As there is and how many runs a midlife crisis in men ?

As there is and how many runs a midlife crisis in men?

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  • Why "covers" crisis of middle-aged men?
  • How do you know that has started or comes midlife crisis?
  • What consequences entails a midlife crisis?
  • What should be done to avoid the sad consequences of the crisis?
  • What you need to do a woman?

midlife crisis in men: how many runs as begins, what its causes and how to prevent it?These issues are not only of men but also of their wives, who were the first turn under the "blows" unbalanced behavior of the troubled men.Excessive aggression, disruption on children and wife on every significant occasion and without it, irritability, falling into a depression, and frequent thoughts aloud that nothing is achieved and the half life is lived in vain.If it appears the man as an obsession, it means that he was going to the crisis of middle age.

midlife crisis in men

Some relatives and friends refer to this symptom as a minor phenomenon, believe that a man with age something came up and sh

ould stop acting like a spoiled child, and take his head.Wives may not show care and compassion for their husbands, who are in such a state.The consequences of such insensitive behavior is not long in coming.My husband can be very inward, begin to abuse alcohol, which for him was not observed before or find sympathy and understanding of the other women, that happens very often.

Why the crisis of middle age "covers" of men?

crisis itself means that a person is at a turn of a certain checkpoint, passing it receives a new personal growth, developing its personality and your body.

The crisis comes dropping something old, unnecessary.Thing of the former are the principles that have now seem irrelevant - they did not bring benefits for tens of years, and some of them only hurt.Changing the behavior of most of the models - the new stand in place earlier, gone into oblivion.

Anxiety But the crisis discord crisis.Is no exception and the crisis of middle age.The reasons for its occurrence in men has its specific nature.The fact is that when the age of men rose past 30 years, a representative of the stronger sex starts to think more about the fact that half of life is over.At the same time he begins to count their achievements, which remains dissatisfied - not a good look, is not the best job, an apartment, a family ...

It literally everything starts to bother.He tries to justify its modest achievements, blame it on external forces.This approach allows us to delay the coming collapse of the individual, but there comes a time when the validity of the conclusions of a sad man covers the whole.At some point, the man starts to really weigh what hit half of his career, and discovers that his achievements by his own standards, very modest.This causes him sadness and grief.All the failures that occurred in the past, no longer seem such trifles.When they learned the man he thought he had a lot ahead of time and be able to fix everything.But from the height of past years, he sees that it was not possible to correct many failures and mistakes.Even more oppressive realization that much time has been wasted.

Further, a man is a reassessment of values.The previous goals if they were, seem insignificant.Their achievement is not punishable as it was before.It becomes clear what to do and where to go, and all the achievements of both the material and spiritual terms amenable to questioning.Accompanied by all of this the fact that the society had enough of an adult male is expected to increase achievement.

The emergence of excess weight At work you need to do something more and better than do his younger colleagues, at home, in a store or in the parking lot is expected appropriate behavior.He had a lot to know and be able to - so consider the surrounding.

At the same time start the physical changes associated with aging, reinforcing the sorrow and sadness.Already hard run in the mornings, there were wrinkles on the face, the extra weight does not add optimism.But what is more painful is the fact that the activity falls in sexual terms.All of this puts pressure on the psyche of man, causing his bad mood and sometimes inappropriate behavior.A whole bundle of reasons, which can not be solved by any one action, advice or action.

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How do you know that has started or comes midlife crisis?

Externally caused the collapse looks as if the shell is well-known man inhabits a very different creature.It is not possible to compare his behavior with something similar to the crisis.All his nervous breakdowns, anxiety, tantrums, which were previously were local sporadic and very quickly.During the crisis, all of these symptoms at the same time and last for a long time.For a month, two, three, nothing changes, expected close.Such a condition can last several years.

How does the state of crisis in men, whose average age?Immediately you will notice that its behavior varies greatly.He begins to commit such acts, which have not been characteristic of him.In most cases, the behavior of men during the crisis is changed to the opposite to that which came before it.Laughter and people with an active lifestyle suddenly becomes sullen, taciturn and introverted, quiet and demure abruptly begins to position itself shirt-guy and soul of the company.

The appearance of wrinkles on the face Work ceases to please him, and he visits her, as though serving time.This happens due to the fact that in my dreams twenty years ago a man was something outstanding, those who have received the recognition of the public.But he never expected that 20 years later would be the senior manager of sales of building materials, or head of the department of statistics of something somewhere in a provincial town.Time passed, and the man begins to feel that he was distracted from his true destiny, but because his thoughts with a high probability may lead to dismissal from employment.

begin depression, always accompanied by a man going through a difficult period.He becomes angry over trifles, or for no reason, then breaks out with or without him.Some men in the age characterized by excessive tearfulness, laziness or behave apathetically.The mood can change dramatically reversed.So he moped and did not want to, it suddenly becomes cheerful and cheerful person who seeks only forward to some purpose.No sooner had the surrounding delighted as he is depressed again and is in a depression.

In addition to this, a man noted a logical deterioration of health.He was more concerned about the aches and pains associated with both the physiology and mental.Along the way, a man concerned about the various fears, such as fear of dying, to grow old, and it can dramatically be adept national self, a follower of vegetarianism, etc.As one of the symptoms, a man can experience total dissatisfaction.

He was absolutely nothing like it - how it looks preparing and tells his wife, before leading the whole world.Trying to straighten his brain power way, yell or pouring on his head soup which he so poignantly criticized, it would be wrong.We need to realize that the man is experiencing a serious problem and requires assistance.Better yet, if the man himself is aware of this.


Midlife crisis can last indefinitely, resulting in the most unexpected consequences.

No one can guarantee that it will last only a year and a half, two.Each in different ways, and it depends on many factors.

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What consequences entails a midlife crisis?

Divorce often happens that, faced with the crisis, the man is much better.He is committed to adequately evaluate their mistakes and transformed into another person who starts a new business and successfully bring them to their logical conclusion.Some men in times of crisis come to the conclusion that they had previously made properly, they are on the right track.This gives them more strength to achieve the previously stated objectives.In life, not only men, but women need periods, during which they will hold a re-evaluation of his life's journey traveled, its achievements and principles.It is necessary to carry out a kind of adjustment, check with the vital card - whether the person is there and whether the moves correctly.That is, such a reassessment should be necessary with the correct conclusions, to lead to a positive outcome.

This is the right approach with a happy ending.But men start very often lead the most wrong way.It attempts to give himself too youthful appearance when they dress for his age.They can order a tattoo or piercing done.Since it does not come from the spiritual needs, and to ensure that in such a way to be a little younger, it looks very funny looks for that age.Next, what to expect, this place lovers in an attempt to prove that on the love front, it is still very personal.Same as it simultaneously with quenching to his wife, and leads to divorce.The children in this period, as there is a rupture of relations due to elevated him to despotism.

Finally, in an attempt to escape from depression man finds solace in alcohol and drugs.After that, go back to normal, back to fit into society is impossible.He thrust out to the margins of society, and it turns into a typical underground, finding fellowship only among the same as he, alcoholics or drug addicts.The result - a much shorter life, the remains of which are in low quality.


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What should be done to avoid the sad consequences of the crisis?

How to prevent the effects of midlife crisis man pulled out from the familiar life, ruined his family, his career, threw him to the margins of society?Very good, if a man is he understands what is happening and if it is aware of his loved ones with him.Especially the wife.After all, her future husband in the matter of resuscitation play a key role.Forces will require a lot, but it's worth it, because the story has a happy ending will reveal quite a different man, a strong, decisive and mentally stable.

lines of behavior in such situations there may be many.The first thing to do is in any case not to focus on what is happening.No need to remind his wife that he had a difficult period right now, it is from this better not be - only worse.Men need to get rid of self-flagellation, not to indulge in once again sad thoughts.It would be nice if it revives some forgotten hobbies, such as modeling of plastic planes and tanks, collecting stamps or coins.Regular exercise should be added to your daily routine.Sports halls, platforms will not only help get rid of depression. every day improves the health, interior and physical shape will encourage it, allowing very quickly get out of the crisis. But from alcohol and cigarettes during this period should be abandoned.


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What you need to do a woman?

Besides the fact that her husband should be treated sensitively, avoided any quarrel with or without him, the woman should call him to his intense interest.We need to revive all those tender feelings between you once were, and to show his wife that he had made his choice knowingly.Make it easy.During the years of living together not only the spouse acquires wrinkles, excess weight and bad habits.All this fully applies to women.Therefore it is necessary to regain a good figure, again begin to dress attractively and get rid of bad habits.And then this difficult time will pass quickly.