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Symptoms of liver cirrhosis in men

Cirrhosis is one of the most difficult complication of many liver diseases.Liver cells are destroyed (poisoning, inflammation or scarring), causing growths appear, and the body gradually stops its normal functioning.Most often the disease occurs in men.In economically developed countries, cirrhosis of the liver among the six main causes of death in patients aged 35 to 60 years.According to statistics from the disease annually kills about 300 thousand. People and the number of deaths each year is increasing.

Many believe that cirrhosis of the liver only occurs in men who abuse alcohol.Therefore, at the mention of the disease, many in the head as soon as there is the image of the alcoholic.But the occurrence of cirrhosis can also cause various types of viral hepatitis, toxic nature of the chemicals, metabolic disorders, certain medications, and other reasons.

Symptoms of cirrhosis do not depend on the causes of it, but are determined by the stage of disease.At the initial stage of liver cirrhosis (Intern

ational classification is a class A) there is no complications.It was during this period it is necessary to remove the cause of the disease, which will save the remaining healthy tissue of the liver and lead a normal life.The fact that the liver has great possibilities of regeneration (restoration) and healthy cells can work both for itself and for the affected mates.

complications of the disease say symptoms such as an increase in abdominal volume, a change of consciousness and behavior, bleeding gums and nosebleeds (classes B and C).The patient may experience fatigue, weight loss, various disorders of consciousness and behavior (sleepiness during the day, sleep at night, decreased concentration), decreased appetite, and abdominal discomfort (bloating, a feeling of early satiety during meals).Also, at these stages may have jaundice (skin coloration of the sclera in yellow), dark urine, lightening or discoloration of feces, swelling of legs and increase in abdomen size due to the free fluid in the abdomen (ascites), decreased sex drive in men and sometimes gynecomastia(breast augmentation).

In this disease characterized by an increase or decrease in size of the liver, as well as its seal, accompanying splenomegaly (enlarged spleen), symptoms of portal hypertension and jaundice.It is also often accompanied by cirrhosis or dull aching pain in the liver, which increases after errors in diet and physical activity, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, pruritus caused by delayed release and accumulation in the tissues of the bile acids.

complication of the disease is hepatic encephalopathy - brain damage reversible toxic products which are not neutralized by the liver as a result of her injuries.In this case, manifest different disorders of consciousness, behavior, intelligence, and neuromuscular disorders.This disease may be asymptomatic, and discover it may only be a specialist for special tests.The extreme stage of hepatic encephalopathy is a coma (unconsciousness), which is based on acute or chronic liver failure.

As a result of cirrhosis of the liver breaks down the blood flow flowing from the lower half of the body through the liver, so blood begins to find a "circuitous" route through the vessels of the anterior abdominal wall, esophageal veins and hemorrhoidal veins (veins of the rectum).With the progression of the disease eventually comes decompensation, and start bleeding from varicose veins.Symptoms of gastrointestinal bleeding are vomiting that looks like coffee grounds, and a chair that looks like raspberry jelly.

Men who suffer from cirrhosis of the liver, are more prone to bacterial and viral infections than healthy individuals.These people are more common respiratory tract infections and urinary tract.In some cases, the body temperature rises without any reason.As a rule, this is due to the increased absorbency of "harmful" (toxic) microorganisms from the intestines.

diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver consists of several stages.First conducted a complete and detailed survey of the patient and then reveal a complaint specific to the disease.In the next stage man examined for spider veins on the skin, the pale color of nails, discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes.Further laboratory testing is carried out, which includes a complete blood count, biochemical and immunological blood tests.At the final stage of diagnosis prescribe a CT scan, ultrasound of the spleen and liver, radionuclide scan and angiography.

worth noting that to completely eliminate the effects of cirrhosis can not be, but you can prevent its further development.Modern medicine, there are several effective treatments that prevent the development of disease and the occurrence of adverse effects.

Treatment of cirrhosis depends on the causes of the disease.In alcoholic cirrhosis need to completely abandon the use of alcohol and its breakdown products derive from the body.When viral cirrhosis need to treat viral hepatitis, and only then prescribe treatment of cirrhosis.In the case of drug-induced hepatitis have to stop taking the drug, which became the cause of the disease.Autoimmune cirrhosis should apply special drugs that inhibit the immune system, since in this case the body perceives organism cells as foreign.

extremely important in the treatment of this disease is to comply with an appropriate diet - complete abstinence from alcohol, smoked, fried, spicy and fatty foods.Still have to give up mushrooms, tomato, garlic and chocolate.In addition, the patient still needs to undergo the appropriate treatment medical drugs, which depends on the stage of the disease, its causes and characteristics of each individual case.If necessary, designate even surgery.

As already mentioned, the human liver has great regenerative capacity.Doctors often seen real regeneration miracles.There are many cases when in compliance with all the recommendations of doctors and diet, as well as with proper treatment, it was possible to restore the liver, which was subjected to the ravages of cirrhosis.But remember that it is only if the disease is diagnosed in the early stages.Forecast cirrhosis quite unpredictable, it depends on the patient's age, cause of injury, and more.