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Is it harmful to non-alcoholic beer ?

Non-alcoholic beer - an analogue of the well-known and loved this beer, which is very difficult to give up, especially in the summer.Therefore, it is logical that many of us are interested in the question: Is it really possible to eat and drivers and pregnant women without causing harm to health?And in general, whether the non-alcoholic beer is intoxicated?And what about the fact that from it get better?As you can see, the issues sufficiently.Therefore, we will try to answer them as fully as possible.

Let's start with the fact that, despite the name, then the drink still contains a small dose of alcohol 0 0.2-1.0%.Unfortunately, the technology of preparation of the drink can not completely get rid of degrees.By the way, a weak alcohol content changes the taste of the product.Also note that there are phytoestrogens and fusel oils in the non-alcoholic beer.This means that all of the properties in soft drinks are simply intoxication does not occur due to the small content of alcohol.

Non-alcoholic beer wa

s developed back in the 1970s, especially for those people who can not drink alcohol for health reasons, or for those who are behind the wheel.Importantly, it contains fewer calories than normal, despite the fact that it is made in the same manner: wort is fermented with yeast.However, this method of production is double beverage filtration, thereby leaving alcohol.Therefore, the final product strength should not exceed 0.5%.This will hide the fact that you had a few drinks, even before the traffic police personnel.

begin with merit.As it turned out, non-alcoholic beer, not only allows you to get enough of your favorite flavor, but also retains health.Thanks to a Japanese scientist, who conducted a series of studies, we now know that the consumption of this drink reduces the risk of malignancies.

Also note that it contains some useful vitamins and substances, such as vitamins B and silicon.Moreover, some researchers have found that moderate doses of non-alcoholic beer reduces the amount of cholesterol, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and also beer without degrees is the low-calorie product.Therefore, women who worry about their figure, can safely consume non-alcoholic product.Also, it can afford and drivers as intoxication, hangovers and other unpleasant condition after consuming this drink available.

As for cons, it is important to note that the hop cones are used in the manufacturing process of the drink, which contains morphine.Morphine is known, provokes the development of alcoholism, abuse so even non-alcoholic beer may cause beer dependence.

Harm beer also is that the body very quickly, "sucks" the drink, so when a large amount of alcohol consumed may have varicose veins and an increase in heart size.It is impossible not to note the fact that any beer - a diuretic product with excess consumption of whom washed helpful potassium salt.

As for beverage consumption during pregnancy, it can cause substantial harm to an unborn baby, since it consists of unsafe additives and substances.

not recommended to replace soft drinks beer and those who suffer from alcohol dependence, because very often the next binge eating triggers is initially soft and then regular beer.

Given all the advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude that this drink should be consumed in moderation.From time to time they can indulge, but to use it on a regular basis should not be - too high risks of alcoholism and other unpleasant diseases.

Take care of yourself!

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