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Electronic Cigarettes : harm or benefit

Electronic cigarette - a new device that runs on batteries and is designed to replace the standard, all the usual cigarettes.These newfangled Soup relatively recently become available not only for smoke lovers, but for anyone who wants to get rid of nicotine addiction and take care of their health and that of their loved ones.

Usually it consists of a battery, giving power the entire device, LED imitating smoldering cigarette, steam and liquid cartridge, from which turns steam, simulating the smoke normal cigarettes and help many smokers to relax, watching his rifts.The liquid is transformed into steam inside the electronic cigarette may be with or without nicotine.On the market cartridges are available with varying degrees of nicotine, which allows smokers to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine to quit smoking completely.You can order print cartridges, and even without nicotine with any flavor, and enjoy the smell of melon, almond, apple, watermelon and many others.It includes devices simply pressi

ng a button or by inhalation, if it is a special pressure sensor.

And now let's try to understand all the pros and cons of these devices.As the smoker inhales the cigarette on the battery?The main liquid spray and vaporize used in such device, is propylene glycol.Despite its not very appetizing name, he is permitted food additive and used in food, cosmetics and other industries, the marked under the number (E1520).It is because it generates steam and simulating conventional cigarette smoke.The pairs consisting of fine particles which dissolve rapidly in the ambient air, causing minimal damage to the surrounding.

However, for mixtures of electronic devices includes also nicotine, which can not be called safe.On combustion (smoldering) of a conventional cigarette is allocated more than one hundred of harmful substances to the human body.Therefore, the "electronic" smoking can advise even those who do not want to get rid of nicotine addiction: so they will be less to poison themselves and others.And if you want to completely get rid of the addiction to nicotine, is reducing its concentration, may refuse such harmful habits like smoking.Even on packs of cigarettes today write that "smoking kills".

However, according to doctors, smoking - it's not just nicotine addiction, and psychological dependence.People used to smoke to relieve stress, relax and just talk, elegantly blowing smoke and watching them, forgetting about the pressing issues.Electronic cigarette with a cartridge without nicotine helps to relax mentally, without abandoning its long-standing habits.While here it is necessary to know the entire measure.Since the instant pair propylene glycol inhaled by the smoker, at sufficiently high concentrations can affect the ambiguous lungs.

Today the market of electronic cigarettes is growing rapidly.Many have resorted to these devices in an attempt to quit smoking, the other - it is interesting to try what it is, what are the sensations, taste, smell, how it works, etc.Demand, as we know, breeds supply, and today there are more and more brands of electronic cigarettes, new tastes and flavors.Manufacturers aim to gain market share.And one of the ways - a price reduction, not always with the quality of the goods.So be careful when choosing the product.Especially need to ensure that any liquid tucked into e-cigarette cartridge.For example, in England, they are generally reluctant to sell as a medicine to all of them passed the same rigorous testing as other drugs.

safe to electronic cigarettes for so-called passive smokers - those who have to live with a smoker in the same apartment, the same house, standing next to a stop, and so on?The answer to this question can not be unique if for no other reason that we do not know what kind of liquid filled cartridge smoker standing next to start up and a relaxed pair of certain liquid filled cartridge in its devices.

So if electronic cigarettes are safe?The unequivocal answer today is no.Smoking them or not is a decision everyone must take on their own.On the positive side of the electronic cigarette should include the fact that, as studies show, it allows you to get rid of nicotine addiction and quitting smoking is good for others: fewer smokers - less and passive smokers.E-cigarette contains much less toxic than usual.The smell of cigarettes so pleasant, and everyone can choose their liking, although the taste and color, as we know ... The electronic cigarette is not as fire risk, like an ordinary, but it probably should not smoke in bed.Oh, and the price is today comparable to conventional cigarette prices.

Opponents of electronic cigarettes are mostly representatives of the traditional tobacco industry.Electronic Cigarette threatens, above all, their wallets.It is therefore not surprising that in some countries imposed a ban on advertising and the sale of e-cigarettes.Tobacco monopoly lose huge profits and potential losses look for them disastrous.

Let's try to define the disadvantages of cigarettes on the battery.By getting rid of the habit of smoking regular cigarettes, there is no guarantee that you are not addicted to smoking electronic and instead of reducing the level of nicotine do not want to try stronger.The World Health Organization today do not have enough information about the dangers and the safety of such devices.And manufacturers, look, and add something sort of, to make keen smokers more.Electronic cigarettes today do not pass certification, which increases the risk of buying a "pig in a poke."