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What level of hemoglobin to be in healthy men ?

Hemoglobin plays an important role in our body.This is a complex protein that contains iron is the main constituent of red blood cells, through which our blood is a rich red color.Also, this is an important component of blood transports oxygen from the lungs to the cells and carbon dioxide from cells to the lungs.It is known that oxygen in the body provides the normal course of the oxidation reactions, which is produced as a result of the energy necessary for the occurrence of many biochemical processes.

hemoglobin participates in fulfilling the work and life of the organism.The drawback of this element results in hypoxia, resulting in impaired operability of all normal organs suffering from hypoxia.Reduced hemoglobin level may lead to such disease as anemia.Its main symptoms are: weakness, fatigue, lack of energy, poor appetite, brittle nails and hair, pale skin, hypertension, shortness of breath, sleep disturbances and emotional instability.It is necessary to do periodic blood tests to check the level

of hemoglobin.So you can just identify the problems and deviations, dangerous to health.

hemoglobin in men older than 18 years should be 130-170 g / l.It should be noted that the level of the substance in males is slightly higher than in women.This is due to the presence of the representatives of the stronger sex hormone testosterone, responsible for the work of sexual organs and secondary male characteristics.During the formation of the figure, usually from 12 to 25 years, to a maximum of 30 years, its level is maximum.High rates are observed in men who play sports.With intense physical exercise the body needs more oxygen, respectively, and hemoglobin.Therefore, we can easily see the relationship between the size of the stomach, and the weight of the protein level in blood.The man who neglects physical activity, hemoglobin level, is likely to be outside of the norm.

male body can be considered healthy if the waistline is not more than 94 cm. But the weight depends on age, height and body features.To determine your ideal size, you can use the method of Brock (grew up in centimeters 100 minutes), or a more accurate method of calculating the body mass index.But remember, weight, abdominal size and exercise are not the only factors that affect the level of the protein contained in the blood.Extremely important is the age of man.At the age of 50 years, hemoglobin levels should be 117-138 g / l.You also need to take into account the lifestyle area and even the time of delivery of the analysis.

Elevated hemoglobin is observed in a person who smokes or lives at high altitudes.Intense physical labor also becomes the cause of its increasing, due to lack of oxygen.

In addition, high levels of the protein depends on the following conditions.For example, pernicious anemia, which develops because of the lack of vitamin B12 in the body or an abnormality in the gastric mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.Also from erythrocytosis, arising due to the compensation body's response to hypoxia, or hemolytic anemia that occurs due to gallstones or heart valves.If elevated hemoglobin caused by disease of any of its organs, the treatment in the first place should be focused on his recovery.To reduce the hemoglobin level prescribers aimed at thinning the blood.

reason for the low level of protein can be a vegetarian.Animal proteins are a source of iron, which is what they are better absorbed by the body.Low levels of the protein in blood depends on the lack of vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron.Due to the monotonous diet and regular diets the body lacks vitamins and minerals.Man thus feels weakness, headache.The causes of low hemoglobin include: chronic enteritis (due to inflammation of the small intestine or removing part of the intestine, it is not absorbed iron), blood loss during operations, injuries or donation, alcoholism (alcohol provokes the disintegration of red blood cells) and the rapid destruction of red blood cells due to infectionor use an excessive amount of vinegar.

to increase hemoglobin to start to learn the cause of its decline.It is recommended to include in your diet foods of animal origin: fish, meat, eggs, and eat more legumes.The main thing in this case is not to overdo it, because the processing of these products provides a strong burden on the kidneys.To do this, you need to eat protein foods and vegetables.

hemoglobin level increase following products: beans, wheat bran, brewer's yeast, dried and fresh mushrooms, egg yolk, cocoa, heart, rabbit meat, veal and pork liver, bananas, broccoli, sea kale, carrots, honey, raspberries, freshtomatoes and turkey meat.It should be noted that the digest of meat products 20% iron, from plant - only 5%.To plant foods is better absorbed, it is recommended to combine with orange juice or other foods rich in vitamin C. Milk and flour products inhibit iron absorption.

Some men resort to folk remedies affecting the increase in hemoglobin.It is necessary to grind 300 g of walnuts and almonds, then add to it 1 liter of honey.This tool should stand for 3 weeks, stirring it occasionally.It should take 2 tsp content 3 times a day before meals.The product should be stored in the refrigerator.To increase the hemoglobin is very useful mulberry berries.You can cook stewed fruit or jam from it.For the next tool you need to mix the leaves of fragrant blackberry, St. John's wort and white dead-nettle in a ratio of 2: 3: 2, then pour over boiling water and infuse for 3 hours.Take about 1 month to 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.You can mix lemon balm, nettle, yarrow, dandelion and brew boiling water.After that push means 3 hours, strain and take 15 minutes before meals 3 times a day.Very effective for increasing hemoglobin following a folk remedy.Oak acorns should be cleaned from the shell, grind and pour boiling water.Then simmer until a homogeneous slurry.The content then you need to spread out on a towel and leave to dry.The dry mixture should be a little fry and grind.One tablespoon of the resulting mixture, pour a glass of hot milk and cook for 3 minutes.Should take 3 times a day for 20 minutes before eating.

Each person is very important to constantly monitor their health.Periodic blood tests, comparing with normal hemoglobin.It is necessary, in time to detect changes occurring in the body.

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