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How to bathe in a bath

«my friends and I go every year on December 31 at the bath" - the words of a favorite actor of the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" For many men were prophetic.And not only in the New Year's Eve, but also in the summer, and even every Saturday many men leave their chosen and families, in order to warm up with friends in the bath, sit back and just relax.If you are among the fans baths and bathing in it regularly, our article is for you is unlikely to be informative.But if you are new to "sauna business" and want to know all the mysteries and secrets of the correct steam, then we are happy to reveal them in our today's publication.

Influence baths on the human body is very large.Firstly, the heat and humidity in the steam room have a strengthening effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system, helps ease breathing, get rid of the common cold and expel any ailment.Second, visit the bath relaxes and soothes, eliminates headaches and improves mental state.Helps room, and those who are observed wi

th skin problems.However, to get the maximum enjoyment from your stay in the steam room, it is necessary to comply with the unspoken rules.About how to properly bathe in the bath, we'll continue.

no secret that the main "tool" in the steam room is a broom, which not only replaces the washcloth and thoroughly cleanses the skin but also enhances the blood circulation, resulting in intense we sweat, getting rid of harmful toxins, toxins and other "ailments".At the same broom for the steam room should be chosen, given its beneficial properties.

So, bamboo broom for a bath is suitable for those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, as well as the long non-healing wounds.Birch broom cleaning properties, as well as well-relieves pain in muscles and joints.The same broom improve the condition of the respiratory and nervous system.Oak broom will benefit those who are skin diseases, such as acne and blackheads.But the broom Nettle treat rheumatism and sciatica.

steam in the Russian bath should be healing, so to flavor the humid air, you can use honey, essential oils, spices and herbs.For example, to strengthen the nervous system bred ½ st.spoon of honey to 2.5 liters of water.A help overcome cold starting mustard solution (1 hr. Teaspoon of dry powder per 3 liters of water).When the disease of the upper respiratory tract is recommended to use a tincture of eucalyptus (1 h. Spoon into 3 liters of water).Also in the aromatization pair can use various decoctions of herbs, dissolved in water in a ratio of 1: 3.

Since the temperature in the Russian bath is quite high and increases sweating, then you can make up for lack of fluid mineral water, kvass, herbal teas, but not alcohol!Note that alcohol in combination with high temperature gives a high burden on the heart, which can cause heart attack and stroke.So do not take chances, and if we so much want to drink beer, do it after a bath.

visit Shower, wash the body and wipe skin thoroughly before starting the procedure.Now you can soak a broom in a basin with warm water and enter the steam room.Do not climb at once on the top shelf and allow the body to adapt to high temperature.After 3-4 minutes, you can succumb to the park.At the same time after the rise of degrees better than to stay on the lower bench and take a horizontal position, so that the body received a uniform amount of heat.

Once you propotel well, you need to get out of the steam room and rinse with water.For hardening of the body, you can use a cold shower or a dip in the ice pool.Relax for 2-3 minutes in the dressing room and organize the second run.

In the second run and grab a broom popartes using this dressing tool.Work broom should be smooth, like a fan, the air pumping it to the body, but not beat, as do many.You should start with the soles of the feet, moving to the buttocks, back, arms and back.And only after you get used to the broom, for minute can postegat body tightly pressed to the skin leaves a broom.

Now again go into a cold shower to wash away the sweat, and the rest for 5-10 minutes.If desired, set the steam room can be repeated 1-2 times.

Finally, do not forget to thoroughly wash, wipe dry and dress warmly!

Enjoy Your Bath!