How to survive the crisis in men in 45 years?

How to survive the crisis in men in 45 years?

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  • desire for a healthy lifestyle as a manifestation
  • crisis Reduced potency and the crisis of middle age
  • Other features
  • crisis How to get out of the crisisdry: tips

no man is safe from mid-life crisis, which bursts into life the stronger sex in the range from 40 to 45 years, and sometimes earlier.To confuse this difficult period is not possible with anything else.Causeless mood swings, depression, increased interest in his own appearance, disappointment in life, revaluation of values ​​in life, love affair on the side - this is not all features of this difficult stage.

Middle age crisis

Crisis forty-five years is equally susceptible to both ordinary citizens and successful businessmen and politicians.

desire for a healthy lifestyle as a manifestation of the crisis

What is the reason midlife crisis?The man manages to live a longer life of the solid phase, to reach a certain material prosperity, to build a family, to raise c

hildren, to make a career.The main goals in life, about which he had dreamed in his youth, most likely at this age have already been achieved.The children have grown up and no longer in need of parental care.The passion for his wife has run low.They began to appear the first health problems.What's next?What is the meaning of life remaining segment?These questions are asked by many men exchanged fifth ten years.It is impossible to say with certainty how long a person has a crisis of middle age, in some men, he travels in a year, while others may take several years.The total duration of the crisis depends on the relationships in the family, social status, nature of material prosperity men.

Healthy lifestyle Each individual representative of the stronger sex crisis manifests itself in different ways.Many heavy smokers and drinkers in the company, having lived a decent length of life, suddenly think about their health.They quit smoking and taking alcohol and begin to vigorously engage in sports.A healthy lifestyle is nothing wrong.But when a man who had never paid much attention to their physical condition, suddenly begins to mercilessly torturing his body classes at the gym, swimming, running and other sports, the body is not accustomed to such loads, often fails.Heart in 45 years is not the same that in his youth, but the men do not want to understand it, hoping for a few sessions to pump muscles and lose weight.Such persistence often brings a strong floor to the hospital bed.

Trying to regain lost health and lose weight, men are beginning to experiment with your diet.Nothing bad will happen if they abandon harmful products and introduce to your diet healthy food.However, having read fashion books on vegetarianism and raw food, the men abandon them necessary for the proper maintenance of the body's waste products and pay for it later with their health.Experiments with power in the fifth decade of dangerous.If the man decided to lose weight or maintain your health, it is required to consult with a nutritionist.

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Reduced potency and the crisis of middle age

Reduced potency and the crisis of middle age Many men over 40 years starting with the sexual power of the problems.This is a natural process associated with a reduction in the level of testosterone in the male body.For some people it becomes a real tragedy, and they turn in on themselves, fearing to appear in the eyes of the helpless wife.Others have reduced potency associated with getting used to his constant companion of life and begin to look for adventure on the side with young girls.Such love affairs come to an end for the stronger sex sexually transmitted diseases, physical exhaustion and psychological problems.Often his wife, tired of the cheating men, do not stand up and file for divorce.

make a decision on divorce can and a man, throwing with his family and taking in marriage to a woman much younger than his age.The aging ladies' man very vain, it's nice to think that they are still interested in girls.But in fact, young women marry men who are older than them, not so much by love as by calculation.After forty years of a person earns a good idea and can provide a comfortable life for his wife.Such men can only feel sorry, because such marriages usually end in disappointment for them, divorce, division of property and loneliness in old age.

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Other features

Consultation with psychologist crisis Change hair and style of dress of not only women.Men also do not mind experimenting with looks.Realizing that age, some representatives of the stronger sex can dramatically change the image and to look younger, fill your wardrobe with youth clothing.Nothing but the ridicule and misunderstanding surrounding such man behavior in 45 years will not cause.Follow them and from time to time to change the style of clothing is necessary, but it should be done with the understanding that the person is no longer 20 years old, and things for young boys, mature man will look ridiculous.

stronger sex takes itself too self-critical and compares their achievements with the achievements of other people.Even if a man is able to make a good career, get your own real estate and cars, it would still be enough to feel successful when his friends, relatives or fellow students could achieve more.By 45 years of frustration are such people reaches a critical level, they regret the missed opportunities, jealous of their more successful peers, become short-tempered.In adulthood, it is difficult to start life all over again, to get a new profession, to start a career.Understanding this brings a strong floor in deadlock.The smaller man was able to achieve in life, the more it will manifest crisis.


Relationships between spouses are often quite complex.Often the husband and wife live together only for the sake of children.When the children grow up and begin to build their lives (and this period many couples comes after 40 years), people who have lived together in a marriage for many years to realize that they no longer have common interests and nothing but domestic problems, does not connect.People think that their love is completely gone, and they may decide to separate.This decision is very often wrong and exacerbates the crisis of middle age.

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How to overcome the crisis dry: Tips

Support for loved ones Are there ways to move a man of forty-five years of the crisis without serious consequences?Psychologists claim that exist. help men to survive a difficult stage in life to help his entourage: wife and grown-up children. They have to take changes in the behavior of her husband and father philosophically, knowing that this period is inevitable in the life of each representative of the stronger sex.If in a family there is love and understanding, the man survives the crisis stage in a short time and without serious consequences for themselves and their households.

But even the most loving and devoted wife of a man does not help weather the crisis if he dropped his hands and fall into a depression.Men over 40 should realize that their life depends on them.

  1. Instead regret past mistakes and missed opportunities, the person needs to concentrate on the present day.The past does not change, so it is useless to think about.Instead, men need to think about what actions he needs to take today in order to improve their lives in the future.We need to appreciate what is, and not to look back on the achievements of the people around them, because it is not known what price they got everything that they have.
  2. 45 years - this is not the sunset of life.Ahead of a man waiting for another decade fruitful life.One can cite the example of many cases where men exchanged fifth ten years, we began to live in a new way.At this age, a person already has sufficient knowledge and experience, so it can safely be taken for the implementation of the conceived ideas and not to think about their years.
  3. Hormonal changes in men leads to a weakening of potency.No need to strive to increase their sexual power by changing partners.Instead, you need to pay more attention to his wife, because no one but her, will not understand and will not support a man better.Strong sex, be aware that even a fleeting affair on the side can put a cross on his family life.
  4. In order to quickly get out of the doldrums associated with the crisis, men need to devote much time to communicate with his wife and grown up children.It is important to remember that the family - is a reliable rear of any representative of the stronger sex.
  5. Moderate sport and a balanced diet should be the basis of life of every man, is in advanced age.Before physical activity, a person needs to be sure to consult with your doctor, because the excessive load of no use to him and not bring younger will not.


crisis 45 years - is not a disease, it is required to pass in a man's life comes a streak of light.Worthy of surviving a difficult stage, people will no longer look at things around him as before.


It will be wiser, responsible, self-confident and even more will begin to appreciate the people who were with him in this difficult period for him.