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How to get rid of bad breath

Many people dream to immediately get rid of bad breath.Bad breath can ruin a lot: responsibly date, finding employment, contract with a prospective partner who was just unpleasant to communicate with you.How to get rid of this trouble?

As you know, your body quickly adapts to any peculiarities of the environment, this also applies to odors, we get used to them and simply cease to notice.That is why we do not feel the smell of their own spirits, and quickly adapt to even the most strong flavors.But the determination of the actual bad breath and it is worth noting one more complexity, which is due to the oral cavity with a nose.Every time we feel unpleasant odors begin to breathe through the mouth.How, then, to define the smell of your breath?There are several ways to do this.You can take a teaspoon, turn it a few times and hold on the tongue.On the spoon will remain a little white plaque or saliva, the smell of which will be the smell of your breath.Also you can just lick your wrist and wait until the sa

liva dries.After a few seconds you will feel the smell of the front part of the tongue.It is much weaker than it actually is, because the front part of the tongue is cleaned with saliva, which contains antibacterial ingredients, but the back of the tongue and is thus a breeding ground for bad odors.

Perhaps the most basic cause of bad breath - the smell of food.It is known that the flavors of onion and garlic is not the most pleasant, even though it is extremely tasty and healthy vegetables in all respects.The same can be said about the consequences of eating cabbage, smoked meats, eggs and fish, eaten for breakfast.It is also known to all svezhevypitogo smell of alcohol.Of course, it is not so unpleasant as fragrance fume morning after a stormy night of drinking.Of course, it is better to avoid such methods of free pastime, but if they can not be avoided, it is advisable to plan such an event on Friday, when ahead of the weekend.Perhaps the aroma of acetaldehyde, which turns into alcohol when used, during that time will be scattered.

useless struggle with smokers breath.Smoke gradually leads to drying of the mucous membranes, the yellowing of teeth, and as a result to growth of bacteria which are responsible for odor.

Another common reason is the diet.An organism deprived of nutrition, begins to consume the stored fats you.But when there decomposition substances such as ketones, which cause a sweet or sour odor.Get rid of this fragrance will only be possible when the complete starvation.Also, the smell may appear due to overeating.If you have not cleared the gap between the teeth of a meat dish and residues are not cleaned language, soon the pieces of meat will rot, and bacteria that cause decay, form their secretions putrid smell.

Halitosis in the morning there is almost everyone.The fact that salivary gland during the night salivary produce less than a day.dehydration process takes place even during intense physical activity, sports scores, or simply if you can not drink fluids regularly.Due to the dryness of the mouth bacteria are not washed away by saliva and release toxic foul-smelling substance.Pleasant breath in this case you can recover with the help of a simple tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste.

If after cleaning the bad smell was not gone, then it indicates that your teeth need treatment.The most common causes of bad breath are dental caries, periodontitis and stomatitis.In this case, you should immediately stock up to the dentist, who will examine your teeth and diagnose.Also cause malodor may be some diseases of internal organs (liver, kidney, gastrointestinal tract).A characteristic odor of acetone is a sign of diabetes, so you should immediately consult a doctor.It should be noted that the presence of dental prostheses can affect your breath freshness.Without proper care of the prosthesis surface becomes a reliable base for bacteria.

For a start it should be noted that there is no long-fits-all way to get rid of bad breath.Cause this nuisance various reasons, so that ways to win are also different, but the thing to remember is that you need to use them regularly.

First of all, you need to drink water regularly, as bacteria accumulate at a time when you have dry mouth.Your mouth should be constantly wetted and produce the required amount of saliva, while the probability of unpleasant odor greatly reduced.The most effective method is regular cleaning of the language.It is advisable to clean it after every meal, it is best for this special scrapers fit.With the cleaning and scraping language you can significantly reduce the amount of bacteria.Moreover, it can reduce the concentration of volatile sulfur compounds and the subsequent reduction of malodor.

If toothbrush and scraper do not suit you, you can use mouthwash.Rinsing washes away the bacteria better than chewing gum or mint candy, but it is not as effective a solution as a scraper.To remedy worked most effectively, you need to rinse your mouth for 30 seconds and do not eat or smoke in the next half hour.Many fear that mouthwashes with alcohol can cause oral cancer.However, recent studies have refuted this claim.If you're still afraid, you can try to prepare their own mouthwash without alcohol.

Many people often carry with them mints or chewing gum, if necessary, to quickly freshen breath, but they give only short-term effect.Most effectively fight bacteria in the mouth chewing gum with cinnamon flavor.It is also desirable to fly the gum with xylitol as a sweetener.After the sugar is harmful to the oral cavity, and xylitol - a sugar substitute, which prevents bacteria.

As you already know, you should avoid scented products such as onions, garlic, cheese and coffee.But there are some products that will help to cope with bad breath.Antibacterial properties have green tea, it is perfectly eliminates the smell.In cinnamon contains essential oils that kill many types of bacteria of the oral cavity.It is recommended to add a little cinnamon in the morning toast or oatmeal and cinnamon stick in tea.Destroy breath and help those crunchy vegetables or fruit like apples or celery.They contribute to the production of saliva and bacteria scrubbing, yet well help melon, oranges and berries.

can try to deal with an unpleasant smell and traditional methods.In the cup of boiling water, take a tablespoon of oak bark, and then put in a water bath, remove and strain after 30 minutes.This broth is necessary to rinse your mouth every day for several weeks.You can prepare a decoction and 20 fresh mint leaves or a tablespoon of dried.Ready use mint decoction 3-4 times a day for several weeks.You can for 5 minutes to chew a handful of dry cloves, the smell will be gone for a few hours.In addition, this spice also kills bacteria.

If all of the above methods did not help you, then perhaps you have some kind of disease, that it is time to heal.This may be purulent cork, which consists of the hardened food and slime bacteria and appear as white spots on tonsils.They are often confused with various infectious diseases of the throat.You can spot them by a metallic taste in the mouth, or pain when swallowing.Trimethylaminuria When your body can not break down a substance "trimethylamine", and it can start to stand together with saliva, because of this, and there is a bad smell from the mouth.

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