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Up to what age men grow

There are quite blurry age limits that determine the growth of the human body: for men is between 20 to 25 years.However, the exact answer to this question can not be, because it all depends on the individual.We can not say that throughout the period of development of the human body increases similar pace.It may be noted as the period of rapid growth and calm.For example, the first jump is observed even during the fetal development of the embryo: in the first nine months, he goes from 2 cell to the whole organism.Also higher growth and marked the first year of baby's life: average weight increased from 5 to 10 kg (without the development of anomalies), and the child grows up to 15-20 cm

After that comes the period of calm, which is replaced by a hormonal explosion..Usually, it is accompanied by "stretching" of the body length.In girls, this period is earlier than boys, this difference is especially noticeable in the age of 13-15 years.In the literature, this period is called "adolescence".

next stage of growth and development called "youth" and, as you already understood, immediately follows the adolescence.Girls more quickly pass all stages of growth, and this process is completed in about 20-22 years, but the boys have this period extended to 25-27 years (and sometimes growth increase may be observed up to 30 years).The fact that in this period completed the formation and strengthening of the internal organs and systems, and the body can throw all efforts to "stretch" of the body.At the expiration of this period, the human body is no longer grows in length (except ears and nose).

First of all, the growth of the stronger sex depends on heredity.If the parents were middle or low growth, it is likely you will not hurt the onion dome ceiling.

Having an idea about the periods when there is increased development of the organism, it is possible to make some efforts to increase its growth.The first is measures to the spine stretching.However, in any case, do not force yourself and be engaged through the pain, or to invent their own sets of exercises, you need to seek professional help.In addition, you must also eat properly.From the daily food is difficult to obtain the necessary amount of minerals (especially calcium), so you should pick up a vitamin complex and more carefully to understand the diet.

first signs of sexual maturation of boys: the appearance of pubic hair, armpits and chin.Also it starts to grow coarse voice, increases the penis, but it becomes more masculine body shape.Of course, in this period, all the guys are asking to what age will increase his sexual dignity?Of course, it all depends on the individual.Doctors say that the penis will grow as long as the body is formed by men, it can last up to 17 years, and up to 30 years.Based on the anatomy, the manhood changes its state (ie increases, it becomes less) throughout the day.The size of the penis at rest depends on the corpora cavernosa penis decreases during times of stress.Cavernous body - a spongy substance, which permeated many small blood vessels and cavities.They are sensitive to the action of substances in the blood, but also on the ambient temperature.When it is lowered penile vessels constrict, thereby reducing the amount of blood entering, respectively, and decreases the size of the penis.But when the temperature increases, on the contrary, there is a backlash.

optimal size of the penis at rest is considered to be 7-10 cm, and in the period of erection, he can reach 18 cm. Many representatives of the stronger sex are worried about his sexual organ, especially a hundred it is too small.In fact, even the smallest penis may well satisfy a woman, so do not worry about it.Many people purchase miracle drugs to increase their sexual organ.But to date, there are only two effective ways.The penis can be increased when surgery and stretching using Expander.Each of these options is very painful and quite expensive.

assertion that women love more and more, is a great delusion.Any man who owns his own body, is able to attract the attention of women.This means that it does not matter to what age will continue to develop, the main thing - the right to use what nature has given.

extremely important in sexual development, testosterone, because it defines the beginning of his end.First of all, increase the amount of testosterone in the male body is possible by means of proper nutrition, namely enrichment diet products that increase the amount of the substance in the body.It is essential that any of the products for a long time do not lie in the refrigerator, because the prolonged exposure to the cold, the nutrients are lost.It is desirable to add to your diet fish (trout, salmon, shrimp, snapper and sardines), raw vegetables and fruit, especially useful are those which are red and green, as their composition is lutein: cabbage, apples, tomatoes.It is also useful for men's health are parsley, celery, onions, spinach and arugula.It is recommended to eat more fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries) with cottage cheese.In the preparation of various dishes you can use spices such as turmeric, curry, red pepper, because they suppress the external plant hormones.Avoid all foods that can be eaten raw, eaten raw.Meat is best steamed, and, if resources permit, to drink wine.And finally, during the meal, try not to wash down the food with water, because it causes difficulty in metabolism.

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