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alcoholism Stages

Most diseases do not occur instantly.They develop in stages, and so doctors always emphasize on the fact that in the initial stage it is easier to win every disease.This is the full measure applies to such a serious illness such as alcoholism.Today its initial stages develop and grow in the coming much earlier, just a teenager when the herd reflex is triggered.A trend in the development of alcoholism of our time is the beer drinking.His reason is not considered a disease.Obviously, it triggered the notion that beer - a drink from the category of low-alcohol, so it can not cause significant harm to the body.However, this is misleading ...

Alcoholism never begins just so sharply and suddenly, it's not the flu or jaundice without appendicitis and dysentery.Typically, the first stage of alcoholism is preceded by very seductive, attractive and alluring stage of systematic cultural drinking.This stage has a different duration for different people.This period can last from one to ten.If a person has a genetic

predisposition to alcoholism, then the previous stage enters the first stage of the disease very quickly.What does it mean?When a person's parents or grandparents suffered from alcoholism, the likelihood of developing the disease in a man is much higher.That is, the transition between the unrefined drinking can happen even in a few months.

It is for this reason that most narcologists believes that the popular axiom cultural drink - it's just an excuse of his own weakness and lack of will power.This is not a way out, because all current drinkers drank yesterday culturally.Every man or woman who regularly drink cognac, beer, "one hundred grams for the company" runs the risk of soon becoming an alcoholic.

Barrier alcoholism can only be absolute sobriety.However, in the case of rare or transient failures (which can be 1-2 episodes per year) disease will tend to progression.After each failure, weakness casts a man or a woman back.Such failures heavier dependence on alcohol, the problem of tightening tight knot.

first stage of the disease - this is the period when a man or a woman is interested in alcohol, but does not know how to drink.Man feels the craving for alcoholic drinks and still drinks without knowing the steps and out of place.

Such a person is capable of intoxicated, as they say, and commit follies.Drug experts call such a state of loss of control of quantitative and situational.The next day a human satisfactory general health, and hangover requirements at this stage yet.However, there may appear amnesia (memory lapses).Man does not remember how much he drank, which took a drink.At this stage, the sick person is not yet a "professional," but he was "a lover of high category."

According to statistics, men and women drink no drop in the first stage, since health is not yet pumps up.The first stage of alcoholism may last several years.The transition to the second stage is almost inevitable.

In the second stage to the above symptoms joins the main symptom of alcohol - withdrawal syndrome.In rare cases, a person may suffer stage "othodnyaka" until the evening, and then pohmelyatsya after the end of the working day.

subsequent stage according to a time when people are just not able to doterpet pm, until the end of a busy day.He usually freshen the nip in the afternoon.

next stage - sober in the morning, before lunch because people no longer stand.With each passing day, this process is all before.If opohmelenie occurs early in the morning or at night, it shows the transition stage of alcoholism to binge.Of course, there are problems in the family and at work, if a person still have to this time.With such a man lives in his family turns into a living hell.The life of an alcoholic or alcoholic (and women are more susceptible to this disease) is derailed.The man himself has no control over, and to admit it to yourself can not, because it's scary.

At this stage, the alcohol takes a leading position in the life of a sick person.It without alcohol alcoholic seems meaningless, and the children and the family, work and responsibilities lose all power and value.

At this stage, one alcoholic drink constantly, others can drink intermittently.However, in both cases, alcoholism progresses.Stop the natural course of the disease can only be absolute sobriety.

In the second stage of alcoholism people drop to drink or make attempts to quit.And this is due to a sharp deterioration in the health of the alcoholic, his fatigue.

third stage of alcoholism - is a natural ending of alcohol abuse, degradation and complete payment for his own weakness.Withdrawal symptoms and binges, liver and kidney damage, impotence and epilepsy, psychosis and memory disorders, encephalopathy, polyneuritis characterized by a person in the third stage of alcoholism.Among alcoholics in this stage and high mortality, and many mentally retarded people.It may be lost already all life in a fairly young age for a man.

But no matter how sad and irrevocable all may seem, however, at this stage, men and women sometimes drink all the same throw.

Only recently has this diagnostic category as domestic drinking in the international Classification of Diseases.It's a cross between a drunk and an alcoholic.In other words, it is not a complete alcoholic.However, there are fundamental differences between drinkers and alcoholics.After all, any drunk is an alcoholic.And the term "everyday drinking" - this is more a social than a medical diagnosis of a sick person.Surely so over time the term has been removed from the International Classification of Diseases.So drunk replaced alcoholics, and they are now referred to as the cultural word "dependent people".

But no matter how called society of alcoholics, no matter how the mitigated name of their illness, it exists, is progressing and it is necessary to be aware of.

The problem is, she looks younger every year.That's why in addition to alcoholism and alcohol itself is contraindicated in healthy people who have a reaction to it is unpredictable.Some are from small doses become violent, others are simply aggressive and irresponsible.

When not stored in human memory of the short-term inadequate behavior, it is called pathological intoxication.Such persons are able to pathological intoxication may commit unlawful acts with serious consequences for other people.

That such cases are not uncommon forensic psychiatrists.They decide to question the sanity of condemned persons.

Pathological intoxication intoxication differs from traditional low dose of alcohol consumed.Today

causes pathological intoxication are not known.Therefore, if a person with such a condition happens once, then it may happen again.This means that the only method to confront him - sobriety.

So, alcohol - is not a disease, and the worst enemy of humanity.Getting rid of it is possible.But the prerequisite for normal recovery of the body is taboo on alcohol.This means that the drink, 20 grams per company, a bottle of beer is prohibited always and all.The human body has a strong potential to recover.Therefore, together with narcologists should work therapist and a neurologist, and a psychologist, and relatives of the patient.

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