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What are the consequences of a heart attack in men ?

Heart is one of the most important organs of our body.Due to the fact that the heart pumps blood through the body, each cell is filled with oxygen.It can be called a small motor, which gets all the organs, causing them to function.Any violation of its activities may lead to irreparable consequences, and one of the most serious forms of such deviation is heart attack.Please be aware that the result can be death, so be sure to know what the disease is and what it should be first aid before the arrival of doctors.Such

of a heart attack is preceded by coronary heart disease, it is a violation of the blood supply to the heart muscle as a result of damage to the coronary artery atherosclerotic plaque.It arises from the deposition of fat, cholesterol and other lipids, because of which narrows blood vessels miscalculation.Especially dangerous is it at a young age, because in this period it is very vulnerable and can explode at any time.If this happens, then in the place under the influence of pressure is forme

d blood clot.You should know that plaque can be formed not only in the coronary arteries.

Acute ischemia occurs when blood flow stops any myocardial card by overlapping blood clot, after which deaths cholesterol plaque gradually increases and then takes up the whole arterial lumen.If any of the blood delivery in one of the parts of the heart for at least 20 minutes, the plot stops, as it lacks oxygen.There is necrosis, or necrosis of the cells, ie myocardial infarction.The patient in this case feels severe pain in the chest, which can not be eliminated validol or nitroglycerin.

The primary cause of the disease can be called smoking.The fact that the man, smoking cigarettes causes lung damage tissues, which leads to thrombosis.Small particles lung tissue (embolus) detached from the blood vessels and enter the bloodstream, which delivers them to the coronary artery.Thrombi in coronary arteries enter and clog blood flow to the heart tissue, causing a heart attack.In some cases, a blood pressure emboli enter the smaller arteries, causing angina.

Another common cause of the disease is the abuse of high-calorie food.Due to its high content of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels are formed atherosclerotic plaques.As a result, it impeded the movement of blood flow, which leads to thrombosis.Also leads to the emergence of a heart attack a passive lifestyle.If the user does not pay attention to exercise, the body man will spend quite a bit of energy, so over time, fat deposits in the body increase, and muscular system weakens.The heart can not fully deliver blood throughout the body.For this feature meets the second heart, so called body muscles.If they are not sufficiently developed, those areas of the body will suffer from a lack of blood supply, some blood arteries cease to function and die.This phenomenon can cause blockage of the coronary arteries.

In addition, even a heart attack can cause pathological changes in the kidney, alcohol abuse, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chronic sleep deprivation, mental, physical and emotional strain under the existing arrhythmias of the heart muscle.As you can see, there are many reasons why the main motor of the body may fail.

The representatives of the stronger sex consequences of a heart attack may be manifested in different ways.A heart attack does not always lead to serious complications, often only men eventually find out about violations of the heart function.That is, sometimes by men suffer a heart attack "on his feet", without referring to specialists.The fact that the heart pain may begin as a sudden and unexpected end.The attack and could happen, but since had mild symptoms, without attracting attention.Therefore, in some cases, patients become aware of myocardial only during the diagnosis of the cardiovascular system.But do not forget that this disease is very dangerous, because in 40% of patients after a heart attack die within days and sometimes within the first hour after the onset of an attack.In 5% of cases, death occurs within a few months after suffering a heart attack.But about half with a heart condition returns to normal, only provided timely medical care provided.

If myocardial happened once, it could happen again, and the second.At the same time in the heart muscle will appear more scars that prevent its normal functioning.Each subsequent attack is characterized by more severe symptoms and more dangerous to the health and life of patients.

Men who have had a heart attack, in most cases, there are such physiological and mental changes.Quite often observed bouts of angina (cardiac arrhythmia), in this case it is necessary to consult a cardiologist and undergo treatment.Generally, after a myocardial angina concern both during exercise and at rest.On the need to pay special attention, because regular failures heart rate can cause the repeated attack.In the case of disease recurrence it is already manifested in a more severe form.It is also a very negative effect on the state of myocardial nervous system.Because of the negative emotions of patients develop depression and other mental disorders.There is a strong fear for their health.Men begin to behave more aggressively, and then we need help, not only the cardiologist, but also a psychologist.

course, because of the cardiac activity is deteriorating overall health and reduced quality of life.After suffering a heart attack, many representatives of the stronger sex can not cope with the heavy physical work.Increased activity causes shortness of breath, chest pain, and weakness.Therefore, after a heart attack need to limit physical activity, the doctor even recommends to change the type of activity or to take a vacation to recuperate.rehabilitation period can range from a few weeks or months to several years.

In men after a heart attack may develop more serious diseases that threaten life: heart failure, cardiac rupture, aneurysm formation, pulmonary edema, thrombosis, and ischemic stroke.It is extremely important to as quickly as possible to provide medical assistance to the victims, this will help avoid severe consequences and early death.

When the crisis is over, you should think about preventive measures to avoid further attacks.Necessary to proceed from the causes of the emergence of the crisis.If a man smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, and this was the cause of a heart attack, he should immediately get rid of this habit.However, most of the stronger sex has such habits as smoking, eating foods high in cholesterol and a sedentary lifestyle.In this case it is much easier to cultivate new habits.For example, instead of smoking and alcohol drink good green tea.Try to walk more, do some light jogging or cycling.Start attending a gym, but before that you should consult with a physician, who will issue a referral to a special coach to understand what kind of load you can give.It should still be included in your diet useful raw vegetables and fruits, sugar substitute, salt and spices on honey, garlic and onions.All these preventive measures not only to prevent the emergence of a new attack, but will all the systems and organs in a healthy state.It should be a clear distinction between what is the treatment of the disease, and that such attention to their health.