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How to lose weight in the face of a man

many men familiar with the problem of excess body fat in the cheeks and neck.Lose weight in the face of difficult enough, but with due diligence it is possible to achieve the desired results.At the moment, there are many ways and exercises complexes, with which you can adjust the round face and get rid of double chin.

There are several main reasons of completeness, manifested in the volume of the cheeks, cheekbones and chin.First of all, the rounded shape can be laid genetics.Representatives of the stronger sex is often confused with a round face shape completeness, but, in fact, a circle is defined not excess fat or skin and the shape of the skull and facial muscles.In this case, help is only right hairstyle, clothes and accessories.Visually change the shape of men, you can use a beard or sideburns (given the right shape can be visually draw a circle and create an oval).

Another reason is the swelling that occurs due to oversaturation of the body's salt, non-drinking regime, diseases of the cardiovasc

ular system.In the latter case it is necessary to consult a doctor.But if the reason is excess water in the body, there will a small change of diet and normalization of drinking regime.

It may seem surprising, but the visual fullness of the face can be caused by a large amount of sagging skin.First sagging skin occurs because of malnutrition.With a lack of essential vitamins and trace elements cells lose their elasticity, causing the skin looks old and becomes saggy.In this case, power will normalization.

In addition, the skin may sag and with a strong weight loss, if you sit on a diet and do not engage in sports.It is therefore important not only to eat, but also to enter into your life exercise (do exercises in the morning, walk more, 3 times a week, it is desirable to carry out small fitness training).

to lose weight in the face, you must adhere to certain rules and principles in the diet.First of all, it should be excluded from the diet of sugar and salt, as they retain excess fluid in the body and lead to the formation of edema.The list of banned products also include: fatty meats and broths based on it (contribute to weight gain because of the high caloric content), alcohol in any form (together with intoxication in the body spoils the complexion and causes swelling), pastries, bacon, carbonated drinks,strong tea and coffee (these foods contain carbohydrates fast and easily deposited in the most inappropriate places).

to food benefited should make your diet so that it is 50% consisted of berries, fruits and vegetables.It is desirable to cook food in vegetable oil and spice them better fragrant herbs and lemon juice.Also, you need to consume more fiber, as it creates a feeling of satiety for a long time and helps cleanse the intestines.

more skin must be constantly moisturize, and this must be done not only from the outside with the help of various cosmetic products, but also from within.You just need to drink more water, about 2 liters per day.At the same time, remember that coffee, tea and other beverages can not replace the use of clean water.

Lose weight in the face of men to help complex "five-minute", which can be performed in a work break or at home.You do not need any shells and simulators, only your desire and mood.Let's start with the jaw movements.To do this, tilt the head back as far as possible, push the chin forward and make a motion as if you want to grab the upper lower lip.Thereafter somknite teeth and pull the lower lip down.Then take a look as if something upset, that is, lower the corners of the mouth, with much straining neck muscles.Relax and repeat this several times.

If you work at a computer, the following exercise can perform constantly, Develop the habit of enduring.You just need to prop up the chin with his fist and slammed it down by the lower jaw.Another exercise is included in the list of measures for first aid for fainting.Try as much as possible to lower his head down, his chin touching his chest, and then concatenate the brush into the lock and push them to the back of the head while trying to lift his head up.Now try the same exercise run away - first to the left shoulder, then to the right.Next, you need to touch the chin chest, trying to reach out to them to the left and then to the right shoulder.

Next method of dealing with the second jaw was known to our grandmothers and great-grandmother - a massage with a wet towel.But the effect can be enhanced by using not plain water, and infusion of herbs.With this method it is possible to quickly adjust the second jaw and facial contours.However, it is not suitable for those members of the stronger sex, which have a capillary net on his face.To prepare the infusion, it is necessary in a bowl pour 1 tablespoon of the mixture of herbs.This can be chamomile, linden blossom, yarrow and sage.It is necessary to boil the water and pour a mixture of 1.5 cups of boiling water.Then you need to cover with a lid, leave for 20 minutes, then strain.Dip a towel in a warm infusion, squeeze and sharp movements pull it in different directions, slamming his chin.The movements must be fast and sharp that strikes were quite noticeable.

Good tightens the skin, cleans it of unnecessary toxins and relieves swelling clay mask.You will need 1 tablespoon blue clay and a little warm water.It is necessary to dissolve the clay with water to the consistency of thick cream and apply it on the face and neck.Once the mask is dry, rinse your face with warm water.Another slimming the face is very useful honey which is rich in vitamins and other trace elements beneficial to the person.We need a tablespoon of honey melt to a liquid state, then apply this mask on the face and neck support 20 minutes and rinse.

But, unfortunately, is not always possible to find the time to do special massage and mask slimming face.You can perform special exercises for the face, it will have to spend only 15 minutes a day.So, take a pencil in his mouth clean, hold it with his teeth and try to draw them in the air, letters and numbers.Can write sentences or perform subtraction and addition, the main thing - to work the muscles of the jaw.Next, take the lips into a tube and intoned on-a-er-y and th-th-and-er-y.Say these sounds for 5 minutes, changing their order.Then you have to stand up straight, chest forward, and his hands so cross your fingers and fell on the shoulders.Try as much as possible to pull your neck upwards, while struggling pressing on his shoulders.After reaching a peak, inhale, count to 10 and exhale.

also good to help lose weight face a variety of aerobic exercise, such as swimming, running, brisk walking, cycling.Another very effective for the correction of facial and body are pilates and yoga.Men are more suitable in the morning jogging, cycling and swimming.

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