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Pulse rate in men

In most cases, to determine the person or that disease, especially if it is associated with the heart, just enough to test the pulse of the person.

number of beats per minute in an adult male can give a rough picture of whether he has health problems or not.

to independently measure the pulse of a man enough basic skills and numeracy within two hundred.

If an adult after measurements did not get the results that are comparable to normal, it should serve as an occasion to visit a doctor.Separate treatment is, in this case, must be avoided completely.

What is the pulse rate?The number of synchronous contractions of the heart and blood vessels extension per unit of time.And humanly speaking - it is just the number of heart beats per minute.Why should it be measured?The fact that it reflects the robot to the heart, and, hence, is the first pokazchikom various deviations in the robot of this important human organ.

to identify problems in the robot of the heart muscle, you need to know what is the pulse r

ate.For men it is considered to be the norm of 60 to 70 beats per minute.If you take the overall performance, it is considered normal for humans range from 60 to 80 strokes.The number of strokes can depend on many factors.

is important to know that the same effect on heart rate.And that factors such as:

To obtain correct results, you must adhere to the measurement rules.Pulse to be measured exclusively in repose, after giving the body a rest.The values ​​obtained by measurements at various positions of the body, will vary considerably.It is impossible to measure the pulse of the sitting, then lying, then standing.You must choose only one position.It is best to carry out the procedure in the morning, immediately after waking up, when a person is in a supine position.To obtain the most accurate and precise results, calculation must be done within one minute.

most convenient part of the body is considered to measure the wrist.Here is the radial artery.To count the beats of the heart, it is enough to press her index and middle fingers.

important to remember those times when it is better not to measure the pulse.We are talking about such things as:

Pulse man can tell a lot about his state of health.Especially it concerns the possibility of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

measurement of this parameter gives medical professionals a fairly large amount of information about the current health status of a particular person, regardless of age and gender.

As a result, the measurement of pulse and received testimony, we can determine the future of human diagnosis and identify the following potential diseases:

If the heart rate in humans is over 100 beats per minute, it may be indicative of tachycardia.

bradycardia may occur in the opposite direction, with the number of strokes to 50, in humans.Regarding

arrhythmia, then it too can be determined by measuring the pulse readings.The main thing here is not the number of beats, and uniformity.Violation of rhythm just a sign of this disease.

If the pulse from time to time, it is weakened, then a little jump, then it may well be indicative of heart failure in humans.