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Traditional methods of treatment for snoring

Currently snoring is a fairly common problem.Statistics show that snoring moderate and severe affects about 45-50% of the population.As a rule, people do not notice their own snoring.Basically, all the "charms" of the night singing felt by the relatives and family members.And not because snoring is not the most pleasant blend of sounds to our ears, so that extraneous sounds just disrupt normal sleep.Usually, people want to get rid of snoring, so as not to disturb others sleep, because they themselves are not worried about it.But in some cases, snoring can indicate a more serious health deviation.

These unpleasant sounds during sleep are formed due to the vibration of the pharynx wall.The muscles of the soft palate and tongue relax more than what it should be, but as they are supported for the throat wall, past narrow, contributing to the emergence of snoring.In some cases, excessive muscle relaxation may even cause difficulty in breathing.Normally, the muscles relax due to aging, that is, with age.But s

ometimes the cause of the problem can be congenital narrowness of the throat.More snoring can indicate the presence of curvature of the nasal septum or nasal polyps.Another reason can be the wrong flavor or elongated uvula.Quite often, a person starts to make noise at night and after taking alcohol, excessive fatigue or overweight.

In folk medicine, there are many proven ways to get rid of snoring.And as most of the noise arises from the relaxation of certain muscles, then, accordingly, the treatment should be to bring these muscles in tone.To do this, just need to pick up foods that contain the necessary substances.

For example, you can take 2-3 leaves of cabbage and finely chop them or mince.Then mix it with one tablespoon of honey and eat before going to bed.You can still squeeze a cabbage juice, and mix it with honey and apply before going to bed.such a course of treatment is 4 weeks.You can still eat and baked carrots, substances that are contained in it, contribute to bringing the necessary muscle tone.Do not forget to do daily exercises to train the muscles of the pharynx.To do this, you need only 20-30 times a day to pronounce the sound "I", and this should be done with effort, as if singing.Within a month of this treatment you will notice results.

Also snoring may help distilled water.You just need every day to drink this water and gradually the body will begin to secrete mucus, in the form of mucus from the nose.An even greater effect is, if at least once a week to starve.After some time, the snoring will be defeated, just need to bring the body of all mucus.Another folk remedy that helps deal with snoring is sea buckthorn oil.This oil is necessary to dig a couple of hours before going to bed 1-2 drops in each nostril.

Development snoring may contribute to smoking, causing increased formation of mucus in the nose and throat, irritation of the mucous membranes of the throat, upper respiratory tract and throat.To cope with snoring, it is desirable to smokers not to smoke for 2-3 hours before bedtime.It is also recommended to rinse the throat at bedtime olive oil.It will help reduce the inflammation and swelling of the throat, rinse with various resins, which are deposited on the pharyngeal structures during smoking.It is necessary to thoroughly rinse the throat of a tablespoon of olive oil for 20-40 seconds and then spit out the oil.

snoring is quite possible to fight and with the help of simple exercises.It should be easy to close your eyes to everything not to be distracted, and twist the language of the left-right, up-down, then round to the left and to the right.Perform this need by 10 times.Do this as often as possible, preferably in the morning or in the evening before going to bed, lying in bed.This exercise strengthens the muscles perfectly language.For the next exercise the mouth should be closed, breathing through the nose.You need to stretch the back wall of the language and with the power to delay language to the throat (if you lift your fingers under the chin, then feel how tense the muscles).Exercise is recommended to perform several times a day, making it 10-15 tongue movements.Very soon a weak velum will get stronger, and snoring away.

Before going to bed, it is desirable to do gymnastics.It is necessary to hold down the right nostril and breathe in as slowly as possible through the air left.Then hold the left nostril and exhale slowly through the right.Then inhale air through the right and exhale through the left.And so you need to do 7-10 minutes before bedtime.

If the cause of snoring is extra weight, then it is also a loss of the noise should disappear.Therefore, do not neglect to properly chosen diet and exercise.It is necessary to have as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, less fried and fatty, and very soon you will forget that you recently suffered from snoring.Basically, snoring occurs in the sleeping man on his back.It is therefore desirable to accustom myself to sleep in a different position, for example, on the side - this situation contributes to the disappearance of noisy breathing.

Snoring can develop in women during pregnancy.Research has shown that in this case the cause of the trouble can be a narrowing of the walls of the pharynx, resulting from increasing the amount of fatty tissue in the throat.In the later stages of the fetus (womb) props up the lungs - it is also quite probable cause of snoring.In some cases, the cause can be severe toxicity in the later stages.Preeclampsia causes swelling in the body of the expectant mother, and who contribute to a narrowing of the airways.

Usually, snoring affects people in the age, but in some cases it can also appear in a child.The main causes of noisy sleep are enlarged adenoids, tonsils.It can occur because of the curvature of the nasal septum or other abnormalities in the structure of the facial bones and because of the strong nasal congestion.Do not disregard snoring in children.In addition to being in itself noise when breathing is evidence of "problems" in the body of the child, it can still give rise to quite serious problems.Problems can be related to the fact that the child's body does not get a full night's sleep, as a result there is irritability, fatigue, poor school performance and even growth problems (poor production of growth hormone).

If traditional methods of treatment of snoring do not help, you should contact your doctor for an examination, an accurate diagnosis, risk assessment and forecasting, choosing the optimal treatment of this pathology.Snoring is itself a social disadvantage and its complications, such as the cessation of breathing during sleep, is a serious medical problem, worsen the quality of life, break operation.Currently, modern medicine offers many different options for the treatment of snoring.If snoring is not complicated, you can contact the ENT doctor to decide on surgery on the soft palate.