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Benefits and peanut harmful for men

Many mistakenly referred to peanuts, but it is an annual herbaceous heat and moisture-loving plant of the legume family.From their relatives (soy, beans, peas) peanuts different device feature flower and fruit formation.In form they resemble a cocoon, and mature fruit under the ground, so peanuts are also called peanuts.Homeland of the plant is considered to Brazil, that's where it grows most of its species.

Light brown oblong pod, veined, not "hard nut to crack."It can be easy to break and discover 3-5 oily beans coated with a thin red skin.Because beans are produced peanut butter, which in their properties is strongly reminiscent of the olive.Roasted and salted peanuts is a favorite treat of many gourmets, who use it as a snack.Use of this product is determined by its chemical composition.It contains more than 50% unsaturated fatty acids: arachidic, linoleic, oleic, stearic and others.Also vegetable protein (35%) part of the peanut, which is a worthy substitute for meat that enthusiastically perceived

supporters of vegetarianism.In addition, it is fully absorbed by the body.According to the percentage of protein peanuts almost 13% ahead of pine nuts, 11% - and hazelnuts 10% - walnut.With peanuts in the body receives 12 essential amino acids that are not synthesized independently.Peanuts is very rich on vitamins E, C, D, PP, B and microelements (calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc).But despite the huge content of vegetable fats, cholesterol in peanut absent.

With all the positive properties of the product must be considered a high calorie peanut (548 kcal per 100 g).Do not abuse them, even a healthy person with a normal body weight, not to mention those who suffer from excess weight.

Men engaged in physical labor, nutritional value of peanuts will not harm.Due to the optimal amount of magnesium, groundnuts promotes a conclusion of toxic substances, energy production, as well as relieves stress.Together with calcium and fluoride it strengthens the bones.The peanuts contains about 2 mg of manganese which has a positive effect on brain activity, regulates the nervous system and fat metabolism.Among other things, this product is rich in methionine is involved in the biosynthesis of adrenaline and regulating fat accumulation in the liver.It is also necessary for the formation of muscle mass, so peanuts constantly consume bodybuilders.In addition to building muscle, it also contributes to the rapid recovery of the body after strenuous exercise.

peanut Benefits for men is still in the content of biotin in it - it is a water-soluble sulfur-containing vitamin substance that helps prevent global baldness.Men are constantly under stress and emotional depression, will certainly appeal to the fact that avoiding peanuts tryptophan deficiency - a substance that is responsible for a good sleep.Young people who want to go into the army, useful nutritional value of peanuts for weight gain.Very useful this product in the treatment of male diseases such as BPH, infertility and reduced potency.It is proved that with regular use of peanut significantly reduced the risk of urogenital diseases in men.

benefits and harms of peanut men began to actively explore only in the middle of the last century.During this time, we revealed more positive qualities of the product, than negative.Dietitians are not advised to eat peanuts in raw form, because its red shell could adversely affect the digestive system work or cause allergies.To peel easily cleans, should fry peanuts, all the more so fried he does not lose all its useful properties.It is not recommended to use ground nuts in large quantities, there are better in small portions, but every day.If you regularly eat a handful of nuts for a long time, it significantly affect the mental and physical performance, quality of sleep, the activity of the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract.To increase the potency is desirable for 2-3 hours before going to bed to eat a tablespoon of nuts, mixed with natural honey.This means twice as effectively as honey for products that enhance sexual activity of men.

grinding peanut seeds can be sprinkled steak before sending in the oven.It is also possible to make fresh pasta without nuts salt and sugar, it is necessary to grind them to a blender and mixed with a vegetable oil.This mass can be spread on bread, will hearty and healthy breakfast.Because peanuts are produced peanut butter, which can be found on sale, and use it as a salad dressing.

As with any product, from peanuts have some negative side.It slows the flow of blood in the body, making it more dense and it damages vessels.Especially harmful peanuts to people with varicose veins.The product refers to the active allergens because proteins contained therein.If an allergic reaction can appear itching, redness, vomiting, heartburn, and at worst - laryngeal edema and anaphylactic shock.The consequences of peanut allergy is severe enough, so you need to closely monitor the reaction of the organism to this product.Frequent consumption of peanuts is contraindicated for people with arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout due to heavy protein content.And also because of the high fat content of peanuts is completely excluded from the diet of diabetics.

In our time, buy a peanut is not a problem, it is sold in small shops, markets and supermarkets.It can be sold in a different form, in-shell and without it, roasted or raw.When choosing necessarily need to pay attention to the smell of nuts: it should not be rancid and musty (it is a clear sign of the resulting mold).If you want to buy peanuts in the shell, in this case, you need to carefully examine the peel for cracks and uncharacteristic dark spots, besides the shell should be hard and dry, and if it shake, you can hear a dull sound.Also, pay attention to the packaging.

Keep tasty nuts are best in a sealed jar in the refrigerator.Low temperatures help keep the product fresh and ready to use within 9 months.Thus peanuts should be left unchanged, ie not crumble or crack.In this case, the surface of the nuts will not poisonous mold.

course, each product has pros and cons, it is natural.The main thing is not to give in to temptation and to control the use of peanuts in food.It is also desirable to consult with respect to the therapeutic properties of this product with your doctor.