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How to deal with hair loss

Most men with age find in their head drawback - the lack of hair.The appearance of baldness can be a source of this disorder, because hair loss is often equated to the loss of youth.Though today it is fashionable to go with shaven head, many men who suffer from hair loss, would like to receive high-quality treatment.At the moment there is a huge variety of tools to help in varying degrees to deal with hair loss.Results of treatment with these drugs can be very different, they depend on many factors.But to choose the right treatment, you need to start to find out causes of male pattern baldness.

Now, baldness is the most common form of hair loss in men, which is reflected in the fact that the hair on the head begin to thin out.Typically, there are bare patches in the front of the head, slightly above the center of the forehead.Most often this type of baldness in men begins in early adult life, almost 95% of the androgenic alopecia is the cause of hair loss.

The main reason for this problem is hereditary

, that is, hair begins to fall out due to a genetic predisposition to hair loss.The disease is usually transmitted through the genes on the maternal side.Also causes baldness can become damaged scalp, being in hazardous areas with high levels of radiation and contamination.Hair can fall out and due to stress, mental and neurological disorders, endocrine disorders and diseases of internal organs.Simple physical and emotional fatigue primarily affects the state of the organism, which can still be shown and brittle nails, dizziness, insomnia, worsening of skin conditions and other problems.However, the most common cause of male pattern baldness is an overabundance of testosterone.Mostly bald head start to appear in men 35-40 years old, the body starts to produce the hormone with the onset of puberty.Testosterone makes the beard grow, but at the same time weakens the hair roots on his head.They die prematurely, because this hormone cuts off their source of energy supply.Excess testosterone over time one after another kill hair follicles.

addition of androgen, there are other types of alopecia.Seborrheic alopecia is characterized by enhanced release of sebum head, plugging the mouth of the follicle with dead dermis cells.As a result, traffic jams, through which can not get a new hair.Diffuse alopecia - a thinning of the hair on your head, there are weak sparse hairs, which can be seen through the skin.Alopecia areata can occur for no reason and also suddenly end.For this type of baldness is characterized by a dramatic loss of hair bundles.Causes of alopecia areata is not yet fully understood, to diagnose this type of baldness the doctor can only after a comprehensive survey.

At the moment, for the treatment of alopecia use a huge amount of money, as well as various hardware methods.However, most external preparations are not sufficiently effective, and many have a number of hormonal serious side effects.Therefore, you should pay attention to the preparations for local use of plant-based, are virtually harmless.However, it is not a panacea.

The most effective methods are complex, which combines simultaneous action inside - on the causes of hair loss, and the outside - in the follicles and scalp.Therefore trichologists advised to combine drug therapy with a specialized care often enough (cosmetics for hair loss).

In some cases, doctors may recommend surgical hair restoration techniques.In this case, the patient receives enough fast results: after 6-8 months after the procedure, a person becomes happy owner of the hair.However, this operation is quite expensive.Besides hair transplanted to the other parts of your head, can not simply settle down, then your hair poredeet more.

One of the causes of hair loss is poor diet.So you should think about your diet.Hair condition depends on the level of calcium contained in milk products.Also, hair growth positively affects red grapes and regular carrots.In some cases, the transition to proper nutrition and avoiding harmful habits enough to return to its former strength hair and beauty.

If you are a supporter of the popular methods of treatment, in this case, the choice is huge.This is mainly vegetable oils and essential oils, extracts from teas and herbs.Enough is effective burdock oil, which can be found at any drugstore.The tool is not only suitable for the treatment of alopecia, but also for prophylaxis.The oil should be vigorous movements rub into the scalp, then leave it for about 30-40 minutes, wrapped his head with a plastic bag, and top with a towel to keep warm.If a strong loss procedure is desirable to do a couple of times a week, and for prevention rather than 1 time in 2-3 weeks.In addition burdock, it is possible to use castor oil, linseed, hemp, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.Do not forget about the massage.For example, hard massage brush of natural materials will help to improve blood circulation, stimulating the growth of this hair.

also often use herbs, for example, a decoction of the leaves of young nettle.It is best to rinse their hair after washing.Nettle is used for many years to strengthen the hair.Another good help birch leaves, chamomile, hops cones, plantain, St. John's wort, marjoram, sage, and burdock.The healing effect is even an ordinary onion juice which should be rubbed into the scalp.Of course, the mask wash off the oil from the head - it is a long and not very pleasant process, and onions, few will want to rub out.The more that modern medicine offers a less labor-intensive methods for the treatment of alopecia.

injectable treatments are used quite often, they are absolutely harmless.The most effective they are in treating patchy baldness.Under the skin of the head of the patient injected with a syringe injection, the composition of which depends on the individual, as well as the reasons for the loss.This may well be a simple vitamin cocktail, and may be steroids.However, this method is quite painful.

Around the same principle is the treatment of alopecia ozone therapy.Under the skin, in this case injected oxygen-ozone mixture, which has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal activity.Furthermore, it also treats various dermatological diseases.

Remember that hair loss can be prevented and it is desirable to start prophylaxis long before the first signs of the disease.But with bad genes should be very careful with regard to their hair.So, to prevent hair loss, you need to follow some simple rules.Hair it is desirable to dry naturally, and as little as possible to use a hairdryer.Also, avoid using metal combs and combs with sharp teeth, it is best to use wooden comb with rounded tips.Avoid thermal and chemical effects, as well as stressful situations.At least 8 hours per day dedicate sleep, keep an active lifestyle, spend massage of the head, observe hygiene and try to eat only natural foods.And in any case, do not use anti-baldness without a prescription.

Typically, male pattern baldness does not cause great aesthetic suffering, but still hair loss is the first sign of impending major changes in the body.It is therefore necessary to turn to an experienced doctor who will help keep hair and protect them from the hassles associated with health.