Analogs Viagra

It happens that a perfectly healthy and emotionally stable men suddenly appear problems with potency.What to do in such a situation?Of course, you need to apply to the use of drugs that can quickly and reliably restore man to its former strength in the intimate sphere, and thus greatly improve the quality of life.

All we have long heard about Viagra - a drug having such ability to give to the man and his partner vivid sensations every time intimacy.But the fact that a high effectiveness of Viagra is valued highly enough, so buy this drug has the ability to not every man.But in this case, do not be upset, because smart people invented Viagra analogues, albeit not as famous, but much cheaper.These products are available for purchase at any pharmacy and to choose the suitable tablet for you, you need to consider their characteristics in detail.And so, on the analogs of Viagra - read on.

To save on the price of the original Viagra, but in any way on its quality, you can choose the quality of its substitute

- generic Viagra.This product is certified and tested in the laboratory, so do not believe the silly rumors that it is just a poor-quality fake, it is not reminiscent of the original.The only difference is that Viagra originally began producing in Europe and, therefore, its price can not be called economical.In truth, all the pharmacological properties of Viagra and generic - are absolutely identical, they help man to renew an erection, but not involved in the appearance of the excitation.The main effective ingredient in drugs and the same is used in the industry for over 15 years - we are talking about sildenafil citrate.The only thing that can actually be different - this is because the presence of additional ingredients.And yet - this is a country of origin.In order to reduce the price, the manufacturers are often based not on factories in European countries, and a little further - for example, in the Asian region, often all - in India.And the most important difference, and the most pleasant for the buyer - it is a relatively low price.If you are interested in analogues Viagra from India, which may not be so common in our country, the most important of them - it preparations Penegry, Silagra, Sildigry, Edegry, Kamagra and Kaverty.Domestic analogues are represented by the following tablets - Zidena, Erektil, Levitra and Sealeks.Since the latter products are most popular, then read further about them.

Levitra - is a medicinal product which is directly used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and helps her in the content of vardenafil, the active ingredient in order to maintain normal physiological mechanism of penile erection.Vardenafil operates as follows, namely: relaxes vascular smooth muscle of the penis, thereby increasing blood flow to the deep tissues of the penis.But we must remember that the effect of the use of Levitra can only have occurred sexual stimulation.Importantly, Levitra in no way affect the other organs of the human system.

way, take this drug should be not less than one hour, preferably for half an hour before anticipated sexual activity.If we talk about the validity of the drug, it is on average 4 to 6 hours, after which the drug substance derived intestines and kidneys.

Before using Levitra it is necessary to consult a physician, as its components affect the kidneys men, especially at an older age.

So, if there are problems with erectile function, that is, the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for full sexual intercourse, then you need to be decided on a change and to use a drug called Levitra.

Naturally, these pills are used inside, and completely regardless of whether, when and how to make food.It is recommended to hold the tablet under the tongue until completely dissolved.Many men are interested in the question of what proportion and dosages should be followed when using this drug.On average, it is recommended to use not more than one tablet of Levitra.

Possible side effects.Levitra in most cases very well tolerated by all patients.

But in very rare cases, following several negative effects have been seen:

particularly dangerous to take this drug in patients with diseased cardiovascular system.In no case be self-medicate without consulting a doctor!After all, it is fraught with possible heart failure.

This drug should not be taken for a long time, as has already been observed violations of men.If you develop adverse reactions in the body that begin to bother, you need to stop drinking pill Levitra and immediately consult a doctor.

Looking at the specifics of the drug, not difficult to guess that there are a number of contraindications to its use.

Naturally, we can not take Levitra if there is idiosyncrasy of primary care substance vardenafil tablets or additional components.

Tablets never administered to patients with phenylketonuria and women.In medical practice, the main contraindication to their use there is a ban on sexual activity, in the case of myocardial infarction or stroke, and men with gipotonikam stenokardicheskie problems.

If there was a drug overdose (it happens that men overestimate their capabilities), then, as a rule, do not develop undesirable effects.Available data specific tablets in blisters containing one or four tablets.For the best conservation are coated and packaged in cardboard.Best of all the active drug substance is maintained at a temperature of 20 degrees in three years.

Sealeks, another popular and high quality analogue of Viagra helps men in achieving active in the intimate sphere!First of all, it helps to first around the recovery of all body systems, as well as the normalization of the functioning of the urogenital system.The miraculous properties of components Sealeks Retrieves and significantly increase sexual stamina.

Sealeks available in capsules at a dose of 0.5 grams for men who are faced with the problem of potency due to the deterioration of psychological, physical or emotional stress.

Unlike previous analogue of Levitra, Sealeks fine that can rightly be considered a homeopathic remedy, because the main drug - it is not a medical drug, and evrikoma longifolia.

This extract supports the nerve plexus of the penis, so it is very effective in reducing the potency.It is known that the potency of quality is caused by a range of factors, such as nerve conduction disturbances, fatigue, exhaustion, as well as acute respiratory and infectious diseases.Secret evrikomy extract is that it not only contributes to increased production of testosterone, but also frees it.The result is a significant increase in free testosterone, which is responsible for the existence of a healthy libido.

results from taking Sealeks:

In addition, the drug has other useful and effective plant extracts.

Speaking of palm extract, it is composed of steroid substances that actively tone male sexual function, while removing the prostate gland swelling and inflammation by stimulating the hormonal system, and the reproductive glands, increasing semen production.But the main merit of this extract is that it increases sexual arousal and has anti-inflammatory effect when there is an intimate system infections.

In addition, you can try to use purely vegetable substances, which are unlikely to cause serious harm when properly dosed receiving health.

Firstly, you can drink a delicious and healthful course of ginseng root, so rich in such active substances, which greatly increase the tone of the nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems.Ginseng root as a good stimulator helps to increase physical activity in the intimate sphere.

also a good tool is the use of a familiar childhood licorice root, which is known for providing antispasmodic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.In addition, licorice stimulates the functioning of the adrenal cortex, which primarily regulates the sexual activity of men.

As you can see, the range of assistance to the man in an intimate relationship with a woman has a wide enough.And it is not always necessary to allocate a lot of money in order to fully feel their strength and be on top of its features.With the help of high-quality and inexpensive generic versions of Viagra, as described above, you can change a life for the better right tomorrow.