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How to build up to 1 month

strong desire, perseverance and endurance to help achieve the impossible man.If he wants to, and in a short period of time can significantly transformed.This refers to the physical form and the pumping muscle.You can do this and a month of time, if you follow certain rules and tips.So, what are they?We learn from the experts.

When given at 100% strain and the power of will, and can be pumped up without a visit to the gym, at home.To do this you will need a horizontal bar, barbell or dumbbell:

All these exercises should be started to perform 10 times in several approaches.After several days, the number of repetitions in one approach should be increased to 20, and do 4-5 sets.Within 2 weeks of classes should be a cycle of exercises twice.

Fitness experts advise not to forget at the time of feeding.Without strengthening the right of physical activity daily diet man is unlikely to build muscle.It refers to a sufficient amount of protein intake.They are contained in a large volume of meat (not bold), legu

me, milk products.It is also necessary to use an additional protein.Meals should be frequent - at least 5 times a day rather than three times a day.Before training (approximately one hour) should be used "slow" carbohydrates in the form of cereals, which will help your muscles to work optimally, and throughout the body does not feel very tired.And, of course, give up the fast food, fat, sweets, sodas.

To achieve effective results the man should record all load and performance in a notebook.It will be self-discipline, and an additional incentive to achieve the goal.

to training necessary to begin only in a good mood.So your muscles will work better, not noticing at the same fatigue.

excellent assistant in the classroom will be favorite music.One man suit rhythms turnip, another - chanson.

Try to do a few extra repetitions of exercises that you like best.

Psychologists advise visually imagine your change for the better body.If you draw in thoughts (visualization) growing muscles, relief press, great biceps, it will strengthen the effectiveness of your training.After all, thoughts materialize!

So, in order to achieve the intended target man to collect a fist willpower, desire and maximum use of capacity of the organism.They have a huge potential.Believe me!

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