnic will be very useful.You can collect old friends from his youth, and arrange chic holiday, remember the old years and joyful moments.

Lack of adrenaline in the blood may also trigger a crisis, of course, in 55-60 years, the body is no longer young, but you can ride on a boat or jet ski, choose from dangerous safest.General thrills unite spouses and help to avoid the crisis of adolescence.


Men at any age it is important to feel the attention and support of friends and relatives, then the crisis of the transition of male age will pass quickly.