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Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases in men

Thyroid hormones are essential for the stronger sex.Despite the fact that women are more prone to diseases of the thyroid gland, men may also face such unpleasant diseases and related symptoms.

In its anatomy thyroid gland in men is very different from the female prostate.Any growths on it is much more visible, which greatly facilitates the diagnosis of many pathologies.On the neck of the fair sex more than fat tissue, which hides the iron, but its dimensions in both sexes may differ.The causes of this disease may be hereditary diseases, radiation, unhealthy diet, bad habits and stress.

most commonly occur in males following thyroid disease.This may be hyperthyroidism, that is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland produces too many hormones.The main symptoms of the disease in men is a sharp weight loss, irregular heartbeat, or tremor.Also, hyperthyroidism often accompanied by frequent urination.The disease can still cause the formation of goiter - a swelling of the thyroid, which can lead to

a kind of the tumor on the neck.The consequence of hyperthyroidism in men can become erectile dysfunction.

with hyperthyroidism in most cases linked to Graves' disease, but in this case the immune system stimulates the thyroid gland.Typical symptoms of the disease among the stronger sex - is sweating, intolerance to heat, shortness of breath and weakness.

The most common disease of the thyroid gland is considered hypothyroidism.In this case, there is a lack of hormones produced by the thyroid gland and decreased function.The main symptoms of the disease in the stronger sex - constipation, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and feeling cold.Furthermore, even with proper nutrition Hypothyroidism causes an increase in body weight.The fact that hormones influence the vascular smooth musculature, and their deficiency can lead to disruption of the blood pressure.

Even men often such diseases as Hashimoto's thyroiditis.As with Graves' disease, the main cause of it - the human immune system.Because of antibody reduces the amount of hormones produced by the thyroid gland.As a rule, Hashimoto's thyroiditis (chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis) is inherited, and its main symptoms are: intolerance to cold, swelling of the thyroid or goiter formation and swallowing problems.Men more often observed graying at an early age and problems with conception.

small tumors and thyroid nodes can cause thyroid cancer.Thyroid nodes are fairly common and usually harmless.However, some sites may be hazardous to health because provoke the development of thyroid cancer.It should be noted that in the early stages it is usually asymptomatic.

nodes may be formed in different parts of the thyroid, thus without any symptoms.Nowadays, unfortunately, very few people come to the doctor for an examination was the thyroid, most nodules are found by chance during the examination of any other diseases.There are the following main methods of diagnosis of thyroid nodules.First of all, it is palpation.Endocrinologist via palpation may reveal the presence of nodes to determine their number and size.Still need to check the status of the lymph nodes.

most common and most accurate study of the thyroid gland is ultrasound.It can help you to determine the presence, location, size and characteristics of the structure of nodal education.

In some cases a blood test for hormones.When a thyroid node is absolutely necessary to analyze the level of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).If the level is below normal, then, it is likely to be still assigned radioisotope study (scintigraphy) of the thyroid gland.

If there are signs of the presence of malignant cells, endocrinologist appoints fine needle puncture biopsy.Based on this study, it is already possible to determine the nature of the nodule, that is, whether it is a colloid node cancer or adenoma.

Endocrinologists recommend that each year undergo diagnosis (thyroid ultrasound, thyroid-stimulating hormone), since 25 years.Especially prevention is needed for people who are at risk.First of all, these are the men in the family who had thyroid disorders, particularly oncological nature, people are exposed to radiation of the head and neck, as well as living in areas of high radiation.

If the doctor has revealed nodal education, he is conducting a survey to determine the nature of education.If the result revealed that the node is a conventional colloidal, in this case, no special treatment is required.Also not recommended to delete this node, since no risk it poses to health.We need only observe iodized diet and regularly inspected by an endocrinologist, who will record any changes in the structure and size of nodule.If the node reached a diameter of 3 cm or more detection cell biopsy indicating oncology, surgical intervention is required.This may completely remove the entire gland or some of its sections.In the first case, the patient is assigned to a lifelong replacement therapy with thyroid hormones.

need to eat foods rich in iodine for health prevention: fish, shellfish, persimmon, iodized salt, and even drugs prescribed by the doctor.Also, be sure to once a year you need to visit the doctor-endocrinologist and be screened for prophylactic purposes.And, of course, in case of detection of the disease should immediately take steps to cure it.

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