Are there monthly in men ?

Are there monthly in men?

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  • Physiological substantiation issue
  • psychological explanation of the concept

Monthly men: this phrase seems to be an invention of a sick imagination.But still some grain of truth in it.And though the expression should not be taken literally, but something about it is necessary to know everyone.

The doctor

Maybe men menstruation actually exists?Or is it just a myth that was invented by women to establish equality and harmony between the sexes?Understand this will help some of the explanations and arguments.

Physiological substantiation issue

It makes no sense to go into a long discourse, because without them it is clear that the monthly and men do not and can not be! They are not capable of this at least from a physiological point of view, because of the stronger sex is no uterus, which bed to bleeding during menstruation.Also, men do not have follicles, which burst due to release unused for pregnancy egg.In short, the anatomy of the male re

productive system of the body and does not have to ensure that began menstruation occurs.

Sportpartner Men have no menstrual cycle, which is what he concludes bleeding in women for several days.A woman's body lives and acts according to the cycle, it completely depends on it.In men, the more or less stable and permanently (in comparison with women).

Then where did this myth of male menstruation?Who and what is invented?Such a phrase as "male monthly" all you can somehow explain.And this explanation will not be made on the physiological explanation, and psychological and emotional arguments.I must say, it's quite entertaining.Here is what the men of blood.

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psychological explanation of the concept

Monthly in male (do not take this phrase literally) nothing to do with the release of the blood (it would have been even more strange, if not to say shocking).To be precise, it is, rather, not monthly, under them meant premenstrual syndrome (PMS).Yes, the stronger sex, too, suffer from this!And the climax they also happen!Only a psychological nature.But first things first.

About once a month (or slightly less) every man notices that he becomes more irritable, nervous.

Familiar things and care is given to him much heavier feel poor.There may be weakness, fatigue, fatigue.Sometimes all this is combined with aggressive behavior, when all enrages literally.


headache, muscle tension, and even mild colds - all of which can occur in men between the psychological month.Usually, it takes about 2-3 days, but can sometimes continue a little longer.

also a man during a "mental monthly" there may be a change in sexual behavior.So, he does not want intimacy with his partner, sexual desire is temporarily weakened.And someone starts to sound the alarm at this point, but this time, you just need to wait.

In the men's psychological month is not anything dangerous.This is normal because every living organism, each biological creation characterized by a certain periodicity.And though women are exposed to much more cyclical, but this is not the stronger sex deprived.

Norma male monthly - about 2-3 days once a month and a half.But if this state lasts longer or is repeated too often, it is quite a strong argument to be guarded.After such a "warning bell" may indicate the presence of any hormonal disruptions in the body man.For example, a person may have an increased content of estrogen (female sex hormone), combined with reduced testosterone (male sex hormone).For this you need to follow, because with age in the body of every man accumulates estrogen.


Thus, the monthly men still are without some rational sense.Just do not understand this expression too literally.But know this, too, is necessary.This will help to better understand your body, and health will keep for years to come, as a solid store of knowledge about the body and its structure is much easier and easier to take care of their health.