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The main treatments for sunken chest in men

In medicine, sunken chest called funnel chest deformity, and the people - breast cobbler.The main reason for its occurrence is a hereditary factor.It's quite a rare pathology that occurs in about 0.1-0.2% of modern men.

this pathology in the stronger sex leads to ceasing or indentation of the sternum, with the result that on the surface appears a kind of pit or funnel.In women, this deformation is not as common, besides it visually less noticeable due to the mammary glands.

If the funnel is too strongly expressed, in this case, a correction of the chest as the sternum can greatly compress the internal organs and interfere with their full development.From the strain mainly affects the heart and lungs.Sometimes the patient decided on surgery for aesthetic reasons, to improve the appearance of their chest.In some cases, these complications may arise: compression of the heart or its displacement to the left, the displacement axis of the heart, reducing lung capacity due to reduction in the total volume of

the chest (the effect on breathing men), increased pressure on the internal organs since the sternum does not riseon inspiration.This pathology can interfere with the functioning of vital organs, in this case, it is absolutely necessary correction of the deformity.

There are non-surgical (conservative) and surgical methods for the treatment and correction of funnel chest.For non-surgical methods include vacuum bell or vacuum lifter.This method is particularly effective if the thorax rather "supple" and movable.Furthermore, this method will use for a long time.This device acts as a brace (external influence).Above the deformation creates a vacuum region through which the sternum naturally rises.Order the device for individual parameters can be in Germany.

funnel Field with small cosmetic defects can be filled in using Macrolane gel injections, which masks the hole in the chest.This method is quite popular in the correction of the minimum funnel-shaped deformation due to its low trauma.Especially at a young age is very effective orthoses (external orthopedic appliances).They represent a kind of corset, which are attached to the body of man and with the help of pressure and special strength training straighten strain.

sunken chest in the strong sex can be corrected with the help of specially designed silicone implants.They are made individually and help to correct the visual defect.However, it should be noted that this method only if slight deformation can be used when defect aesthetic rather than functional.

surgical techniques are also sterno-hondroplastika (or plastic by Mark Ravitch) and minimally invasive correction of sunken chest by Nass (Nass operation).In any case, the male chest under general anesthesia administered straightening plate.They differ only in the way of its implementation: the open method with dissection of the sternum and removing the deformed cartilage and minimally invasive technique through the slits on the sides using endoscopic equipment.

In the case of chest surgery Ravitch conducted a cross-sectional, and then, after the separation of the pectoral muscles of the belly, spend sternotomy (cutting the sternum and costal cartilage), and then remove the twisted cartilage.The space, which was formed in the sternum, straightening plate is introduced and pecs impose internal sutures and external - on the wound.Despite the fact that he did not use the Mark Ravitch correcting plate, the method sternotomy bears his name.As you already understood, sterno-hondroplastika is quite traumatic surgery, so do not hold it to patients who do not strain so pronounced and is solely aesthetic defect.After surgery, the chest is a large scar, which greatly reduces the overall aesthetics of the sternum.Nowadays Ravich method is considered outdated methodology and abroad is almost never used.

Currently, the most common treatment method is a funnel-shaped sternum Nass, that is minimally invasive correction of funnel chest.This operation is less traumatic.In this case penetrate into the chest via two small incisions on each side and a length of about 3-4 cm. It is through these dimensions are set titanium correcting plate children enough 1-2 and 2-3 adult plates.All manipulations are carried out under the supervision of a video thoracoscope.

plates are removed after 3-4 years, the breastbone after it not only corrected, but forever fixed in position.The plates are taken out through the same sections, which have been set in, thus avoiding new scars.After removing the plate the patient recovers completely.The period of rehabilitation in the hospital is 7-10 days.In addition, during the first month, avoid any physical stress (except for walks in the open air).Within 3 months should refrain from intense exercise, and six months later you can safely return to normal life without any restrictions.

Despite the fact that the sunken chest is a congenital defect, it is not always diagnosed at birth.Even though she was revealed immediately, doctors usually advise to wait with her treatment.First of all, you need to consult with children thoracic surgery, since only skilled in the art will be able to determine exactly how much correction is needed in each case.It is also advisable to consult a traumatology and orthopedics, yet it is crucial to view thoracic surgeon.

is necessary as soon as possible to seek advice, because sometimes pathology can threaten the health and even the life of the child, if the heart and lungs is too high a pressure.But do the operation only for aesthetic reasons is not necessary.It is best to do it for a year before the start of puberty, when the body is old enough, and the negative effects of anesthesia will be minimal for him.At the same time, in this age of the bones still pliable, and growth continues.

Thus, there are many methods for removing sunken chest.Such deformation can be dangerous to the vital organs, namely the lungs and heart.It is innate, so if your baby sunken chest, you should immediately consult.If the pathology is not hazardous to health, the deformation correction is best postponed until the last year before the onset of puberty.

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