Why there is swelling and complications of circumcision?

Why there is swelling and complications of circumcision?

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  • In some cases appointed circumcision?
  • complications after circumcision and causes edema
  • Preventive measures after a circumcision
  • General rules for patients

Male circumcision or circumcision - it is a small surgical procedure, which is carried on a sexualmember.During the operation the foreskin is removed, ie the head of the penis after the intervention is still completely open.The operation can be carried out by various methods, the indications for its conduct and specific.It is important before and after circumcision immediately provide for the possible complications and problems, to take preventive measures against infection and swelling.These measures are complex and take a lot of time not, but allow us to make quick and easy recovery.

The operation circumcision in men

In some cases appointed circumcision?

Today, circumcision can be done by different methods.Usually, a doctor determines, but the value may be the patient's wi

shes and, if the operation is performed for aesthetic purposes.It is necessary to take into account the fact that such interference is not completely safe, because there are a number of contraindications.Among the negative effects should be noted infectious contamination, mechanical damage to the urethra, the expansion of overweight scar tissue, the urethra swelling, inflammation.Complications are not common, but their presence should not be forgotten.

At its core is a plastic cutting operation, during which removes a small portion of skin graft penis.But from what part of the skin will be removed, at what point will be interference, it depends on the method of circumcision.- Excision of a small area of ​​the foreskin Surveying men before the operation of the circumcision for the purpose of surgery techniques

  1. Minimum method: The following methods are used today by specialists.It is used when the penis there is an excess of skin, prevents men.Assigned to surgery in the event that begins to form a ring-shaped scar of excess skin folds.
  2. partial circumcision is assigned to the case when there are medical indications.This is usually done after a medical examination, which determines the need for intervention.After the operation is part of the foreskin that covers the head is only partially.Opening the head becomes easy.This type of operation is assigned as a child, when the foreskin prevents the opening of the head, very difficult personal hygiene.
  3. Free circumcision makes the head fully open, the surgeon during the intervention skinfold is formed only in the region near the coronal sulcus.Prescribed by a doctor, it is a type of plastic surgery.
  4. Moderate type of circumcision is the most common.As a result of the intervention of the head of the penis turns open, but there is a fold in coronary sulcus.It is small, her character is not pronounced.
  5. Tight type of circumcision is that the foreskin is removed completely, while there will be no even minimal creases.Appointed such interference is usually only by a physician.There are many varieties of such an operation, it is now quite common in Asia.
  6. High circumcision means that during the operation saved all of the inside of the skin fold, but the location of the circular seam varies relative to the root of the penis.This allows us to give the genitals uniform skin color around the trunk.
  7. Low circumcision means that completely removes the entire inside of the skin fold, and circular seam will be located near the coronal sulcus.
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complications after circumcision and causes edema

Complications from circumcision and the occurrence of edema After circumcision complications can be different.In general, they appear only when the operation was carried out in inappropriate conditions, if preventive measures are not observed.This inflammation, swelling, the increment of the foreskin.Paraphimosis - infringement of the head, after which edema develops.This would happen, for the reason that the partial or moderate circumcision was carried out incorrectly, formed during the healing of scar tissue.It was this scar and cause impairment, the flesh changes color, there is swelling, pain.

swelling after circumcision and other minor complications usually disappear within a week.Thereafter, they are not left any trace.It is accompanied by a complication of inflammatory diseases, pain, itching, unpleasant odor.

Appears swelling due to the fact that the wound in the postoperative period was treated bad, hygiene is not observed, bandages were not made on time.Appear edema is rare, but if they persist for a long time, you should see a doctor.They can occur for various reasons.If left untreated, may develop into a serious problem.Proper conduct of prevention prevents this complication, but the operation itself should be carried out only in specialized clinics, where all the action will be executed correctly.

if improperly performed, circumcision can be observed increment of the foreskin, or rather that portion that was left after the surgery.It forms a ring of the skin fold, which does not open the head, makes it difficult not only to complete healing, and personal hygiene.The doctor usually in such a case, re-appoints excision of the cutaneous ring.This complication occurs rarely, but the wound is necessary to make sure that there was not such a problem.

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Preventive measures after a circumcision

Prevention in this case is simple.It includes such measures as: Receive pain medicine after surgery for circumcision to prevent complications

  1. can also receive pain medication, if necessary.
  2. Within 2 days it is best to relax, not to engage in active sports, try to walk less.
  3. all doctor's recommendations for treatment of post-operative space should be observed thoroughly.
  4. wound is treated with antiseptic ointment: it must be applied carefully with a thin layer.
  5. sex up until the penis has healed, should be avoided.Not allowed the use of condoms and other means, as the wound will not heal.
  6. If an erection during recovery was painful, the penis is recommended apply ice to relieve pain.

after circumcision in children need to pay more attention to the wound.After all, the child can not take care of himself properly for the body to handle the wound.

may need to take pain medication, but they can only appoint a doctor, as it is not always safe for the child.

After the operation was carried out the circumcision of the child, should carry out such preventive measures: Saving the dressing a child in the first days after the circumcision

  1. The first day the bandage is not removed.
  2. On the second day is necessary during the change of gauze bandage to perform the procedure for receiving a warm bath, the water is added a weak solution of potassium permanganate.After this patch is applied once again.
  3. During the dressing change should be used tetracycline, gentamicin or erythromycin ointment.Apply a thin layer of it, much can not rub it on the skin of post-operative wounds.
  4. If a child goes for a walk, it is necessary to protect the wound further special sterile cloth.
  5. If the child resides at home, the bandage is not required.


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General rules for

patients to avoid complications after circumcision, you must follow some preventive measures.During the first week after the intervention may experience these symptoms:

  • in place of the intervention can be observed pain;
  • likely a small penis swelling of the glans;
  • too strong sensitivity.

Child Screening and identification of complete wound healing after circumcision All of these phenomena are normal, they disappear in a few days.To heal the injured part of the past quickly and easily, all the doctor's recommendations must be followed precisely.The bandage on the penis must be clean, it must be changed in time.Rana necessarily be contained in a pure state.If you do not follow these simple steps, it is possible spread of infection.

To the doctor should immediately turn to when there are such phenomena:

  1. wound inflamed, the area around it was swollen, the skin changed color, there was a strong pain.
  2. from the penis appear allocation, having uncharacteristic odor and color.This is a sign that the beginning of the inflammatory process.
  3. the penis appear bluish spots.
  4. body temperature rises, overall health deteriorates.

If you comply with all the conditions of care for post-operative wound, then such events will not occur.Healing will take place as soon as possible, he will be noticeable scar, very thin.


After circumcision complications occur less frequently, but you can not forget them.If the operation is not in a professional clinic, preventive measures are not observed, there may appear swelling, inflammation, and infectious lesions.Can be affected urethra, penis shaft.It negatively affects the general state of health, the quality and the possibility of sexual activity.