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The symptoms of midlife crisis in men

If a man without any reason to begin mood swings, he becomes irritable, on every occasion manifested dissatisfaction and claims that his life is a failure, most likely, he started a midlife crisis.With this stage of life faced by virtually all men.Approximately it begins at age 40, but may start a little earlier or later.To know exactly what a man is going through a midlife crisis, it is necessary to know the basic symptoms of this phenomenon.

If a man always loved his work and family life, but suddenly began to worry too much, fuss, or, conversely, bored and faded - a sign of the crisis of middle age.Whatever the cause of boredom, he feels the need to shake things up.As a result, a man can resign or go into a long drinking spree with friends.Favorite person begins to look around, later returned to work and other people's perfume smells, chances are he or changes you going to do it.It is also one of the symptoms of middle-aged men in crisis.Of course, you can not prevent change, but knowing what might h

appen, try to change your attitude now.During this period, the stronger sex can suddenly change jobs or to buy an expensive car, and the loans still outstanding.He just wants to get out of life what he wanted, but still could not get.You need to discuss all together and figure out why it is so important for him.

One of the signs of midlife crisis is the fact that a man suddenly begins to spin for hours in front of a mirror, do facials and visit a massage parlor.In this case, you should be more likely to praise the elect, to speak only of its merits, not touching even the smallest defects.During this period, the man can keep away from women in terms of sexual relations or, on the contrary, begin to actively flirt.Perhaps the most unpleasant symptom of this phenomenon can be considered abuse of a variety of harmful substances such as alcohol.Here only specialists can help, and that if he wants himself.At this stage of the life of a man overly concerned about their health, especially when it comes to reproductive viability.To maintain its capacity, many are turning to the miracle drugs, start to get involved in sports and visiting salons.If in recent times the man is constantly sleeping, while losing weight and feeling unwell, so he became depressed - this is one of the signs of the crisis.It is advisable in this case to find a specialist which will lead to this condition and give you recommendations.Sometimes representatives of the stronger sex are beginning to nostalgically recall what happened in the past, forgetting that here and now - it is also a manifestation of the crisis of the age.As a result, he can paint the town red with former classmates or to restore relations with first love.

It should be noted that the crisis of middle-aged men is an ordeal for women.They try to blame their problems and failures spouse, arguing that poorly cared for him and loved a little, so he is a loser, and the other wife, he could become a deputy or a big businessman.

Perhaps the most important thing - is patience.In no case do not need to ask a man to go to a psychologist, or climb it with advice.Strong sex more vulnerable in times of crisis, and women need to help him get out of this state, supporting around.It should always be next to her husband, to surround him with care and love, and in every way to show man as he is dear to her.In this case the husband must feel it in the actions and deeds of his wife.

To bring a man out of the crisis age, try all the time to talk with him on any topic, so it was not closed in itself.Smart woman using the right words can bring a man to the conversation, during which he will be able to speak out and tell all that pent up.Such conversations much easier state of mind of man.In addition, a woman must constantly focus on the successes and achievements of her husband, to show their admiration and pride for him.

However, words alone will not help to bring out an apathetic state, a woman is possible to diversify the family life, to change occupation.You can purchase a subscription to the pool, go to the theater, restaurants and cinema, to do an extreme sport, parachuting, to study a foreign language, to go camping in the woods with a tent and so on.Main man seem that life does not end at around 40 years old (which he so sure), on the contrary, everything is just beginning.All activities are desirable to carry out systematically, to leave no time for depression.

Despite the despondency status, sexual side is very important for a husband.You must help him in this regard.First of all, turn on (you can arrange a romantic candlelit dinners several times a week), which will open the second breath man in products-aphrodisiacs diet.It seafood, ginger, chocolate, strawberries, eggs, avocado and mushrooms.In general, the disciples of the spouse to enjoy every moment of life, to enjoy every event and simple things.Then everything will be much easier.

In no case do not try to run away from the problem without making attempts to solve it, or drown out the experiences of alcohol, drugs or gambling, it will only aggravate the situation and so difficult.Also, do not shed tears in the presence of men.He needs all the time to show that you have everything in order.And remember, you are in no way to blame, at least in most cases, the stronger sex thinks so.

proper psychological support will help a lot faster and less painful to overcome the crisis of middle age men.Remember that our lives are so many exciting and enjoyable moments, and it's too short to spend it on depression and melancholy.

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