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How to boost immunity

Which people like to be treated?Marathons on the doctor's offices psychologically oppressed, take time, money, self-confidence.And the root cause of all diseases is to reduce the immunity of our body's inability to put a barrier infection, bacteria, viruses, that day everywhere around us and are transmitted in different ways.So how do you strengthen your immune defenses and strengthen the body?How competently to boost immunity?

Typically, to increase immunity, we remember, when the body is faltering.Reducing the body's defenses is shown rapid fatigue and headaches, chronic fatigue, and drowsiness or, conversely, insomnia, joint aches and colds.

With low immunity persons not only often subjected to influenza, acute respiratory infections, rhinitis, he feels duration failure on the part of the gastrointestinal tract, it is often on the lips of herpes appear.All this is a signal that it is time to do them and not complain about old age, until the sores are not moved into a chronic form.

at risk people who are more susceptible to decreased immunity, those who have a lot of work and little rest, often has the nerve overload and stress.At stake are also the people who have to, do not comply with sleep and eating regimen, those who move a little, one fresh air in short supply.Of course, at risk and people aged.And then talk about specific numbers difficult.Because for some people - it is the retirement age, when the body is due to the physical state of wear, but for others - it is 30 years, when the image of a person's life, his smoking, chaotic food, drink, sitting for hours at the computer at night appears on the general tone of the body.He's just a silent protest in the form of disease is responsible for his master's irresponsible attitude towards their health.It can be chronic constipation at a young age, and a sharp decrease of view, the fall of health and memory lapses, hand tremors and weight loss (or weight gain), thirst and hair loss, allergies and skin dullness, wrinkles, pigmentation.

immunity as a protective reaction of the body depends not only on the mode of human life, but is subject to outside influence.Therefore, the reasons for its decline are many.Here are the basics:

For example, an ordinary kitchen sponge contains 320 million disease-causing bacteria, half of which are pathogenic.Getting on our hands, and then into the mouth, they develop in the body and lead to disease.

So, you should start with the elimination of the root causes of low immunity.If you find this lack of exercise, then get used to the work of walking.However, the fresh air on the way to work can hardly speak residents megacities, but the traffic in the morning - this is the charge of vivacity for the first half of the day.

And if you are the root cause for the decrease in immunity - is food, start with its correction.The first step is to enrich the body with vitamins.And here are two options: the introduction of a diet of vegetables in the form of salads and fruits as a dessert, or buy ready-vitamin complex and its use for a month.

most important for the immune system of vitamins A and C, B5 and D, F and PP.

Almost all plant foods yellow and red in its composition includes beta-carotene, which is transformed in the body into vitamin A, is responsible for vision, the power of the immune response and even protection against cancer.

main sources of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - citrus fruits and onions, black currant, sea buckthorn and parsley.Minerals

as zinc, iron, iodine, magnesium, calcium, must also be present in the body, and they are the best source of nuts, seeds, cereals, chocolate bitter (black).

important component of a healthy diet and seafood are a source of calcium, iodine, phosphorus, and high-grade protein.This protein is much easier to be acquired by the body than protein pork.Yes, and do not need to worry about the weight of a raise is by eating regular marine fish and squid, sea kale and crustaceans.

Dairy products, especially yogurt - an excellent source of calcium, bifidobacteria.They enhance the production of interferon, which promotes the removal of radionuclides from the body and nourishes muscle proteins.And an excellent means of removing toxins from the body is green tea.If you abuse of coffee, his replacement for this type of tea will reduce the burden on the heart, makes the skin supple and fresh, protects against viruses.

natural remedies enhance immunity has long been ginseng and Echinacea, Eleutherococcus lemongrass.From prevention to these herbs can be brewed on a daily basis, but you can just buy a ready-made pharmaceutical tinctures and use them every day before meals.

Without physical activity to develop a strong immune system is difficult.Why do athletes rarely get sick?Their body hardened, so dousing, douches, and swimming will help you to strengthen the immune system and in the near time to feel much younger than his years.Be sure to think about your favorite once the sport.Football?Basketball?Skiing?Geary?This should be an activity that you like, not just visiting the gym for the company and the implementation of those physical activities that your body is not in a rush.

alternation of high and low temperatures in Russia have always been held in high esteem.This is a Russian bath.Today, men have the opportunity to choose a sauna with a swimming pool or a Russian bath with brooms.This procedure has a huge number of positive points, the main of which - cleansing of the body.It was with him begins the formation of a healthy immune system.Heat perfectly cleans the pores, which makes it possible to deduce out the excess fluid, fat slags.Excellent in the bath clean and light.If you have to grab a eucalyptus, fir, lemon in the form of essential oils, the effect of such a bath will increase.Arriving home, you will feel a surge of vitality and energy, and sleep will be strong, as a young man.But remember that a single procedure for your immunity is unlikely to strengthen.But regular visits to the baths at least twice a month, and will allow better weekly to become younger and look internally at the same time attractive.

We're not talking about getting rid of bad habits as the basis for enhancing immunity, because it goes without saying that to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, regularly drink alcohol and engage in increasing immunity - is simply absurd, as well as improvement of the body in a sauna with vodka.