Personal care

Which is better : electric or machine ?

For every adult male, one way or another, the question was the choice of tools to get rid of stubble on his face.

large number of disputes over the choice of a particular instrument - the electric shaver or the machine, formed his fans for the first and for the second.

Be that as it may, the question remains open, and it all depends on the individual preferences of today.

Each of the devices for shaving has its pluses and minuses.What to choose - every man to decide for himself.

Even before the appearance of the electric shaver with stubble on a man's face quite successfully mastered classic razor.

Despite the plainness design, for some men, the machine remains Shaving number one.

Today razor is available in a very large number of variations from different manufacturers, available in almost every store, and the price for it can meet every budget.

Among the main advantages of the shaver can be distinguished:

Besides the obvious advantages, there are also disadvantages that are inherent razors:

Electric - this is what every man knows how to use.It is with the use of this device begins every second morning, as a young man and a mature man.

first electric shaver was developed by the American Colonel Jacob Schick.Since then, many years have passed.The popularity of this product makes a huge number of manufacturers to compete among themselves.After all, at stake is a multi-million army of the above product buyers.And the demand for this product is only enhanced by technological progress.

Unfortunately, there has not been without drawbacks:

What could be the shaver?They are divided into two groups:

First, the net electric shavers.So, the pros:

It's time to point out the negative aspects.Fortunately, the only minus net electric shaver is that it is short enough shaves stubble.

Now it's time to talk about the positive aspects of rotary shavers.Thus, the rotary shaver much better cope with short bristles and fully suited for everyday use.

have rotary shavers and one minus - its blades are in direct contact with the skin, which can lead to irritation.

skilled in the art are advised to pick up the razor, taking into account only the individual characteristics of each person.But, nevertheless, if the robot makes a man to shave every day, it is worth paying attention to the rotary electric shaver.If not, then you can safely buy an electric razor mesh.If

wallet allows, you can buy both and use them in turn.