The use of human chorionic gonadotropin for men : reviews of preparation

chorionic gonadotropin Application for men: on the drug reviews

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  • Which drug to choose for the initiation of therapy?
  • When a disease in men used gonadotropin?
  • Interest athletes to gonadotropin
  • Restore libido and spermatogenesis using gonadotropin
  • main stages of action of gonadotropin in the human body
  • Side effects associated with the administration of human chorionic gonadotropin

Healthy body of men capable of healing itself and to deliver themselves from a variety of problems.His regeneration and eternal youth male body depend on the valuable work of germ cells in the testes and produce testosterone.Regain health, get rid of the pain, you can get a lot of energy, using human chorionic gonadotropin for men.Reviews of people who have experienced the effects of his help to gain a positive attitude before starting treatment.

Maintaining healthy men- pledge of his overall health

Which drug to choose for the initiation of therapy?

chorionic gonadotropin - a special hormone placenta.It includes both the

properties of luteinizing hormone synthesized in the pituitary.The active ingredient of the drug is horeogonadotropin.It is part of the drugs sold under different names in the UK, France, Germany:

  1. "Gonakor".
  2. "Pregnil".
  3. "Ekostimulin".

Chorionic Gonadotropin , which helps maintain the health of men All the above drugs can:

  • increase the production of sex steroids;
  • regulate spermatogenesis;
  • develop secondary sexual characteristics.

The drug is used in men with modified gonadal function with the development of disturbances in the hypothalamic-pituitary system.Boys chorionic gonadotropin is prescribed for late puberty, cryptorchidism and testicular hypoplasia.Men medicament is used in violation of the formation of sperm in the reproductive cells.

Active ingredient, chorionic gonadotropin, produced in the form of solutions or dry powder in vials or ampoules.Therapeutic dose set by biological, learning disorders in a patient male semen analyzes.

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When a disease in men used gonadotropin?

Reception at the doctor for suspected pathology of genitals doctor prescribes a drug in the pathology of reproductive organs found in the male body during the examination.The use of gonadotropin for treatment brings quick and good results.Chorionic Gonadotropin prescribe a course of therapy and, if necessary, supplement it with other drugs, has a bracing effect, vitamins, stimulants potency.

Men often complain of the lack of male pattern hair distribution on the face and body.Testosterone they have low levels several times lower than normal.Drugs prescribed specialist corrects testosterone production by influencing the sex cells.

Gonadotropin after treatment in men causes headaches, lasting up to 30-60 minutes and occur repeatedly throughout the day.

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Interest athletes to gonadotropin

Athletes use gonadotropin for participation in many kinds of sports.Some of them did not notice the normalizing effect of gonadotropin in the state of his body, but at the same time pay more attention to building muscle.

Many athletes during the dosing regimen is adjusted training and nutrition.The end result is they have going on moderate growth of muscles throughout the body.Athletes take gonadotropin to recover form the testes and their original dimensions.

Injectables Gonadotropin not reflected negatively on men's health and have a positive effect on the development of secondary sexual characteristics.In men, there is a high amount of testosterone produced as a result of the use of gonadotropin and anabolic maximum concentration in blood.

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Restore libido and spermatogenesis using gonadotropin

Many men as a result of intense exercise, combined with the simultaneous intake of anabolic steroids, there is a decrease in sexual desire.Experienced athletes are familiar with this problem and in advance shall take appropriate measures to address any psychological difficulties.Gonadotropin they use regularly at equal intervals.As a result, the course of treatment is completely restored spermatogenesis and libido.

Restore libido and spermatogenesis using gonadotropin Male body needs a well-defined receiving medication, coinciding with the end of the reception of steroid hormones.Gonadotropin in a short period of time increases the amount of testosterone, but is not able to completely inhibit the loss of muscle mass and strength at the end of steroid treatment.As a result of this process athletes experiencing mental instability.To remove the painful symptoms they use gonadotropin appointed by the doctor during the complete discontinuation of hormones.

Male body after consumption of gonadotropin fully restores the amount of testosterone in the testicles. However, he did not have a significant influence on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, testosterone and reduces the production of luteinizing hormone.

After treatment gonadotropin athletes must pass the recovery period.They can adjust the disruption of spermatogenesis associated with long-term steroid therapy.Men involved in bodybuilding, noted a positive effect on gonadotropin muscle hardness, the amount of subcutaneous fat.

In some men, the amount of subcutaneous fat layer does not decrease after use of the drug does not change the appetite or body fat distribution.

important quality gonadotropin is a drug that has a biphasic effect.

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main stages of action on the human gonadotropin

Увеличение количества тестостерона в организме мужчины при помощи препарата "Гонадотропин хорионический" After taking the drug in any dosage observed two-phase increase in the amount of testosterone in the male body.recovery rate depends on the medication dosage used.The main purpose of the introduction of the gonadotropin after taking steroids - to maintain a level of muscle mass.

Men gonadotropin when used in doses prescribed by a doctor, does not cause the appearance, depending on the drug.In some patients the antibodies produced in the organism, affecting the efficiency of the drug.The course of treatment is established by the attending physician and is strictly individual for each patient.Positive results are shown for a long time, due to the fact that gonadotrophin promotes rapid cell division and sexual influences their number.

In some cases, men who used the drug for a long time, testicles suspend its function by decreasing the production of luteinizing hormone.As a result, the treatment occurs hypogonadal.

Athletes, long used the hormone, the body stops the production of gonadotropins for a long time.In some cases, men in the testes completely destroyed gonadotropic receptors and testicles become immune to the hormone.

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Side effects associated with the administration of human chorionic gonadotropin

Повышенное половое влечение как побочное явление после приема препарата "Гонадотропин хорионический" use of the drug causes side effects similar to those after administration of testosterone.The level of estrogen in the male body is increased depending on the amount of testosterone and causes the growth of the mammary glands in the stronger sex.The most frequent adverse events after administration of the drug may occur at any stage of its use, and appear as:

  • increased libido;
  • presence of acne;
  • delay of mineral salts and water in the body.

Violation of the water and mineral balance leads to edematous muscles of the body.In men with high testosterone levels, after the additional introduction of gonadotropin disrupted water balance and develops unhealthy fullness.

testosterone in their body is converted into the female sex hormone, estrogen.The young men after administration of the drug stops the growth of bones, lowers blood pressure, disturbed tone of voice.In some men, nausea, vomiting, a feeling of faintness, unmotivated fullness after treatment.

aging men in menopause suffer from a drop in testosterone levels by 30%.They need to be corrected in the blood hormone level and go to the doctor for medical treatment gonadotropin.


Patients who are prone to baldness, the therapeutic effect of the hormone prevents baldness.The drug is used with caution, under strict medical supervision.Self-medication can seriously harm the body man.As a result of improper treatment he develops cosmetic defects:

  • acne;
  • acne;
  • grease tube.

the appointment of chronic gonadotropin patient should be instructed to generate a cancer process, which occurs in rare cases after treatment.

chronic Gonadotropin is able to rejuvenate the male body, improve the condition of all organs and systems, to improve the quality of life.

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